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Nuffnang Premiere Screening: Chappie

Another new movie featuring story about robots opens in local cinema on 5 March 2015.

It's no other than Chappie!

Source: Nuffnang

Thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia and Sony Pictures Malaysia, Jason and I was able to watch the Premiere Screening of Chappie recently at GSC 1 Utama.

And got this Chappie lanyard from Nuffnang too!

Complete with Chappie's sketches especially this family portrait

This movie is about the life of Chappie, a robot who have feelings and can think by its own.

This movie is set in the year 2016 (it's not real- just a movie okie) at Johannesburg's city where police uses droids or also known as scouts to maintain peace in the city. With the use of these robotic police, the crime rate decreases and law & order is being maintained well in the city. This is because; nothing can stop these robotic police from capturing the criminals - they can't be destroyed.

These robots is manufactured by a company who supplies them to the police force. And the idea of this design of scouts come from Deon Wilson, the maker of scouts and is also a scientists who works for this company. Despite the huge success of these scouts, Deon is still trying very hard to achieve his great vision - a robot who can think by its own.

The good news is that he got the right formula and found the answer. But he needs to test it on the robots first. His request to use one of the scouts to test was denied by the company as the current scouts business is doing so well. Thus, he stole the scout No.22 which was arranged to be destroyed as it's already broken.

But there's a group of gangster who was trying to capture him at the same time - to made him turn off the robots so that they can do their crime in the city. He was captured by these gangster while he tries to drove off with scout No.22 from the factory. Instead of the plan of making him switching off the robots in town, they made him turned on the No.22 instead with his new formula - to made the robot to help them to steal.

That's how Chappie came to life! Chappie is just like any new born and does not knows anything - he needs to be taught and guide. There's this scene below where Chappie was scared of this liquid thing he pours out from a box. It's actually milk :)

The gangster wanted Chappie to know the 'real life' and left him outside with the other gangster who hates those scouts. He was badly punched, kicked and tortured by them. Although he's just a robot, he has feelings like humans and it's sad to see him crying 'No', 'Please don't this to me' and 'I want to go home' while he was being tortured. I can't stand looking at Chappie being tortured :(

Chappie ran away and met this street dog. You can see how Chappie behaves like a human here. While he was here, he was once again being tortured by Deon's colleague; Vincent Moore who is jealous of Deon's success.

Chappie makes it back home and he was cleaned by Yolandi who Chappie refers as mummy in this movie. Deon continues to teach Chappie and it's amazing that Chappie managed to paint a car portrait when Deon just teach him to paint a few simple stroke.

The gangster continue to teach Chappie bad things to make Chappie part of them.

Chappie did helped them to steal after they lied to him that the money can get Chappie a new body as his fixed battery is running out. Once again, it's sad to see Chappie's hope to get a new body crushed after he knows the truth that there is no new body.

Vincent made a mess with the police robotic system and all the police robots are down. Vincent made the blame on Deon and a green light was given to him to use his robot creation - The Moose to destroy Chappie.

With Chappie's intelligent, Moose was destroyed. However, Deon was stabbed and Chappie's battery is running out. The ending is a bit sucks as it does not how what happen to both of them after they are being transferred to a new body. Yes, Chappie manages to transfer Deon's consciousness into a new robot !

There's a lot of action scene throughout the movie and this is just a summary of the movie. You'll need to watch the movie to know more! Catch Chappie in your nearest local cinema today!

Oh, watch this interesting scene where Chappie is taught to fight like a gangster:

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