Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nuffnang Premiere Screening: Big Hero 6

 Last week, I went for the premiere screening of the "Big Hero 6" movie thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia. it's been a long time since I've attend any premiere screening due to timing and location of the screening. But it's good that this screening was held at Paradigm Mall as pig is working there and thus he is able to attend the screening :)

Big Hero 6
Source: Nuffnang Malaysia

Ticket collection starts at about 8.30pm and luckily that I am able to arrive on time :P 

 We were told to post any pictures of us with Baymax or the movie poster on Instagram and we will get a mystery gift. This sounds fun! And here's pic with Baymax ;)

Guess what I got? Tada..! I receive this Baymax figurine and it's huge compare to those small and tiny figurine. Not a fan of figurine but I can always add this to my collectibles :)

Baymax figurine.

How's the movie?

I think the movie is good! If you have kids, do bring your kids to watch this movie and they will appreciate their siblings more or realize how much their older or younger siblings love them.

The story...

Basically, this movie is about the Hiro Hamada; a young boy who loves robot fighting. He has a genius brother named Tadashi who is a student in an academy specialized in inventing robots for the future to bring a better life to human being. And it is not easy to enter that academy where students need to impress the school directors with their inventions on an exhibition day. And boom, Hiro's mission is changed from robot fighting to getting a pass to enter the best of the best academy.

Oh well, did he get his pass to enroll? Of course, but sadly his beloved brother passed away in a fire when the exhibition was held :(  Yeah, of course he was sad and demotivated. But wait, here's only the start of the story. You will be able to watch Hiro grows up from being a demotivated kid to someone that can save the world.

Okie., So who's Baymax? Baymax is a nurse robot invented by Tadashi and when Tadashi is gone, Baymax accompanies Hiro all the way throughout his journey to save the world.

Baymax in his amour designed by Hiro.

This movie also teaches us that although the one you loved is gone forever; he or she will still be with you in your heart. Physically he is gone but mentally; he's there. This is shown by Baymax where he says Tadashi is in his memory (as in alive) although Hiro told him that Tadashi is gone..

And I love the part where Hiro puts his spirit together to solve the mystery and even get Tadashi's close friends to work together to save the world. Didn't thought that a young boy can be so brilliant that he created unique amour for Tadashi's friends. I think Fred's fire blowing dino amour is kinda kiddy but it suits his personality in the movie.

School holidays is around the corner. Grab your chance and treat you child with a Big Hero 6 movie! 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Taiwan 2014: Day 3 - Pandas World Tour - Taipei City Hall

From our minsu (Misty Villa), we took the shuttle (booked in advance through minsu at NT450 per pax) to Taichung HSR. This shuttle will pick up guests from other minsu too before going downhill from Cingjing. If you're staying in Cingjing; do inquire for shuttle service back to town.

Throughout the whole journey, we slept soundly; tired from the walking and chasing sheep in the morning :)
Yeah, we were charging battery as our next destination was to head to Taipei!
From Taichung HSR, we took the high speed railway to Taipei. We spent about an hour in the train and there we were; landed in Taipei city. The HSR terminates at Taipei HSR station and this station serves as a connecting station or transportation hub just like our KL Sentral back in Malaysia. I find Taipei station quite confusing and we nearly got lost :(  with all the exits, underground mall, etcc. Stored our luggage in the locker (they have plenty of lockers and you can store your luggage overnight there too) and without wasting our precious time; we went for the "Pandas World Tour" exhibition.

Yes, we were so lucky that the exhibition was held in Taipei when we fly to Taiwan! This golden opportunity must not be wasted and we headed to Taipei City Hall for the exhibition. The exhibition was just outside the building from the Taipei City Hall MRT station.

The entrance to the Pandas World Tour - Taipei Exhibition was free of charge. It was drizzling when we reached there. Despite the rain, we continue walking towards the exhibition. These panda replica is made of paper and they were all covered with transparent plastic that time due to the rain. These little and cute pandas had traveled across 20 countries and Taiwan is one of their stop.

We managed to spend a couple of minutes there before the rain gets heavier but it was all worth it :)

We were there at Pandas World Tour in Taipei.

Giant panda!

Yay, we were there.. under the rain.

I think we were the only one without an umbrella :(

These cute pandas have shade but not us :P

Pandas World Exhibition at Taipei City Hall.

A visit to Taiwan is not complete without a snapshot with the infamous Taipei 101 tower. However, we did not went up the tower as it was very misty during the days we stayed in Taipei. Till next time then.

 with the infamous tower.

A great view!

This exhibition was held to create awareness in protecting the endangered species and the cute little pandas is designed by French artist Paulo Grangeon. I've seen the real panda in the zoo but seeing thousands of small panda replicas is a different experience. These little pandas had different pose reflecting our daily gesture or action. I've noticed one panda had a wooden hat on its head which makes as if the panda is on a sampan catching fishes :P

Little pandas!


"5 brothers/sisters"?

Sitting under the rain comfortably.

After the exhibition, we stopped by the food court at Eslite Spectrum for dinner. This food court is connected to the underground walkway of Taipei City Hall MRT exit. In fact, coming out from Taipei City Hall MRT, there's a lot of eateries and cafes along the walkway connecting to other malls nearby.

Since we were in Taiwan, of course we had Taiwanese food. The food is affordable and it taste good! Noticed that they gave us lots of vegetables no matter which set meal you order which is great!

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Tino's Pizza Express, The Gardens Shopping Mall

Recently, there's a lot of new food outlets opening in Mid Valley/The Gardens (I feel la ok). One of these new eateries in this giant mall is Tino's Pizza Express. It's located at the Lower Ground Floor of The Gardens, the floor where all the food outlets are located in the mall. This is their second outlet and their first one is in Nexus Bangsar South.

This Tino's Pizza Express is one of the food outlet located in the middle of the food street. You can spot their shop easily or follow the mouthwatering pizza aroma. Their menu is written on the giant board hanging to the ceiling and spotted "We Serve Breakfast from 8am - 11am" daily. Pizza for breakfast anyone? You can have it here at Tino's Pizza.

Their menu is quite cute/funny. We were playing/flapping each other with the menu. It looks like a ball racket/mosquito racket/fan/bat/etc to us. hahha. Okie. Their menu takes it shape from the serving tray use to serve focaccia, sides and sweet crustar.

Cute menu shape

Their menu consist of pizza with a variety of toppings that are quite different from those famous chain of pizza shops. Wish to have an egg in the middle of the pizza? Yes, it's there. Feeling ducky? Quack quack quack.., have a duck pizza! Baaak... Meekk... the lamb pizza is calling you. Check out their pizza and sides choices below.

Besides pizza, you can go for Focaccia too. I'm attracted to their Salmon and akso shrimp focaccia! Okie. Next time. I shall chop the pizza first and keep focaccia for the next round. When you flip the cute menu to the back, you'll be like huh? Oh yes, there's pizza as dessert too which they call "Sweet Crustar". Pizza in the shape of star filled with all the dessert must have ingredients list; chocolate, bananas, berries, fruits, peanut butter, etc..  Our pretty waitress recommend that if we take the medium size of Pizza, we'll still have tummy space for either a Focaccia or a Sweet Crustar. Yay.

This is the medium size Fiorentina; RM21.90. The one where there's an egg (runny egg) in the middle of pizza. Everything with egg especially a runny yolk is good for me. Besides the crown of the pizza, there's also bacon ( I opt for chicken), spinach and melted cheese. The complete nutrients you need in a meal! Fiber, cabs and protein all in one. Having spinach with melted cheese on the pizza crust really makes a different to the usual Hawaiian or those filled with all the meats and cheese. You'll have yummy bacon dancing together with still-a-bit crunchy spinach dancing together with melted cheese in your mouth. a great combination. 
As for the pizza base and crust, it's crunchy on the outside of the crust while inside the thick crust; it's chewy! It's quite unique where I was telling pig that I feel like I'm eating an Italian (okie, it suppose to be Napoletana) roti canai topped with super yummy ingredients. Well, it doesn't taste like roti canai ok, it's better than our roti. But the chewy-ness of our roti and this super pizza crust is almost the same feeling. How do their crust be chewy inside but crispy outside? It's because their pizza is baked under an extremely high temperature of 500 Degree Celsius! I don't think my little oven at home can go up to 500 degree. hehe. So, we'll hop to Tino's Pizza for a chewy and crunchy pizza.

Fiorentina (medium), RM21.90

We also tried their sides and went for Tino's Club House; RM19.90 where you'll get to taste all their specialty on a platter. It comes with Tino's Wings (chicken wings), Dory Fish Fries (fried Dory fish sticks) and the highlight: PEANUT BUTTER fries. I love the Peanut butter fries the most. Crunchy and hot fries topped with peanut butter and peanut brittle. Probably I'll bring along my own peanut butter when I'm ordering any fries when I dine!

Tino's Club House, RM19.90
Peanut Butter Fries.
Tino's Wings.

Dory Fish Fries. 

And I also love the way they serve our food. As their table is small, you won't have table space to place all your food if you order a lot. Thus, they put a wire serving rack on top of your first course and your other food can be placed on the wire rack. Brilliant idea to make space for more food to be serve on the small table. Love it.

Great idea to serve food.

A meal is not complete without the sweet endings. Say bye to tarts, cakes and puddings. We had sweet based pizza here at Tino's Pizza Express. After our savoury pizza and sides, our plates were cleared and replaced with new ones. And here's our dessert pizza: Fruity Honey Pearl; RM16.90. It comes in a star shape pizza crust and the middle is filled with peach, apples, kiwi, pearls (yes, the pearls from bubble tea) and a few mint leaves. If you look closely, the apple slices is being put on top of the pizza dough first and followed by other fruits. The result? It's Awesome! The pizza base is chewy with a sweet side, you have baked apples and other juicy fruits (still fresh and juicy. Probably they were put on top after the pizza was baked) and also chewy pearls. Eat them together with a mint leave and the flavours gel perfectly. I'll ask for more mint leaves next time.

Great fillings to be put in a sweet pizza base.

Fruity Honey Pearl, RM16.90

Food is awesome. Definitely will visit again for salmon or lamb ones. hehe. And they also serve complimentary warm or iced water. :)

Note: 6% government tax applies (no service charge).

Tino's Pizza Express
Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens Shopping Mall
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200, Kuala Lumpur.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Frame Thai, Happy Mansion, Section 17

We love Thai food a lot and pig's annual birthday celebration have to be at Rama V's Fine Thai Cuisine. Here's another Thai outlet which we adore thanks to my colleague who introduce us to this place. It's a Thai food outlet + Thai mini market located at Happy Mansion, Section 17 PJ.

Turning into Happy Mansion at Section 17, you'll see a few rows of apartments with the ground floor being converted into shops. The infamous My Elephant, Food Foundry, MM Cafe, etc are located at this area (just different row). You'll notice this humble looking food outlet with its colourful signboard "Frame Thai". This Frame Thai has drive many fans queuing up for its authentic Thai food. Come lunch hour, you'll see a queue outside the shop with people poking their head out of the queue to see if there's any empty table. The shop is not that big, moderate in size. This shop was formally named "Lai Thai Market" (does this strike a bell in your mind?) and renames as "Frame Thai".

Look for the bright looking signboard when you're at this area.

We were there on an off peak hour during the weekday (around 2 something in the afternoon) and there's no queue outside. Yay. There's some empty tables unoccupied too. Thus, it's best to come for a late lunch here to avoid the queue. From a glance, their menu is quite colourful too. Consist of a variety of Thai dishes from noodles, rice, Thai dishes, salads, soups and etc. One downside is that their menu does not come with the price of the food. But no worries, their food is quite affordable. Besides the food on their menu, you can also choose some dessert or dumplings or snack on display at the table next to the entrance.

Frame Thai menu

Our food came quite fast too which was good as we were very hungry. This Papaya Salad which came first made a good starter. Just like how it's done in Thailand, you can see the lady putting raw ingredients into the giant pestle and mortar and punch them to mix it together. After she's done, the food is scope on to the plate and here you go. Very authentic indeed.
Papaya Salad

A Thai meal is not complete without a fierce and hot Tom Yum soup. The tom yum soup here comes with lots of ingredients which makes the soup taste so good. Spotted some fresh prawns, squid, fish fillet, lots of coriander, chops of lemongrass, chili, and lots of spring onion. Can't stop drinking this.
Tom Yum Soup (Spicy lemongrass soup)

Had this Acacia Omelette too. I love eggs. hehe. Acacia is also known as cha-om leaves. And it's common to cook these leaves with eggs.
Acacia omelette.

Here's the two popular rice dishes recommended by the lady. The first one is Fried basil leaves with pork where it comes with brown rice and a fried egg. The fried basil with pork is very fragrant and being a basil lover, this dish is just heavenly.
Fried basil leave with pork rice.

The other famous dish here is the Pork leg with rice. The marinated pork leg comes in lean meat with some preserved vegetables and cabbage. Same like the other rice meal, this one comes with brown rice and a half portion of hard boiled egg. The pork leg is juicy and there's plenty of sauce/juice to go with your rice. And yes, lots of coriander and I asked them to add more :)
Pork leg with rice

At the entrance or there table where food is prepared, there's some Thai snacks, crackers, dumplings and desserts on display for customers to purchase them after their meal. Instead of a takeaway, we chop them down on the spot. Took a pork sausage, deep fried pork, a mini dumpling and a pork on skewer for RM12. The pork sausage is good and has somewhat similar taste like an otak-otak. Pork chop on skewer is quite nice too, like bakkwa.
Some Thai snacks took from the table, RM12

Here's some dessert and snacks available.

You can also purchase some Thai grocery home. There's vegetables, sauces, meat, instant noodles, crackers, etc. I bought home three packs of Kao Noom Look Choup (bean dumplings made to look like miniature fruits and vegetables) and some bright red Thai dried shrimps. The dried shrimp ingredient, takeaway dessert together with our dine-in food costs only RM80. Quite affordable where our takeaway ingredients probably costs RM20 plus. And we had like 5 types of dishes there (with generous portion and ingredients). If you're looking into some Thai food shopping, do drop by Frame Thai. Plenty of Thai vegetables for you to bring home and cook a storm.

Frame Thai
No. AG-3, Ground Floor, Block A Happy Mansion, 
Jalan 17/13, Seksyen 17
46400 Petaling Jaya,