Sunday, March 08, 2015

Mad About Coco, Solaris Dutamas (next to Publika)

 We had dinner with pig's friend at Tai Thong Kepong the other day and it was a horrible experience dinner. Shall talk about this next time. Since it was already late and most dessert cafes would have close by that time; (it was 10 plus at night) we thought of trying our luck at this little chocolate place in Publika since it's only about 10 minutes drive from Kepong.

We got loss a bit at first as we thought that the cafe is inside Publika :( Okay, here's the direction. Walk to Journal by Plan B in Publika, turn left (and Plan B's outdoor seating is on your left) and cross the small lane there. You'll see a flight of stairs at the corridor - walk up and Mad About Coco is right up there. In fact, if you're at Plan B's outdoor seating, look up before you cross the small lane. You'll spot the bright cafe upstairs.

It was our first time here and it was really crowded at night. We only knew that chocolate is their specialty here - from their shop facade: Coco = Chocolate :P Since we need to place our order rather quickly (we arrived at 10 plus and they closed at 11 I think), we had a look at their 'Best Sellers' page on the menu and it gives a good indication to what you'll need to have when you dine there.

Best Sellers at Mad About Coco.

Once you've decided what you'll have, do remember your order and queue at the counter to order and pay for your food.

Their counter is a simple one and there's a menu board hanging right up there. If you had forgotten the name of the dishes you would like to order, do refer to the menu board up there. 

And they do sell cute little cookies, teas and premium selection of juices.I saw some fruit jams for sale at the counter too. They are not available on the menu, you gotta check them out at the counter.

Here's what we had that day:

Mad About Coco, RM20 is on their best sellers list featuring a moist chocolate cake served with melted chocolate and a strawberry. I would say that the chocolate cake is a pretty decent chocolate cake but not moist enough for me. I think if we have some strawberry sauce there, it would be perfect as the melted chocolate makes the cake too sweet to be eaten together. 

Mad About Coco, RM20

The logo looks quite cute on the cake though. It's a big piece of chocolate on the cake.

I think I love this Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball, RM20 more than anything else that we ordered and the presentation is lovely. There's a small Tiramisu cake nested inside the chocolate ball and served with melted chocolate and 2pcs of small heart shaped chocolate cake. 

Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball, RM20

 Open the chocolate ball and you'll see this delicious looking Tiramisu cake and this piece of cake does taste good. Moist and juicy with a hint of alcohol :)

We also had this Coco Gone Banana Pizza, RM25 which I think it's a bit expensive. It's some look-a-like paratha bread topped with bananas and chocolates. Probably you can try to prepare this at home with your frozen paratha bread :P

 One of pig's friend also had this Dark Hot Chocolate drink and you can choose to have this with marshmallow too (extra charge for it). It comes with some chocolate chips where you can drink a sip and bit some chocolate chips then. Or melt those chocolate chips into the drink for a more intense taste.
Hot Chocolate, RM12

If you are looking for something to eat before your chocolate therapy, they do sell some hot food too. Here's some snap shot of their menu for your reference.

They have a few choices of sandwiches, some light snacks, pastas and some savory dishes like burgers. Thus, if your partner is not into something chocolaty, you can have your mains here together and end it with a chocolate dessert just for yourself!

They have a long list of desserts on the menu. And majority of them are the chocolate based!

And they do have another outlet at Fahrenheit 88 too. Will come back for more especially their lava cake and chocolate crepes.

Mad About Coco
A1-1-9, Solaris Dutamas
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

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