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KLIPS Premiere Screening: Little Big Master 五個小孩的校長

24 hours ago, I watched a very touching movie with pig at GSC Pavilion KL. I classified it as 'touching' because this is the first time our tears drop from the start till the end of the movie. Not because we are someone who can shed tears easily (definitely not us!) but in fact, we heard other patrons sniffled throughout the movie too.

This movie has a touching song too.. Listen to this song before reading further :)

Well, thanks to Klips Malaysia and RAM Entertainment, we were invited to the Premiere Screening of Little Big Master (五個小孩的校長). This movie is based on a true story and at the end of the movie, they did show all the real character's pictures in reality life and how they are doing now. 

The plot of the story is quite simple.
Ms. Lui (Miriam Yeung) is a famous tutor/teacher in the education industry and had taught in many elite schools. She resigned from her recent headmistress position at an elite school due to conflict of views with some parents on the meaning of a good education system. She does loves teaching and eventually took up a HK4,500 job as the only teacher and headmistress of a old and poor kindergarten in Yuen Kong Village, Yuen Long. Even though the kindergarten only has 5 very poor students, she insist in restoring the faith of the old kindergarten so that these 5 students will be able to continue schooling even though no one in the village actually supports her. The accompanying character is Mrs. Lui's husband; Tung (Louis Koo) who supports her all the way and always be there for her. 

This touching movie lasted for about 1 hour and 53 minutes and you'll be taught the importance of children's education and what is a good education system to your child.

Here's some touching moments that you can look forward to in the movie ...

1. These students come from very poor and complicated family background. Their parents makes very little income and works very hard to feed themselves. Due to their lifestyle, these kids had a communication barrier with their parents and guardian. You'll see the super headmistress gives a warm touch to the relationship between the parents and their children.

On one occasion, the headmistress gave them an assignment to know about their parent's dream and makes these parents open their heart to their kids. These poor parents had faced many hardship in life that their mission is to earn money and live a better life. This assignment give the parents a chance to remember what their dream was when they were young and it eventually put a smile on their face.

There's also this situation where one of the students refused to go to school because she wants to ensure her parents does not fight and kill each other. The little child reveal her reason on her absent from school when the headmistress visited her home. This makes their parents teared and their relationship grew stronger.

2. This super headmistress helps to solve each student's family problems so that they can have a better life.

You'll see this scene where one of the parents were bullied by some developer companies to sell their house for redevelopment. The contractor poured sand to surround the house when the parents refused to sell their house. This headmistress helps to scope away the sand which covers the house although she's not feeling well.

She also manged to solve one of the student's emotional problem by making the child to accept the fact that her parents is death. The child accepted that rain and thunder is not a monster that took her parents away.

3. To understand her students even better, the headmistress made every child to mention one thing which makes them happy and another one which makes them sad. You'll be surprise to hear what each child say and all their reasons does related to their surrounding, parents and their past experience.

4. The kindergarten needs to have a minimum of 5 students in order to keep the school running for next term. Ms. Lui gives all out to find ways in recruiting students for the school and even held an open day with everyone (parents and kids) prepared to welcome guests. However, no one turned up at the open day and it makes the situation worst when the kids asked why no one wants to see them performed for the open day. 

5. Ms. Lui collapsed due to over-worked herself and had to undergo another operation. She just had her tumor removed before taking the task of being a headmistress at this kindergarten. You'll see sad looking students saying that they missed their beloved headmistress.

6. The peak moment that you'll tear is during the last day of the school term where the school will need to be closed the day after due to insufficient of student. One of the student begged not to graduate from this kindergarten as she does not want the kindergarten to be closed forever. 

7. You must also take note of this moment when the headmistress makes the management of this rich and famous tuition company realize the responsibility of being an educator and the meaning of education to the kids. The headmistress was offered to become the cover picture of this tuition centre business who wants to expand its business by building outlets in villages too. She rejected by making them realize that their action is like running a bank who thinks about money and not putting the child's education as the first priority.

There are many other touching moments in this movie and you need to watch it yourself to feel them. Little Big Master opens in our local cinema in Malaysia tomorrow (19 March 2015). You gotta watch it to experience how a person can sacrifice and struggle to maintain children's education.  

It's really a wonderful movie to watch and makes you realize to rethink your task of being a teacher/tutor and parents to a little life.

Little Big Master

Here's the trailer of you have not watched it. 

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