Thursday, March 26, 2015

Affordable Canadian Lobster at only RM39.90/each at #MFMmy

Lobster and Seafood fanatics, I have a good news to share with you! You can now pay less than RM40 to have a taste of that juicy lobster which you wanted to try badly but did not due to its expensive market price. You don't have to burn a giant hole in your pocket to eat lobster anymore.

All you need to do is go to your nearest The Manhattan Fish Market outlet in Malaysia simply because they are introducing the new Canadian Lobster dish at RM39.90/each starting from this week for a limited time only. The market price for this Canadian Lobster is at RM59.90/each and they are selling to you at a lower than market price.

 For only RM39.90, you will get a big and juicy lobster which is just right to fill up your stomach. There's 4 types of flaming sauce available for you to choose from which are Manhattan Flaming Sauce, Ebiko Flaming Sauce, Honey BBQ Flaming Sauce and Spicy Flaming Sauce. Why do we called it 'The Flaming Sauce'?

Here's the reason:
The sauce of your choice will be pour over the fresh lobster. Then, here comes the interesting part; the skillful staff will bring the sauce coated lobster and stand right beside your table. Then, you can watch the performance of having your lobster being cooked right in front of your eyes. The lobster will be torched gently and when you smell this rich and distinct aroma; it means your lobster dish is ready. The hot flame creates a magical chemistry between the rich sauce with the juicy meat.

     Here's what you will expect to see before and after the lobster is cooked.

Enjoy these interesting performance of your lobster being cooked right in front of your eyes. They might even inspire your curious kids to join the culinary world to be a great MasterChef.

This performance lasted for less than 5 minutes and your lobster is ready to be served. It comes with a wedge of lemon and some fresh vegetables to complete your nutrients intake. It is recommended to consume the lobster once it's cooked as it taste best when it's still hot. Thus, quickly snap all the selfies which you need and enjoy the lobster to the max.

Thanks to The Manhattan Fish Market Malaysia, I managed to have a taste of this succulent lobster meat last week. I absolutely love this Canadian Lobster dish because it taste so good that it erase all your worries in mind. You will give your full concentration towards the Mrs.Lobster right in front of you. The meat is full of  sweet juice and you will feel the meat bounce in between your teeth too. It has the so called 'taste of the sea' which means that it's fresh - unlike those frozen ones (frozen for ages) which you saw in the hypermarket once in a blue moon. A lobster which is not fresh does not have this crunchy feel when you bite it; instead the meat's texture looks mushy and easily turned into meat paste using a fork.

 We managed to try three types of sauces the other day and I love the Spicy Flaming Sauce the most. The mild spicy taste acts as great tool to open your appetite during the meal. If you look carefully at the flamed lobster below, you will see that each lobster is packed with yummylicious lobster roe ! Thanks Mrs.Lobster for the delicious delicacy.

Once you finished enjoying the lobster body, don't forget the big lobster claws connecting to the shell. There's juicy lobster meat hiding inside those hard to crack shells too. Just ask for one of those crab cracker tool from the staff to crack open the shell. You will be rewarded with more delicious lobster meat :)

I'm sure you rarely dine alone to enjoy this lobster feast but would want to enjoy the feast with your loved ones, family members or even friends. If you are dining in a group of 3 or 4 pax, I would recommend you to order the Canadian Lobster Platter instead of the ala-carte Lobster dish. The Canadian Lobster Platter is priced at only RM79.90 and will be enough to fill 3 to 4 hungry stomachs.

This Canadian Lobster Platter comes with a big Canadian Lobster, Fried Calamari, Fried Fish Fingers (you can satisfy your fish and chips cravings too), Mussels, Fries and Hot Veggies (broccoli and carrot) which lay on top of some herb rice.

You can enjoy the fantastic performance of the lobster being cooked right in front of your eyes too. This time - with your family and friends :)

Canadian Lobster Platter!

This is how the platter looks like before the lobster being flamed to perfection. 

Within 5 minutes, this is what your flamed lobster looks like! A perfect combination of the Ebiko Flaming Sauce with the lobster.

The sweet lobster meat goes well with the herb rice and perfect for a rice-tong like me! The hot veggies are there to balance back your meal. Your little ones will thank you for the Fried Calamari and Fish Fingers - and the fries too. With only RM79.90, you can bring a charming smile on your loved one's face.

What happens after GST? Can you still enjoy this Canadian Lobster?
Yes, I'm sure you do! After 1 April 2015, the ala-carte Canadian Lobster is priced at RM42.29/each while the Canadian Lobster Platter is priced at RM84.69. Even with GST implementation [which you can't avoid], the Canadian Lobster is still sold at lower than market price of RM59.90/each (based on before GST). Thus, the Canadian Lobster at The Manhattan Fish Market is the most amazing lobster deal which you can have.  p.s. I'm sure the Lobster market price will be increase too after GST.

Well, there's exactly 5 more days till GST implementation. Thus, do grab this golden opportunity to purchase the Canadian Lobster at only RM39.90/each or the Flaming Canadian Platter at RM79.90. Hurry up because it is a limited-time-offer promotion.

Well, this post is not a joke! If you don't believe it that Canadian Lobster is sold at RM39.90/each, head down to your nearest The Manhattan Fish Market outlet and witness it yourself! You will be greeted by these charming lobster displayed at the entrance. It's that big!

Oh wait, that is not the END! I've saved the best for the last :P

In conjunction with the Canadian Lobster promotion, The Manhattan Fish Market Malaysia is rewarding their loyal fans with a big gift. What's the big gift?

A Splendid Seafood Spread at The Manhattan Fish Market worth RM1,000

All you have to do is follow these easy steps below and be in the run to win this amazing prizes :
2. Guess the weight of the giant lobster in the poster. I've attached the poster below for your easy reference. You can get this poster in their Facebook page.

3. Type your answers in the comment box under the contest post.

Do remember to read the Terms & Conditions too!

Here's the poster:
Big Lobster Weight-Off Contest

This Big Lobster Weight-Off Contest ends 30 April 2015. Submit your entries today!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

What happens when you dine in at Manhattan Fish Market Malaysia after GST implementation?

Coming this 1 April 2015, GST = Government Service Tax will be implemented in Malaysia at a rate of 6%. Which means you will need to pay more or less to your bill depends on the types of products which you purchase.

I'm sure many people are confused or worry about how GST will affects their existing lifestyle and purchasing power. Are you afraid that you will need to pay a lot more for your bills?

No worries!!! 

The Manhattan Fish Market Malaysia is here to provide you with a detailed guide on the impact of GST towards the total bill payable when you dine in at their restaurant after 1 April 2015. 

This useful guide can be found on their bookmark which will be distributed at all The Manhattan Fish Market outlets in Malaysia starting next week. I'm very excited to share with you the information printed on this little and essential bookmark! Below is the information that can erase your worries when you indulge your classic fish and chips at The Manhattan Fish Market:

From the information on the bookmark, before GST (which is now) you are paying 10% Service Charge + 6% Government Tax. Which means your total bill is calculated as:

Total food prices + 10% service charge + (6% x total food prices)

Then, with the implementation of GST; your total bill is calculated as:

Total food prices + 10% service charge + [6% x (Total food prices + 10% service charge)]

Confused with the numbers and calculation formulas above? I've prepared an example below to explain to your further.

Example 1: 

Let say you dine in at The Manhattan Fish Market on 5 April 2015 (when GST has been enforced) with a friend or a partner. You probably order your usual classic fish and chips made from Dory fish and your other half order a Scallop Americana pasta. You probably have too much tea or coffee before your meal that you did not order any drinks. The total cost of fish and chips and pasta comes to RM38.90 and 10% service charge = RM3.89. Then, you need to add this 6% GST to your bill and it is calculated as [6% x (RM38.90 + RM3.89)]. Therefore, you will need to add RM2.567 to your bill which means in total, you need to pay RM45.36. 

Compare to your bill if you dine in before 1 April 2015, you only need to pay RM45.12 for the same order. This means that when GST is implemented, you need to pay an extra of RM0.24 to the bill (based on the example 1 above).  

Need another example to make you understand fully? Here's Example No.2!

Example 2:

You planned to have dinner with your family after a fun day out and decided to dine in at The Manhattan Fish Market! (Based on the assumption you dine in on or after 1 April 2015) For a family of four (2 Adult and 2 kids), you probably order the Flaming Seafood Platter to share as it comes with a complete choices of flaming prawns, crispy hand-battered fish fillet, oyster as well as the calamari which your child wanted. The platter gives you all the protein which your body needed and you will probably balance your meal with a plate of Caesar Salad with Whitebait. Fresh and leafy vegetables, hard-boiled eggs and little crunchy whitebait fish gives you a break and refresh your taste bud from the hot flaming platter. You will probably order add on a soup of the day or a glass of drink to share. All these comes to a total of RM83.90 with a 10% service charge of RM8.39. The 6% GST which you need to pay for this meal is 6% x (RM83.90 + RM8.39) which is RM5.54. Therefore, your grand total bill comes to RM97.83.

Compared to if you dine in before 1 April and ordered the same food, you total bill comes to RM97.32. Thus, you pay an extra of RM0.51 to your bill above after GST.

Note: Prices of these food products are based on menu prices given at Manhattan Fish Market website as of 22 March 2015. 

After comparing the bill amount above, I think the difference in total bill amount before and after GST is not a lot. Even with a RM97+ bill, you only need to fork out an extra RM0.51. You can still afford to eat at The Manhattan Fish Market after GST is implemented. This extra RM0.51 could be less than 1% of your wallet size.

Alright, I'm sure you want back some extra value for forking out these extra cents from your pocket.
Do drop by your nearest The Manhattan Fish Market outlet to collect a copy of this useful bookmark because it comes with some hard-to-resist vouchers at the back! There's 5 different vouchers available and be sure to redeem them before the stated expiry dates. (Now, these vouchers are worth more than those extra cents which you need to pay :P )

For pasta lovers, you need to grab a hold of this bookmark because there's a All You Can Eat PASTA voucher available on this bookmark! With this unlimited pasta deal voucher, you only need to pay RM24.90 ++/pax to enjoy all types of pasta available on The Manhattan Fish Market's menu!

Thanks The Manhattan Fish Market Malaysia for the detailed explanation, I can now dine in at their restaurant without worry even after GST is implemented!

For more information on The Manhattan Fish Market's latest promotion, do visit their website or follow their Facebook page them at The Manhattan Fish Market.  You too can follow their Instagram account at #MFMmy and be prepared to feast thousands of yummylicious food pictures.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

KLIPS Premiere Screening: HOME

Every school holidays season; whether it's a short or a long one, there will be new cartoon movies released in the cinemas. For those who are still schooling; one of the must-do thing during the school holidays is to watch the latest movie in town. How fortunate for them - standard of living is getting better from one generation to the next :)

During this super short but essential school holidays, DreamWorks Animation together with 20th Century Fox released a new movie entitled HOME. From the title itself, you can roughly guess what's the storyline about.

Home: is a place where you can lives permanently.  

Thus, this movie definitely related to finding a home/protecting your home and so on. That was my first impression about HOME. And my guess was correct after all when I managed to watch the Premiere Screening of Home recently at GSC 1 Utama thanks to KLIPS Malaysia.

Before the screening begins, OH; the hero in the movie was there to greet us at the cinema. I categorized OH as an alien with jellyfish legs ;P  When there's a mascot walkabout, what do you normally do? Take a selfie!

This movie lasted for about 96 minutes (1 hour and 36 minutes) which is adequate as young kids can't sit still for very long. A 2 hours movie might be too tiring for their eyes.

Here's a very brief synopsis of HOME:

OH is part of an alien race named Boov and this alien team is led by Captain Smek. Unlike the other Boov, OH is very different from his friends which makes him a lonely guy. But he did try his best to be friends with the others. The Boov are very good in one thing they know of ~ running away strategies! They were hunted by their enemy: the Gorg which the Boov characterized as a very terrifying and destructive monster. Gorg posses high technology and could destroyed planets which is why the Boov is running away from them. 
The Boov finally found Earth as a suitable place to call HOME and invaded the planet. Captain Smek told fellows Boov that humans are dumb and they are making life better for humans. All humans were relocated to a few islands and were given new houses, entertainments, parks and others. OH were very happy to move into his new house in an apartment and invited all his neighbors for a house warming party but sadly, no one turns up. He went to meet his friend; Kyle and send him an e-invite to his house warming party but it was accidentally send to the who universe which means it was also send to their enemy; Gorg. OH became a banished Boov and he ran away. On this way, he met TIP; a teenage human and PIG; the cat who were left behind and together they went on an adventure to search for TIP's mum.

If you would like to know what adventures did OH and TIP went through together, you need to watch this movie in the cinemas. This movie has a steady pace which makes it suitable for children of all ages. For adults, do expect that you won't feel the moments of adrenaline rushing through your veins when you watch this movie. If you are looking for some action movie, this cute and entertaining cartoon is not for you.
And I feel that you can't compare this to FROZEN, Toy Story, Despicable Me (Minions) and so on. This movie falls in the same categories as cartoon movies like The Croods, Rango and Rio where there's a happy and mild temperament scene throughout the play. But do look at the lessons learned from this movie as well as the creative graphics scene. The Boov made Earth into a high-tech city with upside-down Paris tower, super-powered flying bubbles and making use of space on Earth for both humans and Boov.

Some of the main characters in HOME:

OH: The main hero leading the storyline.
TIP: The teenage human girl who was left behind in the city while the others were relocated.
KYLE: OH's good friend and is a normal ranking police traffic.
Captain Smek: The leaders of Boov.
Lucy: TIP's mum.
PIG: TIP's pet cat.

Characters in HOME

Here's a tip for you. Before you go into the cinema to watch HOME, do watch this short clip below. This short 4-minutes video tells you the beginning of the movie HOME and what you watch in the cinema is the continuation of this video clip.

When you watch the movie, do look out for these few scenes:

1. Super flying car with slushies and fuel!
Very clever of OH to modified TIP's car with flying capabilities and uses slushies as fuel. And there's nachos with cheese, hot sausages as well as ketchup flying out of the car as weapons too or eat it as your snack while you drive ;)


2. OH changed himself to become a better him.
Everyone makes mistakes and the most important thing to do is how to fix your mistakes. Being a Boov, they were taught to run away. TIP makes OH realized that what he needs to do is to fix his mistake - to stop his e-invite from being sent out to everyone (it takes the system some time to send out to millions of recipients). And instead of running away from Gorg, he is the only one who fights back.


3. Always a happy ending. 
Open your heart and mind to adapt to your surroundings. If you are different from the rest, don't be sad because you don't have a companion. It's just that you have not found the right partner


4. A leader is not always right. 
A leader does mistakes too. In this case, Captain Smek who invented the running away strategy needs to rethink his strategy. Perhaps he should investigate why the Gorg keeps hunting them? The key is that the Gorg hunts them because Captain Smek stole something from the Gorg.


5. Never give up in anything you do.
TIP has a very strong will to find his mum although it's gonna be a hard and mission impossible journey. She never gives up and keep to her positive attitude whenever they faced difficulties.


Do watch HOME in your nearest local cinemas today! 

Here's the movie trailer if you can't wait till your movie date. 

DreamWorks Animation has posted some HOME related fun activities and mini online games on their website too. Do visit their website for more fun activities such as printable colouring sheets, activities sheets, wallpaper as well as characters animated gifs visual.

Here's some preview on the fun activities which you can find on their website:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

KLIPS Premiere Screening: Little Big Master 五個小孩的校長

24 hours ago, I watched a very touching movie with pig at GSC Pavilion KL. I classified it as 'touching' because this is the first time our tears drop from the start till the end of the movie. Not because we are someone who can shed tears easily (definitely not us!) but in fact, we heard other patrons sniffled throughout the movie too.

This movie has a touching song too.. Listen to this song before reading further :)

Well, thanks to Klips Malaysia and RAM Entertainment, we were invited to the Premiere Screening of Little Big Master (五個小孩的校長). This movie is based on a true story and at the end of the movie, they did show all the real character's pictures in reality life and how they are doing now. 

The plot of the story is quite simple.
Ms. Lui (Miriam Yeung) is a famous tutor/teacher in the education industry and had taught in many elite schools. She resigned from her recent headmistress position at an elite school due to conflict of views with some parents on the meaning of a good education system. She does loves teaching and eventually took up a HK4,500 job as the only teacher and headmistress of a old and poor kindergarten in Yuen Kong Village, Yuen Long. Even though the kindergarten only has 5 very poor students, she insist in restoring the faith of the old kindergarten so that these 5 students will be able to continue schooling even though no one in the village actually supports her. The accompanying character is Mrs. Lui's husband; Tung (Louis Koo) who supports her all the way and always be there for her. 

This touching movie lasted for about 1 hour and 53 minutes and you'll be taught the importance of children's education and what is a good education system to your child.

Here's some touching moments that you can look forward to in the movie ...

1. These students come from very poor and complicated family background. Their parents makes very little income and works very hard to feed themselves. Due to their lifestyle, these kids had a communication barrier with their parents and guardian. You'll see the super headmistress gives a warm touch to the relationship between the parents and their children.

On one occasion, the headmistress gave them an assignment to know about their parent's dream and makes these parents open their heart to their kids. These poor parents had faced many hardship in life that their mission is to earn money and live a better life. This assignment give the parents a chance to remember what their dream was when they were young and it eventually put a smile on their face.

There's also this situation where one of the students refused to go to school because she wants to ensure her parents does not fight and kill each other. The little child reveal her reason on her absent from school when the headmistress visited her home. This makes their parents teared and their relationship grew stronger.

2. This super headmistress helps to solve each student's family problems so that they can have a better life.

You'll see this scene where one of the parents were bullied by some developer companies to sell their house for redevelopment. The contractor poured sand to surround the house when the parents refused to sell their house. This headmistress helps to scope away the sand which covers the house although she's not feeling well.

She also manged to solve one of the student's emotional problem by making the child to accept the fact that her parents is death. The child accepted that rain and thunder is not a monster that took her parents away.

3. To understand her students even better, the headmistress made every child to mention one thing which makes them happy and another one which makes them sad. You'll be surprise to hear what each child say and all their reasons does related to their surrounding, parents and their past experience.

4. The kindergarten needs to have a minimum of 5 students in order to keep the school running for next term. Ms. Lui gives all out to find ways in recruiting students for the school and even held an open day with everyone (parents and kids) prepared to welcome guests. However, no one turned up at the open day and it makes the situation worst when the kids asked why no one wants to see them performed for the open day. 

5. Ms. Lui collapsed due to over-worked herself and had to undergo another operation. She just had her tumor removed before taking the task of being a headmistress at this kindergarten. You'll see sad looking students saying that they missed their beloved headmistress.

6. The peak moment that you'll tear is during the last day of the school term where the school will need to be closed the day after due to insufficient of student. One of the student begged not to graduate from this kindergarten as she does not want the kindergarten to be closed forever. 

7. You must also take note of this moment when the headmistress makes the management of this rich and famous tuition company realize the responsibility of being an educator and the meaning of education to the kids. The headmistress was offered to become the cover picture of this tuition centre business who wants to expand its business by building outlets in villages too. She rejected by making them realize that their action is like running a bank who thinks about money and not putting the child's education as the first priority.

There are many other touching moments in this movie and you need to watch it yourself to feel them. Little Big Master opens in our local cinema in Malaysia tomorrow (19 March 2015). You gotta watch it to experience how a person can sacrifice and struggle to maintain children's education.  

It's really a wonderful movie to watch and makes you realize to rethink your task of being a teacher/tutor and parents to a little life.

Little Big Master

Here's the trailer of you have not watched it. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Nuffnang Premiere Screening: Cinderella [2015]

Let it go ...    Let it go ...  
..............     ....................

The cold never bothered me anyway. !

I'm sure you've heard about these few words after the movie; Frozen released worldwide in late 2013. And every time you turned on that radio, you'll still hear this song aired few days once or sometimes - daily. If you are a super Frozen fan that you can't stop yourself from buying those Anna and Elsa merchandise to be added to your collection, you gotta know about this.

Frozen Fever

In conjunction with the launch of the new movie Cinderella [2015], there's a short sequel released entitled Frozen Fever which is about 7 minutes running time. And you can watch this short film to satisfied your Anna and Elsa addiction when you watch the new Cinderella movie in the cinema today! It's a really short story about Else throws a treasure hunt party for Anna and too bad that she had a cold. Love the scene where when Else sneezes, little snowman came out of her nose! Wakaka! Olaf has more friends now.

Thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia and Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures, I was at the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Cinderella the other day which was held at TGV 1 Utama.

And I got this lovely glass shoe phone plug from the movie screening! Yay to Nuffnang Malaysia. 

At the starting of this Cinderella movie, you'll watch this Frozen Fever short film. Just like an appetizer before a meal. Since school holidays starts today, do bring your kids (or yourself) to the cinema and indulge it.

Cinderella is a classic childhood cartoon which almost everyone knows ... 

~ A poor girl lives with her stepmother and 2 stepsisters after her father passed away. Being mistreat by them as a maid and lives in a small little cottage (we call it store room nowaways). One day the king invited all single ladies in the village for a ball at the castle as the prince will choose his bride ~ future queen. Cinderella was not allowed to attend the ball and came fairy-god-mother transformed a pumpkin and mice into a magical carriage which will bring her to the ball. And a new dress for Cinderella too with glass high heels too. But all these magic will ends once the clock strike 12. Cinderella had a wonderful time with the price and left a glass shoe at the castle when she was running away as it's almost 12. The price searched high and low for the owner of the shoe and anyone who can fit into the shoe will be his bride. Soon, Cinderella and the prince live happily ever after. 
~ Just a short summary of the classic story of Cinderella to me. ~

This Cinderella has ever since been adapted into many versions of cartoons and movies. This year, 2015; you will be able to enjoy a whole new Cinderella experience on the big screen.

Cinderella [2015]

The story started with a happy childhood moments of Ella spending time in her lovely mansion with her family, servants, workers and farm animals. Ella's father is a merchant who often travel far far away for businesses while her mother is a housewife. Happy times does not last long and everything changed when Ella's mother passed away. Her mother left Ella a piece of advise which will protect her : "Have Courage and Be Kind"

Ella's father married Lady Tremaine and together they live in their mansion with her two stepsisters Drizella and Anastasia.  

Cinderella [2015]

Like in the original version of Cinderella, Ella's father passed away leaving Ella with her stepmother and two stepsisters. Since there is no source of income, Lady Tremaine dismissed all the house servants and workers and made Ella their servant instead. Ella had to give up her room and live in the attic but her little friends; mice accompanied her there.

There's a different twist to this version of Cinderella where Ella did meet the prince in the jungle while running away from home. Ella did not know he's the prince and thought he's an apprentice who lives in the palace.

Cinderella [2015]

Soon, the palace announced that all single ladies are invited to a ball at the palace where the prince will choose his bride. Ella was very happy because she will be able to meet the apprentice; Kit.
However, her stepmother forbids her from attending the ball and ripping her hard sew dress just before they were about to leave for the ball.

Then, come fairy-god-mother who transformed pumpkin, mice, lizards and goose into carriage, footman, horses and coachman. Ella's torn dress was transformed into beautiful blue long gown and was given a pair of glass shoe which was said to be 'more comfortable to wear' by the fairy-god-mother. :)

Cinderella [2015]

Cinderella [2015]

Ella's gorgeous dress shocked all the guests at the ball and she became the center of attraction. Like in the original script, they danced all night and the prince brought Ella to his secret garden.

Cinderella [2015]

Just when the clock was about to strike 12 midnight, Ella ran away and leave behind her glass shoe.

Cinderella [2015]

Everything turned back to normal except the glass heel which Ella kept the other half in her attic. From here, I'm sure you will be familiar with the storyline where the prince finally found Ella through the other glass heel. No one in the country was able to fit into the glass heel except Ella. And they live happily ever after!

There's actually another twist here where Ella's stepmother plotted with the Grand Duke so that the prince will never found Ella. 

Cinderella [2015]

You will still feel the magical moments of this classic childhood story when you watch this movie. I'm really impressed with the attire worn by the actors and actresses! Ella' magical horse carriage has this mystic and elegant feel to its design. Bravo to the production team who did a little twist to the original plot which makes it feel like a love story.

If you have no plans during this one week long school holidays, do make plan to watch Cinderella and Frozen Fever in the cinema!