Friday, April 18, 2014

Restoran Mei Loon Sing Kee, Sungai Way New Village

These days I'm craving for Chinese dishes rather than Western cuisine in shopping malls. Probably because my office is located in a mall and the daily lunch menu consist of shopping mall food. Pig is on leave these few days thus went to try quite a lot of shops these few days. 

I've heard that there are good Chinese restaurant in Sungai Way but I've never venture this area before. With the help of Waze, here I am in Sungai Way New Village. Was finding for a place to dine and stumbled across this Restoran Mei Loon Sing Kee where they are quite a number of people dining there at that time.

Parking was fuss free because they provide some parking area in front of the shop. There are no menu available and the waiter will read their dishes for you. Food came quite fast right after we ordered too which us good when your stomach is growling.

 It's dinner time.

Stirred fried "Cheng Long Choi", RM8
This is so - so only compared to the one I've try at those big restaurants. The dish came with green vegetables and garlic which is a bit not so appealing compared to the usual one I've eaten. This typical dish normally comes with tauge, thin sliced of salted fish and mixtures of many other vegetables in other places. Probably the owner put the same dish name but in actual fact; it's a different ingredient with the usual one?

Special Bean curd dish, RM12
Bean curd is a must have when dining at a Chinese restaurant :)  Overall, nothing special but they did claimed it's their special homemade bean curd. 

"Ham Dan Pai Kuat" or Salted Egg Pork Ribs, RM22
 I love this ! Fried boneless pork ribs coated with salted egg. However, the salted egg taste is not that strong. It would be better if they put more salted egg to the sauce or batter when frying the pork ribs. Perhaps anyone have a better place to recommend for this dish?

Dinner for 2 on pig's off day
It's my first time dining in Sungai Way New Village. For the price of RM44 for the 3 dishes above including 2 white rice, it's quite affordable. Do note that their drinks are order and paid separately from this tai chow stall.

Restoran Mei Loon Sing Kee
No.28, Jalan SS9A/16,
Sungai Way New Village
47300 Petaling Jaya,

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Caffe Bene, Sunway Pyramid

Here's a short post on our recent visit to Caffe Bene, Sunway Pyramid.

Caffe Bene had just recently opened its first outlet in Sunway Pyramid. Perfect as a hang out area for students who named Sunway Pyramid as their second home. Too bad that I had graduated from Taylor's Lakeside or else; I will haunt visit this place everyday.

Got to know this place from my friend, Sidney. Read more about his reviews here.

Was going there to try their famous waffles but it was sold out when we were there :(

Instead, we tried their Affogato and Gelato.

This is what you get after paying + your receipt + your change (if any)
Using the same concept as Snowflakes; customers are given this beeping thing where when your food are ready, this round alike thing will vibrate and you can collect the food at the counter.

Affogato with Vanilla Ice-Cream, RM8

Love their creamy ice-cream :)

This is the concentrated coffee to bath melt the creamy ice-cream.

This happens when the coffee marries the ice-cream :)
 Love their Affogato to the max !

Gelato (Espresso), RM6 for single scope
 I'm gonna make more trips to get this ice-cream! Lovin it.

Caffe Bene Sunway Pyramid
LOT OB5, G-2 Oasis Boulevard,
Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.

They have another outlet in Solaris Mount Kiara too:

Caffe Bene Mount Kiara
K-G-04, Solaris Mon't Kiara,
No.2, Jalan Solaris ,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Restoran Paramount SengFatt

These days, we often search for some tai chow shops to dine in rather than going into the mall. Probably because we spend most of our time in the mall that we crave for tai chow food.

Another few minutes drive from SS2 is Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya. There are lots of tai chow shops in this area where you can choose according to your pocket size.

This time we step into this Restoran Restaurant SengFatt. Recommended by my dear friend J. It was almost full at the moment we arrived and was lucky to get a table for 2. They have a Chinese menu on the wall but was told by the friendly auntie to ignore the menu and she will recommend the dishes available for the day.

Here's our dinner for the day:

"Tao Kon Taufu" or Dried Beancurd Stick with Beancurd

I'm a tofu beancurd lover and of course I love this dish. Their oyster sauce blend well with the beancurd and the mixed vegetables were fresh and crunch in my mouth. But it's something that I could cook at home. Well, it's more convenient to order it from the shop as it saves time :)

"Hong Siew Pai Kuat" or known as Fried Honey Pork Ribs?  or anyone got a better translation?
 Love their pork ribs. Comes in a big portion than other shops plus their pork ribs have less bone and more meat for you to munch on. It taste a little bit sweet and salty and looks as if it's honey pork ribs. Or probably they mixed honey/sweet sauce to marinate it before frying. We got a surprised when they served this dish due to the portion because normally pork ribs are served more bones that meat in other shops.

"Ching Chow Fan Shu Yip" or Stir-fry Sweet Potato Leaves

 Any dinner is not complete without a plate of fresh greens. I love sweet potato leaves and when I'm young; I used to eat this everyday because there's plenty of them in the garden. They are easy to plant and grow too. If you are lucky; you can find sweet potato fruit under the leaves after some time. Best stir-fry with belacan but I prefer it stir-fry with garlic because belacan will cover the smell and taste of the greens in the sweet potato leaves.

Comfort food for 2 on a rainy day.
Overall, this place serves good and affordable food. Most dishes comes in big portion. The portion above are in small portion and the total bill for 3 bowls of rice plus drinks comes to RM43.90. Do come early if you would like to get a table without waiting for long. When I was leaving the shop at about 8pm, there's a big crowd and luckily we were there early.

If case you can't find this shop, this shop is a corner shop located on the same row as Kong Sai Chai in front of Giant supermarket in Taman Paramount.

Restoran Paramount SengFatt
Jalan 20/22, Paramount Garden.
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Sunday, April 06, 2014


Since we're in BU area, we had been going to this food court nearby where it's open till late night. We had usually bought food from the dim sum stall but tonight; we decided to try other stalls instead. 

Ding dong,

The food which was ordered 5 minutes ago had just been served on the table.

1. Paid for the bill.
2. Trying so hard to even have a taste of it.
3. Push and left the whole plate untouched.

 The End .

That was how I had my dinner/supper just now. If a food seller don't have the interest/motivation to serve customer delicious food; then it's best that they don't open a food stall. You might go out of business sooner or later. Yes, the food might be fully cooked and edible but the whole damn plate is horrible that I think my dog's food taste better. Imagine you are served with a plate of minced pork tofu rice where it was served on 2 paper plates stacking on top of each other (because one of the paper plate was immersed with gravy that it might tear off - that the seller put another paper plate underneath the 1st paper plate). To make things worst, the rice is cold and hard (it's leftover rice from the day before) where the gravy was barely hot with a few piece of pathetic tofu. It's not worth to pay 8 bucks for this rubbish. We can even cook a better version of this at home.

I'm more pissed off with the overall presentation and look of the meal. I even thought that it might be someone else's leftover food when the server was bringing it to our table. The gravy was obviously "dumped" on the cold rice as if the cook was forced to cook this dish.

Moral of the story: We will only visit one particular stall in this food court which we had been eating all these while. Will never eat any other stall in this food court anymore even it's FREE!

 The end.