Friday, March 13, 2015

Special Dessert at Nosh, Bangsar

 Last month, we had tried one of the limited time dessert at Nosh, Bangsar in conjunction with Valentine's Day. After trying one of their special dessert last time, we dream of munching them in our mouth again. And we made it a point to try some other desserts on their limited time Valentine's Day Special Dessert list before it's gone.

Yesterday, we purposely had a light dinner so that we will have enough stomach space to fill these delicious looking dessert. The last time (read here if you have not), we had 'L.O.V.E' and we try not to order it as again as much as we wanted to.

Before we begin our sea of love, we had some fresh juices to cool ourselves down. Again, we had this Fresh Strawberry Juice, RM9.90 and it's absolutely perfect as a starter. The sweet and sour liquid of berries fly us to the berryland in seconds.

Strawberry Juice, RM9.90

Since we were going to have some sugar-rush with the desserts, this Detox Juice, RM12 balances our calories intake for the night. There's some celery, cucumber and other vegetables in it. Going Green!

Detox Juice, RM12

We ordered 3 types of dessert from the special order list. In fact, there's 4 types that we have not try but we have limited stomach space :( You can't go wrong with chocolate - good quality chocolate. Amour, RM21 features a really rich chocolate tart topped with some ganache and lying on a superb crispy cookie base. It's a rich dark chocolate thing and one scope of this really gives you the kick. There's some really sour red berries by the side to gives extra kick when you have them together. The strawberry and blueberries can sweeten back your world at the end of it. 

Then, we fly to Japan to indulge this Ai, RM16 which is a green tea cake with layers of azuki mousse between it. The cake is perfect, not too sweet - just right and the texture is soft and bouncy. There's a huge scope of orange mousse on top of the cake with some crispy wafers as presentation. I love pairing the orange mousse with the cake as the citrus taste does compliments the tea taste of the cake. And you will see these little heart shapes formed by Strawberry and Vanilla sauce on the plate as decorations. Do dash your cake into these little sauce because they are a match in heaven

Now, you're back in Malaysia with this Cinta, RM18 which is a fragrant durian cheesecake paired with black pepper crumble. The cake is definitely rich with durian pulp as if I'm licking a real durian fruit on my hand. There's more durian pulp than the cheese taste in the cake that makes it so intense. I'm really impressed with the mild fiery black pepper crumble as this little fire bakes the cake to another level. It was really good!

After finishing these 3 amazing desserts, we were really full and satisfied. We also want to try the Ti Amo too which is a creamy baked custard pudding but we really can't eat anymore. Hope that Nosh will features these dessert again in future.

This Special Valentine's Day Dessert is available till 15 March 2015 (Sunday). Thus, you still have tomorrow and Sunday - 2 days more to indulge these amazing desserts. Wait no more!

7, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, 59100,
Kuala Lumpur. 

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