Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Empire Gallery, the latest mall in Subang.

Had a terrible traffic jam on the way to college this morning. The whole road is jam because of our college's student. Yes, Lots of cars on the road and nearly one student one car..

See, the whole road is jam!!!

Reach college and then breakfast with Michelle at Dessert's Bar. Saw the cakes on the display at the counter and was craving for them. Thus, I had Sour Berry Cheesecake and a toast with 2 half- boiled egg set which comes with a hot chocolate. Sounds so heavy for a breakfast and IT IS !! Too bad that our toast changed to non-toasted wholemeal bread at the very last minute because their toaster wasn't working. But they gave us some Strawberry Jam instead and there's chucks of Strawberry in it!!!!! We were like 10 minutes late for class but we still enjoy our breakfast slowly. Couldn't be bothered because our new lecturer is boring!

Cakes all around!!!

Sour Berry Cheesecake, RM8.90

love this because I love BERRY and the cheese is not too heavy.

Went to class after that. well, even though we were about 10 minutes late; the lecturer still haven't start yet. =.=''' . See, it's worth while to enjoy the slow eating process.. Michelle's tutor took over the lecture from today onwards for Management and it's SUPER boring. She talked jokes but no one laughed. =.o'''

Then, went for communications tutorial.. got back paper. yes, scored a credit for it. another 0.5 marks to get a distinction. Ish!!

Class ended early and we had a little discussion on Marketing presentation held this coming Friday. Yes, I'm presenting this week. Went to Crispy Popiah and they had their lunch while I waited for Michelle. Just then, Michelle finished her class and she suggested that we go explore Empire Gallery!!! Yes, the latest shopping mall in Subang Jaya. Had lots of cam-choring and can't wait for all the shops to be opened. There'll be Chilis, Italianies, Rakuzen and other nice restaurants there!! hahaha.. PLus, THE LOAF is there!!!! the third branch after Langkawi and Pavilion.

Enjoy the pictures.

p.s. there's a lousy shop which says I can't take pic but hey, I didn't concentrate taking picture of your shop in exact. idiot!! plus, I'm not standing in front of your shop either!!! never go to this shop. SO RUDE!!!!

Decorations made from PAPER!!!!



Coming soon.


Toilet. amazing. full of mirrors. suitable for those who love cam-choring!!


Soon ....

Can't wait to dine here.

Open concept shop...

Decorations at the main entrance

all these clothes are made from PAPER!!!!!!

Took by Michelle..

Love this the most..

So relaxing here..
Model: Michelle

Was hungry and had late-lunch at Kenny Rogers

open concept kitchen

While waiting for our food to arrive, we look at the book of vouchers which we got from the information counter.

Our muffins,
Chocolate and Banana.

We tried the new BBQ Chicken !!

Mine mine..
sorry, the pic out of direction

Hmmm..the new BBQ Chicken was okie. yummy..
then, walked around.. exploring..
Bought my bread from the loaf for dinner..
Home Sweet Home.
Management open book quiz ..haizz.. have to flip page by page..


SweetSour's said...

I love the empire gallery!~
i went there yesterday!!

pui_san said...

hahaawhaha...... Chillis and Madam Kuan coming soon there