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What happens when you dine in at Manhattan Fish Market Malaysia after GST implementation?

Coming this 1 April 2015, GST = Government Service Tax will be implemented in Malaysia at a rate of 6%. Which means you will need to pay more or less to your bill depends on the types of products which you purchase.

I'm sure many people are confused or worry about how GST will affects their existing lifestyle and purchasing power. Are you afraid that you will need to pay a lot more for your bills?

No worries!!! 

The Manhattan Fish Market Malaysia is here to provide you with a detailed guide on the impact of GST towards the total bill payable when you dine in at their restaurant after 1 April 2015. 

This useful guide can be found on their bookmark which will be distributed at all The Manhattan Fish Market outlets in Malaysia starting next week. I'm very excited to share with you the information printed on this little and essential bookmark! Below is the information that can erase your worries when you indulge your classic fish and chips at The Manhattan Fish Market:

From the information on the bookmark, before GST (which is now) you are paying 10% Service Charge + 6% Government Tax. Which means your total bill is calculated as:

Total food prices + 10% service charge + (6% x total food prices)

Then, with the implementation of GST; your total bill is calculated as:

Total food prices + 10% service charge + [6% x (Total food prices + 10% service charge)]

Confused with the numbers and calculation formulas above? I've prepared an example below to explain to your further.

Example 1: 

Let say you dine in at The Manhattan Fish Market on 5 April 2015 (when GST has been enforced) with a friend or a partner. You probably order your usual classic fish and chips made from Dory fish and your other half order a Scallop Americana pasta. You probably have too much tea or coffee before your meal that you did not order any drinks. The total cost of fish and chips and pasta comes to RM38.90 and 10% service charge = RM3.89. Then, you need to add this 6% GST to your bill and it is calculated as [6% x (RM38.90 + RM3.89)]. Therefore, you will need to add RM2.567 to your bill which means in total, you need to pay RM45.36. 

Compare to your bill if you dine in before 1 April 2015, you only need to pay RM45.12 for the same order. This means that when GST is implemented, you need to pay an extra of RM0.24 to the bill (based on the example 1 above).  

Need another example to make you understand fully? Here's Example No.2!

Example 2:

You planned to have dinner with your family after a fun day out and decided to dine in at The Manhattan Fish Market! (Based on the assumption you dine in on or after 1 April 2015) For a family of four (2 Adult and 2 kids), you probably order the Flaming Seafood Platter to share as it comes with a complete choices of flaming prawns, crispy hand-battered fish fillet, oyster as well as the calamari which your child wanted. The platter gives you all the protein which your body needed and you will probably balance your meal with a plate of Caesar Salad with Whitebait. Fresh and leafy vegetables, hard-boiled eggs and little crunchy whitebait fish gives you a break and refresh your taste bud from the hot flaming platter. You will probably order add on a soup of the day or a glass of drink to share. All these comes to a total of RM83.90 with a 10% service charge of RM8.39. The 6% GST which you need to pay for this meal is 6% x (RM83.90 + RM8.39) which is RM5.54. Therefore, your grand total bill comes to RM97.83.

Compared to if you dine in before 1 April and ordered the same food, you total bill comes to RM97.32. Thus, you pay an extra of RM0.51 to your bill above after GST.

Note: Prices of these food products are based on menu prices given at Manhattan Fish Market website as of 22 March 2015. 

After comparing the bill amount above, I think the difference in total bill amount before and after GST is not a lot. Even with a RM97+ bill, you only need to fork out an extra RM0.51. You can still afford to eat at The Manhattan Fish Market after GST is implemented. This extra RM0.51 could be less than 1% of your wallet size.

Alright, I'm sure you want back some extra value for forking out these extra cents from your pocket.
Do drop by your nearest The Manhattan Fish Market outlet to collect a copy of this useful bookmark because it comes with some hard-to-resist vouchers at the back! There's 5 different vouchers available and be sure to redeem them before the stated expiry dates. (Now, these vouchers are worth more than those extra cents which you need to pay :P )

For pasta lovers, you need to grab a hold of this bookmark because there's a All You Can Eat PASTA voucher available on this bookmark! With this unlimited pasta deal voucher, you only need to pay RM24.90 ++/pax to enjoy all types of pasta available on The Manhattan Fish Market's menu!

Thanks The Manhattan Fish Market Malaysia for the detailed explanation, I can now dine in at their restaurant without worry even after GST is implemented!

For more information on The Manhattan Fish Market's latest promotion, do visit their website or follow their Facebook page them at The Manhattan Fish Market.  You too can follow their Instagram account at #MFMmy and be prepared to feast thousands of yummylicious food pictures.

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