Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beryl's Chocolate Factory + Youth '10

Beryl's Free Chocolate Buffet

at their factory in Bandar Baru Bangi.

Basically, it sucks.!
see, only one long table of chocolates available. with choices of less than 10 types of chocolates. This is what you called a BUFFET? damn it lol.

von in action.

tada, these are the ONLY chocolates there... DAMN


cam-cho time.. hehe
we asked a guard to help us to take a group pic. you know what he said? he say that he don't know how to use a DIGITAL CAMERA!! lol.. I'm imagining which year is he living in.. LOL>LLLL..
ended up taking pictures two by two.. ishh

went to their gift shop and bought a tiny box of chocolate.. see it's their Marketing technique to get people to buy things..

Next, went to Youth '10 in PWTC.
lots of exhibitors and I got a GIANT bag of freebies.

entered some contest..

more pictures of the day..

fancy some pool game?

with the Cosplayers..

with MARIO

got free ice-cream. since I'm sick, can't have it.. Instead, met Kenny there and let him have my ice-cream.

with Kenny

I feel so SHORT here..

winners of the cosplay competition.


stamped on my hand..

ONE FM Lucas

Lunch at Kenny Rogers, The Mall,
von's soup.


On the way home, took the wrong road and went on a car trip around whole Setapak and Cheras.
fetched me to Bandar Tasik Selatan station and home I went.

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Anonymous said...

We made an appointment to visit Beryl's factory in Seri Kembangan last week. Our names and contact number were jotted down by one lady name Cik Nani. We were told that there would be 3 buses today, and we could join them for the factory visit.

This morning, when we reached there, we were told that the factory was not open. Only the store was open.

When we asked them how come we were not made known earlier that the factory would be closed today, specifically we only enquired and were interested in factory visit. No proper explanation was given except that the store was open and we can proceed to buy some chocolate instead.

We especially made our journey very early in the morning for the factory visit. We were very disappointed with Beryl - not even an apology, but instead being pushed to buy chocolate?

Apparently, they are only interested in selling, and selling, rather than providing a genuine factory visit.