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Skippys Pizza, Damansara Uptown

Skippys Pizza, the place that you should be heading for if you're craving for some sexy pizza and delicious pork meal. Also known as 'The Real Pork Pizza Company', they serve a long list of authentic pork pizza as well as pork themed dishes on their menu. All the dishes on the menu is crafted by its owner who is also the head chef, Miss Fay. Talented Fay who had spent sometime in Australia before returning to Malaysia, created these Aussie based pizza which she had back in Aussie-land. To us, we are very lucky to be able to sample some authentic Aussie based pizza without the need to fly across the ocean. 

Of all names, why 'Skippys'? According to Fay, Skippy was one of her working partners back during the days they operated a cafe in Bangsar. Now that Fay has manged to operate her own restaurant, she named her restaurant Skippys Pizza in honor of her former working partner. There's always a touching story behind every great milestone achieved. 

Thanks to Betty and Fay, my partner and I were invited for a delicious evening at its Damansara Uptown outlet. If you are wondering which part of Damansara Uptown you should be heading for, Skippys Pizza is located a few shops away from The Ship and occupied the shop where the former Obanhmi was.

Skippys Pizza is a perfect place to chill out with your friends or colleagues in the evening. With its affordable beers during the Happy Hour promotion, just order some booze and chill out under its chic modern atmosphere. You have a choice of indoor and outdoor seating to suit your need. 

I'm pretty amazed by its interior setting of the restaurant where the masculine black theme is balanced by the chic orange and natural wood elements. It creates a soothing environment for relaxation after spending half of your days on your office desk.

Above our dining table was this attractive centerpiece; the IKEA PS 2014 Pendant Lamp which is also an award winning lamp, crowned the prestigious Red Dot Award 2015 for its creative design. It's amazed that every corner of this restaurant is being furnished to its perfection. 

Our evening started with a drink, a necessity under this hot and dry weather. The Ice Lemon Tea (RM4) really helps to cool us down and lucky for us, Fay treated us to a complimentary refill. yay!

As their name said it all, Skippys Pizza is famous for its Aussie based pizza filled with assorted fillings and of course the ultimate pork! There's more than 20 types of Aussie based pizza on their menu and we managed to try the Oriental Pizza (RM26 for 9" and RM32 for 12") which is topped with Chinese sausage aka lap cheong and chilli. I love this Lap Cheong pizza, a combination of Chinese-Aussie styled thing and the slices of red chillies really gives a kick to the taste. Imagine that every bite is filled with lap cheong, chillies, cheese and a good pizza bread as the base. Now we can enjoy lap cheong anytime we want :P

This Ultimate Hawaiian (RM28.90 for 9" and RM35.90 for 12") is as good as the lap cheong pizza. This Ultimate Hawaiian pizza is topped with pulled pork, sausage, bacon and pineapple. Hawaiian pizza is almost everyone's favourite and one of the must-order pizza when dining in a pizza restaurant. But have you tried a porky Hawaiian pizza version? The pulled pork, sausage and bacon makes it stands out from the normal Hawaiian ones and I love this combination of pork with pineapple. Just awesome.

We always start our meal with some appetizers while waiting for the mains to arrive. Goulash is a good introduction to your meal here at Skippys Pizza. The Goulash (RM12) is a tomato based soup and stewed with chunks of pork meat and vegetables. The combination of savory plus sourish taste from the tomatoes and pork meat stew does a good job in opening my appetite for the night. I want more of this soup now!

You need to order their Garlic Buns (RM10) because it's that good. I would like to call it The Real Garlic Buns. It uses burger's bun and you can still see the roasted chopped garlic on top of the bread. Its bread skin below the bun is crunchy while the part which is spread with butter is flavourful and soft. Yum! And for me, I dipped my Garlic Buns into the Goulash soup and they are a match made in heaven. Oh my, I wish I had them in front of me right now.

To balance your meal, do order this Skippys' Salad with Sundried Tomatoes, Olives, Anchovies and Bacon (RM19.50). I love pork bacon and what's more when you have these natural flavoring such as olives, sundried tomatoes and greens. Oh well, forget about the calories and have a porky salad once in a while. But they do really balance out our meal because what's about to come next are full of protein - the pork :)

Living up to its name, you gotta try their signature Pork Knuckle (RM70) which is good for sharing between 3 to 4 person. The Pork Knuckle at Skippys Pizza is a bit different compare to others whereby the pork knuckle is chopped into smaller pieces before being roasted. This makes it easier for us to eat and the meat is of a bit crunchy and chewy type as some of the pork essence is being infused with the aromatic smell of the dish. Overall, it's good and something different compared to the others.

Pork burger was one of my wishlist that evening and this Skippy's Glutton Pork Burger with Bacon, Egg and Mushrooms (RM24.50) just hit the mark. What's more can you ask for when all my favorite items are there on that burger; egg, pork bacon, mushrooms, cheese, lettuce and a great slab of pork meat patty. Fries are good and I'm gonna come back for more. Or perhaps try other burgers on the menu too as there's more than 10 types of burger on the list, from pork to seafood to lamb as well as vegetarian ones.

Besides burgers and pizzas, Skippys Pizza also served great pasta. We tried two types of pasta that night and we love their Lamb Meatballs with Cheesy Sauce (RM25.90). I would say that it's a carbonara type of pasta and the sauce is really cheesy which goes well with the spaghetti. The homemade lamb meatballs is good too but you can opt for either pork, chicken or beef meatballs with a little top up on the pricing.

The other one which we had was the Cheesy Meatballs with Spaghetti (RM19.90) and it is served with a tomato based sauce. You can opt for either a spicy or non-spicy type of tomato based sauce and the one we had was the spicy one. I love the spicy version of spaghetti because it matches our local palate where spicy is one type of taste that we cannot live without. Whenever we had noodles or fried rice, we will be asking for either chopped chilies or sambal. Thus, this spicy tomato based sauce is great and complements the pork meatballs too.

For spicy food lovers, this Chilli Mussels (RM30) is a must-order dish. The rich and spicy seafood broth is sure to give you a kick to your tongue and we can still feel the tingling sensation after drinking some water. But it's really good and gives a strong flavor to the mussels.

If you're dropping by for some booze instead of a meal, do try out their delicious porky bar snacks too. We always go for chips or fries whenever we drink. The next time you go out for a drink, do order their Crispy Fried Pork (RM16) to complement your booze instead because they taste  and more flavorful than your average chips. Same crunchiness level but this is better.

This Pork Ribs in 7 sauces (RM25/10pcs) is also another must-try bar snacks on the menu. The delicious roasted pork ribs is served with a homemade sauce and goes well with some beer. Gather your friends and try some porky bar snacks at Skippys Pizza today.

Fay and her team also served us some pulled pork with fries too. And I think this dish is a great bar snack item too where you can have your all-time favorite fries with pork to go with your beer.

The food was good and we enjoyed this porky-licious dinner. Since it's quite near our home, we will definitely be back for more. And if you can't make it to their restaurant at Damansara Uptown, fret not because they also provide delivery to selected locations in Klang Valley. Check out their delivery menu here.

And they also provide catering to office and event functions at an affordable price. And the food is definitely to be the freshest one every because the food will be cook on the spot at the event's area or even in your house. The minimum order for the catering is at 15pax and above. Do call up Skippys Pizza to know more.

Don't follow Skippys Pizza's Facebook for more updates on their latest menu, promotions and contests. Have a pork-licious meal ahead!

Skippys Pizza (Damansara Uptown outlet)
33, Jalan SS21/56B
47400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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