Sunday, March 01, 2015

Taiwan 2014: Day 4 - Dazzling Cafe + Ah Chung Flour Rice Noodle and Prince Cheese Potato, Ximending

 After our day trip to Yehliu, Jiu Fen and Shi Fen, our driver dropped us at Hotel Puri Ximending, our accommodation for the night. This hotel is located along one of the smaller lane at Ximending and it's not accessible by car. We got off at the main road and walk to the hotel lobby. The room is quite clean and nice. We stayed here for one night because the hotel we wanted to stay is not available then.

Without further delay, we headed to Dazzling Cafe Pink which is famous for their honey toast. There's actually a lot of branches in the city but the Pink one is accessible by MRT. You can drop off at Zhongxiao Dunhua station and head towards exit No.1. It's less than 5 minutes walk to the cafe. Do make a booking if you are planning to dine here as it's always full house. We were lucky to find a place as it was off-peak hours. I've heard that all customers need to order a drink to dine in here; but we only ordered one drink to share-probably that happens when the cafe is full? Not so sure about it. The prices of food and drinks are pricy here but you gonna try their legendary toast at least once :p

 We shared a glass of fresh juice. It was refreshing but it's double what you paid for one in a high-class restaurant in KL.

 And this is their legendary honey toast. We chose the one with Strawberry theme and if you don't fancy Strawberry, there's actually a list of choices to choose from. Besides honey toast, there's a variety of dessert as well as hot mains too. 

Once your toast is served, the staff will give you a few minutes to take your lovely photographs to feed your your social media account as well as selfie with it.

It's actually a bit awkward to selfie with this lovely thing when there's someone waiting beside the table. 

After you're done satisfying your photography moment, the staff will bring the toast back to the kitchen and slice it so that you can eat it. And here's the yummylicious mess handed back to you.

The toast is absolutely delicious with lots of cream, Strawberry sauce, ice-cream and the toast is different too. Their toast is special that I feel like I'[m eating a bread-cake rather than a toast.
Strawberry Lover Honey Toast, NT220
One honey toast and a glass of juice costs NT451 (approx RM51) which is very pricy! But the toast is delicious. :) Do visit their site to know more about their other outlets as well as the menu. Or follow their FB to receive updates on their monthly special.

Then, it was time to go back to Ximending for some street-snack. First one on the list is the famous Ah-Chung Rice Noodle (Mee Sua). Delicious mee sua with pig intestine and some Chinese parsley. You'll see a long queue at the shop but the line moves very fast. Basically, there's no table and chairs for you to sit. Everyone just stand outside the shop and munch their way through.

Do also try the White Bitter Guard Juice in Ximending. It's not bitter at all and it's refreshing unlike the bitter gourd sold here in Malaysia. 

I've noticed that they also sell the seed to plant these white bitter gourd but not sure whether they can grow under Malaysia's weather. Perhaps I should buy some on my next trip. 

And also do try the Price Cheese Potatoes! A huge potato coated with bread crumbs and fried to perfection, topped with goovy cheese sauce and topping of your choice. We had hams ad sweet corns!

There's a lot of street-food in Ximending. You just need to walk around the area to explore them! Don't worry about getting lost as people there are very friendly to guide you if you're lost.

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