Saturday, October 04, 2014

Restaurant Paramount Seng Fatt, Taman Paramount

 Whenever we were craving for some Chinese tai chow food, we would always come back to Restoran Seng Fatt in Taman Paramount. (throwback to previous post on this place) It's because they served good food at an affordable price. We always had our steam song fish head in different style and order the same vegetable dishes when we dine here.

However, we had something different this round as the lady who came and took our order recommend some different dishes. Instead of a fish, we went for pork this round. Unlike the normal marmite pork ribs, deep fried pork ribs, steamed pork, etcc... we had deep fried nam yu pork slices! As mentioned before, nam yu is a type of fermented beancurd made from beans. A good plate of nam yu pork is determine by the amount of nam yu used (if you're stingy and put in a little, the pork will taste bland) and the quality of nam yu used (good ones is pricier than the other). And this deep fried nam yu pork is just perfect. It's thinly sliced with crunchy on the outside and juicy inside. And the taste is just perfect; the nam yu taste is intense and oishi!

Deep fried nam yu pork, RM18

For our vegetables, we had the Spinach and century egg in superior soup. It comes with sliced of pork, carrot and fish cakes too. Taste normal but it will be good if there's salted egg :) 

Spinach and century egg in superior soup, RM13

 Our dinner is not complete without a plate of steamed tofu / beancurd. This is steamed tofu with soya sauce and top with deep fried dried prawns and chopped spring onions.

Steamed tofu, RM8
 Food is good and their price will not burn a hole in our pockets. Our dinner comes to a total of RM40 including 2 bowls of rice. They are famous for their Asam fish and roasted chicken too. Parking will be a bit tricky if you're late. Do come early if you would like to dine here. 

Restoran Paramount SengFatt
Jalan 20/22, Paramount Garden.
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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