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Nuffnang Premiere Screening: Cinderella [2015]

Let it go ...    Let it go ...  
..............     ....................

The cold never bothered me anyway. !

I'm sure you've heard about these few words after the movie; Frozen released worldwide in late 2013. And every time you turned on that radio, you'll still hear this song aired few days once or sometimes - daily. If you are a super Frozen fan that you can't stop yourself from buying those Anna and Elsa merchandise to be added to your collection, you gotta know about this.

Frozen Fever

In conjunction with the launch of the new movie Cinderella [2015], there's a short sequel released entitled Frozen Fever which is about 7 minutes running time. And you can watch this short film to satisfied your Anna and Elsa addiction when you watch the new Cinderella movie in the cinema today! It's a really short story about Else throws a treasure hunt party for Anna and too bad that she had a cold. Love the scene where when Else sneezes, little snowman came out of her nose! Wakaka! Olaf has more friends now.

Thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia and Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures, I was at the Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Cinderella the other day which was held at TGV 1 Utama.

And I got this lovely glass shoe phone plug from the movie screening! Yay to Nuffnang Malaysia. 

At the starting of this Cinderella movie, you'll watch this Frozen Fever short film. Just like an appetizer before a meal. Since school holidays starts today, do bring your kids (or yourself) to the cinema and indulge it.

Cinderella is a classic childhood cartoon which almost everyone knows ... 

~ A poor girl lives with her stepmother and 2 stepsisters after her father passed away. Being mistreat by them as a maid and lives in a small little cottage (we call it store room nowaways). One day the king invited all single ladies in the village for a ball at the castle as the prince will choose his bride ~ future queen. Cinderella was not allowed to attend the ball and came fairy-god-mother transformed a pumpkin and mice into a magical carriage which will bring her to the ball. And a new dress for Cinderella too with glass high heels too. But all these magic will ends once the clock strike 12. Cinderella had a wonderful time with the price and left a glass shoe at the castle when she was running away as it's almost 12. The price searched high and low for the owner of the shoe and anyone who can fit into the shoe will be his bride. Soon, Cinderella and the prince live happily ever after. 
~ Just a short summary of the classic story of Cinderella to me. ~

This Cinderella has ever since been adapted into many versions of cartoons and movies. This year, 2015; you will be able to enjoy a whole new Cinderella experience on the big screen.

Cinderella [2015]

The story started with a happy childhood moments of Ella spending time in her lovely mansion with her family, servants, workers and farm animals. Ella's father is a merchant who often travel far far away for businesses while her mother is a housewife. Happy times does not last long and everything changed when Ella's mother passed away. Her mother left Ella a piece of advise which will protect her : "Have Courage and Be Kind"

Ella's father married Lady Tremaine and together they live in their mansion with her two stepsisters Drizella and Anastasia.  

Cinderella [2015]

Like in the original version of Cinderella, Ella's father passed away leaving Ella with her stepmother and two stepsisters. Since there is no source of income, Lady Tremaine dismissed all the house servants and workers and made Ella their servant instead. Ella had to give up her room and live in the attic but her little friends; mice accompanied her there.

There's a different twist to this version of Cinderella where Ella did meet the prince in the jungle while running away from home. Ella did not know he's the prince and thought he's an apprentice who lives in the palace.

Cinderella [2015]

Soon, the palace announced that all single ladies are invited to a ball at the palace where the prince will choose his bride. Ella was very happy because she will be able to meet the apprentice; Kit.
However, her stepmother forbids her from attending the ball and ripping her hard sew dress just before they were about to leave for the ball.

Then, come fairy-god-mother who transformed pumpkin, mice, lizards and goose into carriage, footman, horses and coachman. Ella's torn dress was transformed into beautiful blue long gown and was given a pair of glass shoe which was said to be 'more comfortable to wear' by the fairy-god-mother. :)

Cinderella [2015]

Cinderella [2015]

Ella's gorgeous dress shocked all the guests at the ball and she became the center of attraction. Like in the original script, they danced all night and the prince brought Ella to his secret garden.

Cinderella [2015]

Just when the clock was about to strike 12 midnight, Ella ran away and leave behind her glass shoe.

Cinderella [2015]

Everything turned back to normal except the glass heel which Ella kept the other half in her attic. From here, I'm sure you will be familiar with the storyline where the prince finally found Ella through the other glass heel. No one in the country was able to fit into the glass heel except Ella. And they live happily ever after!

There's actually another twist here where Ella's stepmother plotted with the Grand Duke so that the prince will never found Ella. 

Cinderella [2015]

You will still feel the magical moments of this classic childhood story when you watch this movie. I'm really impressed with the attire worn by the actors and actresses! Ella' magical horse carriage has this mystic and elegant feel to its design. Bravo to the production team who did a little twist to the original plot which makes it feel like a love story.

If you have no plans during this one week long school holidays, do make plan to watch Cinderella and Frozen Fever in the cinema!

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