Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When the wind from the past blows....

In a blink of eye, four years of uni life passed quickly.

First year, exciting and ..... climbing up

Second year, missing and lossing

Third year, A new start

Fourth Year, heading towards a new direction

Finally, it's the last week of uni life, 2 more days to go till start of study break and finally exams.
I will miss all the ups and downs moment throughout these four years.

Uni life is interesting. Exams and assignments is not a barrier to a youthful uni life but it complements an exciting uni life. I missed doing assignments too. The moment when hard work and effort is put and resulted in a satisfied result.

People used to say we have to look ahead for future and not reflect about the past. But sometimes, thinking about past is interesting.

I enjoy my uni life to the fullest - my way. 

Foundation was interesting, new stage in life. you're finally called a 'college student'. new friends, new environment, the start of us and our cold war..

First year of degree, a changed of environment, new friends who I'm glad they were there especially when I'm in the lowest point of my life, I never regret the decision I took in my life.

Thinking back, I would still do the same if it happens today. Take a crazy decision in your life and experience the difference in you. !

Second year, a new start of us here in where my uni life is. Building our so called new home and new memories. Singapore and Langkawi and many places we went together.

Third year, memorable and a goodbye to uni life. Time flies.....


Two years passed.... exactly 2 years and 31 days...

I'm glad that I make that decision.

Recently, one of my friend asked what is a 'strong woman'...

I would define it as someone who can take all the responsibilities and able to take in charge of your life when you are at the lowest point of your life.

I'm sure that you're be surprised that I do have my lowest point of my life. Yes, I do...

Here's a question to ask:
What if one day, you found out that there's a third party in your relationship?

 Break up? Scold him? Scold the third party? 

That's everyone's reaction. It's normal. It's not wrong to express your unhappiness !

I did too.. counting the minutes and hours throughout the whole night. Suddenly, I felt that one hour is freaking long while the eyes surrender to tears which kept flowing. The next morning, I walked like a zombie in uni and nearly cried in front of my respected + idol lecturer, Mr. Micheal.

Few hours after that, I went back to Ipoh, visited all the places we used to hangout.. and confronted him at his work place. I choose to stay with him while he can have her and me at the same time. My condition is that her presence must not interrupt our current relationship. We agreed peacefully.

Time passed, 12 days after that... the battle is won. The third party kinda played on him where she had bf all these while. Consistently, he lost everything..... fired from job without a penny left.

I pulled him back to reality, brought him to a new environment where I a real life battlefield where he gained success again in work. Becoming exactly how an ideal man should be.

And yes, I love him. Because of love and determination, you can take control of any situation in your life and changed other people's life too. 

What about the three parties relationship? It was a bitter sweet one like dark chocolate. It may look bitter but it actually taste sweet... You learn to appreciate things around you more... and  you know that your beloved one is here with you but you need to shared it with other people when the clock strikes. The best thing is, I have never meet or talk to the third party till today but only saw her profile on FB twice. Her presence in our relationship had make us love and appreciate each other more....

I'm sure that anyone out there can too.. Be patience and look everything in a positive way. It will changed your life. !

Sunday, July 01, 2012

First Day of Semester Break 2012: Calvary Carnival, Taylor's Lakeside Campus

It's the FIRST day of semester break for Feb-July 2012. 

BBB and I woke up early in the morning and went to Calvary Carnival at Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

We reached uni at 9am and there's many people there already. Yummy smell of food and noisy sounds of people trying to sell their goods is around the campus. The whole campus is full of people and it's kinda alive. I'm proud to be a Taylorian.. yay !

Entrance: Right outside the office

There's MINI marry-go-round

The visitors and shuttle bus parking turned into a row of stalls selling delicious food

The Cheras Chee Cheong Fun


Nasi Lemak for 1 coupon =RM2

The cheapest food in the carnival. For normal fun fair or food fair, they sell 1 booklet of coupons for RM10 with 10 coupons which means RM1 per coupon. Here, it's more expensive than other food fair. RM20 for 1 booklet of 10 pieces of coupon which means RM2 per coupon. Selling price?, it's around 3 coupon above for food.

uni is so lively. Food stalls above and below ...

In the Multipurpose Main Hall (MPH) too but it's merchandise, not food =.=

Outside the MPH hall, there's even more food.
Ducks for sale.! Check out the price: 1 bird for 30 coupons which means RM2x30 = RM60. Too pricey.

BIG Bakery is here too. Their outlet in Publika is too far for us here in Subang. When they come to uni, we GRAB!        

After walking around, we bought some food and sit down at the chairs provided at the shuttle us car park. 

Here's the food we ate here. Minus the one we tapao!!

Hakka Sun Pun Zi. It's super yummy !! I love this.  RM16/8 coupons

Lots of ingredients..

Some dumplings with chives!

The RM2/1 coupon Nasi Lemak.

Picture of the last 2 coupons before giving them to the BIG Bakery ppl.

Tapao this pasta home. 

Have an enjoyable day at Calvary Carnival 2012. Their food are pricier than outside but it's delicious with some famous food stalls around Klang Valley featured. Save transport cost to get to their original outlet though. Anyway, bought some sweet herbal tea and cakes from BIG Bakery home too.

What a nice carnival and outing to start my semester break.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dinner is served. from piggy

After having the sumptuous lunch at Retro Kitchen. We walked to Free Mori, a new bakery store which is the next hype among bread lovers. The original store is in SS2. The one which just opened in SS15 is only a branch. The one in SS2 offers more varieties of bread. The layout of store is super nice.

Have a feeling of walking along a row of shops in oversea.

Then, it started to rain and took a cab back home instead. Continue studying till around 4.30pm where we went down to Mid Valley for the launching of Forever 21 outlet there. Got this lucky draw. i got a 20% discount voucher while piggy got a towel which in the end is mine too. MUAhahhaha...

Forever 21 Mid Valley
Since there's too many people and don't feel like squeezing through for shopping. Went down to the Jusco supermarket to get some grocery to cook dinner. Now, can cook at piggy's place. He had moved to his new place since June with a larger room and house than the previous lousy hostel.

Piggy in action dealing with the belacan ubi kayu

The dinner is served. Belacan ubi kayu and braised soy-sauce chicken with mushroom, egg, brencurd and condiments.

That's not all. There's still dessert bought from Free Mori in the afternoon.

Panda Mousse

Comes with a cute little cup.
Have 3 layers with cake sponge at the bottom, some strawberry feeling in the middle and top with vanilla mousse.

Cute little panda
Chocolate creampuff.

Super bloated with the dinner. Gonna continue studying..

Retro Kitchen SS2

It's my piggy's off day but I haven't finish studying for my financial planning and market research paper. busy doing the FP A4 size cheat sheet which can bring into the exam hall.  Went out with bbb to Retro Kitchen, SS2 to use the RM30 cash voucher which I won from 'FOOD''s FB page. Use this opportunity to try out their food.

Retro Kitchen is located upstairs on the first floor above the 7-11. Lookout for MCD in SS2 and walk along the street until you see the 7-11 or the AMBank nearby.


The interior of the cafe. you can find some interesting collectibles here.

Some interesting glass

Remember the 'CAPTAIN OATS' can. I remember seeing my grandma cooks her breakfast using this thing last time. Bet there's no more oats sold in can form.

Old collection of CDs on the wall.

Here comes our meal:

Retro Kitchen's new creation launched a day before we came; CHEESY PORK BURGER

Cheesy Pork Burger served with fries and coleslaw, Rm15.90

The pork burger patties was lovely. It has the same taste as the steamed minced pork with onions and choy poh. Or maybe it's using the same dishes to create the legendary pork meat patties. Somehow, it's awesome.

Piggy with his pork burger.

Look at the cheese powder. yummy

Chicken Parmigiana, RM18.00

Breaded chicken with cheese and ham served with fries and coleslaw. It gives a super cheesy feeling. One thing I love about their coleslaw is that they are made to order. Got that fresh and crunchy feeling with eating it. 

To complement our meal, we add another mushroom soup after those main meal arrived. It's their homemade mushroom soup! Reminds me of my olden days learning how to cook mushroom soup from the basic during my Kemahiran Hidup Club back in school last time. Good to have a try. I'll be back for more of this super nice soup.

The Real Mushroom Soup, RM9.90. 

The meal ended up with a refreshing drink ordered by piggy.He had the green apple with kasturi and umbra (RM6.90). It taste good and not bitter but sourly sweet with a taste better than ice lemon tea.

The meal costs us RM56.85 and with RM30 off, it costs us RM26.85 for 2 person. 

No.8, M Floor, 
Jalan SS2/61, 
Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-78730036

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Friday: 12pm-3.30pm
Saturday-Sunday: 12pm-11pm
Closed on Monday.

Check out their menu here.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Rilakkuma from the pig

Semester 5's study break just ended. Back to KL today coz tomorrow I'll be sitting for my first paper, BMPP. Was bored studying at home and bbb called me and look what he got for me. My beloved Rilakkuma in the form of a giant head soft pillow. Another small one is the tissue box. Thanks so much.. Well, not really.. he owe me ...muahahha.... promise to buy me last month... :P


he decorated his room ...

Exams !!!

Friday, June 08, 2012

Hello Kitty madaronness day !

It's been almost one year since I abandon this blog. But heyz, I'm back with a little surprise today. I've just received a parcel (in frozen condition) from the delivery service. 

Hello Kitty shaped macaroons !

 Hello Kitty madness!

Too cute to bite them and put them back to the fridge.

Amazing right! Ordered them from Crumbs through their facebook page here

They made different types of cartoon to flowers shaped macaroons. 

A minimum order of 12 pieces with a delivery charge of RM20. 

Happy TGIF with Kitty Macaroons. !