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Frame Thai, Happy Mansion, Section 17

We love Thai food a lot and pig's annual birthday celebration have to be at Rama V's Fine Thai Cuisine. Here's another Thai outlet which we adore thanks to my colleague who introduce us to this place. It's a Thai food outlet + Thai mini market located at Happy Mansion, Section 17 PJ.

Turning into Happy Mansion at Section 17, you'll see a few rows of apartments with the ground floor being converted into shops. The infamous My Elephant, Food Foundry, MM Cafe, etc are located at this area (just different row). You'll notice this humble looking food outlet with its colourful signboard "Frame Thai". This Frame Thai has drive many fans queuing up for its authentic Thai food. Come lunch hour, you'll see a queue outside the shop with people poking their head out of the queue to see if there's any empty table. The shop is not that big, moderate in size. This shop was formally named "Lai Thai Market" (does this strike a bell in your mind?) and renames as "Frame Thai".

Look for the bright looking signboard when you're at this area.

We were there on an off peak hour during the weekday (around 2 something in the afternoon) and there's no queue outside. Yay. There's some empty tables unoccupied too. Thus, it's best to come for a late lunch here to avoid the queue. From a glance, their menu is quite colourful too. Consist of a variety of Thai dishes from noodles, rice, Thai dishes, salads, soups and etc. One downside is that their menu does not come with the price of the food. But no worries, their food is quite affordable. Besides the food on their menu, you can also choose some dessert or dumplings or snack on display at the table next to the entrance.

Frame Thai menu

Our food came quite fast too which was good as we were very hungry. This Papaya Salad which came first made a good starter. Just like how it's done in Thailand, you can see the lady putting raw ingredients into the giant pestle and mortar and punch them to mix it together. After she's done, the food is scope on to the plate and here you go. Very authentic indeed.
Papaya Salad

A Thai meal is not complete without a fierce and hot Tom Yum soup. The tom yum soup here comes with lots of ingredients which makes the soup taste so good. Spotted some fresh prawns, squid, fish fillet, lots of coriander, chops of lemongrass, chili, and lots of spring onion. Can't stop drinking this.
Tom Yum Soup (Spicy lemongrass soup)

Had this Acacia Omelette too. I love eggs. hehe. Acacia is also known as cha-om leaves. And it's common to cook these leaves with eggs.
Acacia omelette.

Here's the two popular rice dishes recommended by the lady. The first one is Fried basil leaves with pork where it comes with brown rice and a fried egg. The fried basil with pork is very fragrant and being a basil lover, this dish is just heavenly.
Fried basil leave with pork rice.

The other famous dish here is the Pork leg with rice. The marinated pork leg comes in lean meat with some preserved vegetables and cabbage. Same like the other rice meal, this one comes with brown rice and a half portion of hard boiled egg. The pork leg is juicy and there's plenty of sauce/juice to go with your rice. And yes, lots of coriander and I asked them to add more :)
Pork leg with rice

At the entrance or there table where food is prepared, there's some Thai snacks, crackers, dumplings and desserts on display for customers to purchase them after their meal. Instead of a takeaway, we chop them down on the spot. Took a pork sausage, deep fried pork, a mini dumpling and a pork on skewer for RM12. The pork sausage is good and has somewhat similar taste like an otak-otak. Pork chop on skewer is quite nice too, like bakkwa.
Some Thai snacks took from the table, RM12

Here's some dessert and snacks available.

You can also purchase some Thai grocery home. There's vegetables, sauces, meat, instant noodles, crackers, etc. I bought home three packs of Kao Noom Look Choup (bean dumplings made to look like miniature fruits and vegetables) and some bright red Thai dried shrimps. The dried shrimp ingredient, takeaway dessert together with our dine-in food costs only RM80. Quite affordable where our takeaway ingredients probably costs RM20 plus. And we had like 5 types of dishes there (with generous portion and ingredients). If you're looking into some Thai food shopping, do drop by Frame Thai. Plenty of Thai vegetables for you to bring home and cook a storm.

Frame Thai
No. AG-3, Ground Floor, Block A Happy Mansion, 
Jalan 17/13, Seksyen 17
46400 Petaling Jaya, 

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