Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Taiwan 2014: Day 3 - Small Swiss Garden (Day view)

Walking back to our minsu from The Green Green Grassland, we spend our remaining time at Cingjing by visiting Small Swiss Garden again. But this time, under the misty weather during the day. (if you want to know how it looks like during the night, read about our exploration of the area last night we were there).

As we entered the Small Swiss Garden last night, we were given free entry into the garden the next day to enable visitors to see the beauty of the farm during the day. Thus, do enter the farm at night and get the complimentary day past for the next day. With this, you can see the difference of Small Swiss Garden during the day and at night.

Our visit to Small Swiss Garden was welcomed by a flock of pigeons looking for food near the entrance. Along the walkways were the lilac fence which makes the environment looks as if we were in a lavender farm kind of feel. 

Pigeons looking for food.

Here's the canvas pumpkin carriage which disappear at night.  

A garden is not complete without flowers blooming everywhere; not forgetting it's spring there.

An Effie tower about my height.

And lots of wild berries plant around.

Now, you can see the mandarin ducks clearly.

And we found some lavender plants there. Love the smell!

Now, you can see the L-O-V-E letters and take selfies with it!

This is how the are looks like in the morning. At night, they were all lighted up with neon lights.

You can't miss these pale pink flowers in spring.

We stopped by for some light lunch at this mini cottage cafe inside Small Swiss Garden. Your entrance ticket comes with some cash voucher for you to redeem at the cafe located inside the garden.

Cafe entrance with its menu in lilac colour too.

Here's our lunch. Porki burger with mushroom soup and juices. Love the pork sausage burger where there's fresh pickle and vegetables in it. The mushroom soup is not bad though. It's very creamy. Forgot how much does it cost but it's kinda affordable.

Dessert was this pudding which we bought from the plaza earlier.

Take a scope and there's strawberry puree oozing out from the middle.

Lunch was simple and delicious plus we can enjoy the view surrounded by beautiful flowers.

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