Sunday, July 01, 2012

First Day of Semester Break 2012: Calvary Carnival, Taylor's Lakeside Campus

It's the FIRST day of semester break for Feb-July 2012. 

BBB and I woke up early in the morning and went to Calvary Carnival at Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

We reached uni at 9am and there's many people there already. Yummy smell of food and noisy sounds of people trying to sell their goods is around the campus. The whole campus is full of people and it's kinda alive. I'm proud to be a Taylorian.. yay !

Entrance: Right outside the office

There's MINI marry-go-round

The visitors and shuttle bus parking turned into a row of stalls selling delicious food

The Cheras Chee Cheong Fun


Nasi Lemak for 1 coupon =RM2

The cheapest food in the carnival. For normal fun fair or food fair, they sell 1 booklet of coupons for RM10 with 10 coupons which means RM1 per coupon. Here, it's more expensive than other food fair. RM20 for 1 booklet of 10 pieces of coupon which means RM2 per coupon. Selling price?, it's around 3 coupon above for food.

uni is so lively. Food stalls above and below ...

In the Multipurpose Main Hall (MPH) too but it's merchandise, not food =.=

Outside the MPH hall, there's even more food.
Ducks for sale.! Check out the price: 1 bird for 30 coupons which means RM2x30 = RM60. Too pricey.

BIG Bakery is here too. Their outlet in Publika is too far for us here in Subang. When they come to uni, we GRAB!        

After walking around, we bought some food and sit down at the chairs provided at the shuttle us car park. 

Here's the food we ate here. Minus the one we tapao!!

Hakka Sun Pun Zi. It's super yummy !! I love this.  RM16/8 coupons

Lots of ingredients..

Some dumplings with chives!

The RM2/1 coupon Nasi Lemak.

Picture of the last 2 coupons before giving them to the BIG Bakery ppl.

Tapao this pasta home. 

Have an enjoyable day at Calvary Carnival 2012. Their food are pricier than outside but it's delicious with some famous food stalls around Klang Valley featured. Save transport cost to get to their original outlet though. Anyway, bought some sweet herbal tea and cakes from BIG Bakery home too.

What a nice carnival and outing to start my semester break.

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