Sunday, July 27, 2014

Oh Scooter Cafe, USJ 21

Have you seen videos of people pouring coffee on a cotton candy (which is sitting on a cup) on Instagram lately? If you are wondering that's the hype about, go try it for yourself at Oh Scooter Cafe situated in USJ 21, Subang Jaya.

If you are traveling to this cafe at night, don't be surprise that you'll see all the other shops near this cafe are closed and it's quite dark. But you'll notice the bright sign board of this Oh Scooter Cafe lighting up your journey while hunting this cafe down along the closed and dark shop lot.

Cute scooters are displayed at the entrance of the cafe.

You can enjoy your own me-time here while sipping a cup of good coffee accompanying by delicious homemade cakes. The environment is perfect for reading, friends gathering or simply enjoying a cup of good coffee in the evening.

What you have seen in the videos is this Signature Coffee by Oh Scooter Cafe. Priced at RM11.90, it comes with a stick of puffy cotton candy (it's white :P ), a tiny cup of thick coffee liqueur and a cup of hot milk sitting on a wooden tray; just like what you can see below:

Signature Coffee; RM11.90

 Wondering what to do with it when you are handed this tray by the staff? Kids party? A 3-course meal? Play masak-masak? Scissors-paper-stone? Well, the cotton candy acts as the sugar part in your coffee which will goes well with the hot milk. Here's how to transform this try into your perfect cup of coffee.

Firstly, choose your sugar level. If you prefer your coffee to be bitter, put some or half or less than half of the cotton candy on your cup of hot milk. Well, I just dump the whole cotton candy on top of the hot milk. Next, grab your coffee and pour on the cotton candy by going round-and-round the cotton candy like this:

Then, watch how your cotton candy melted into your delicious cup of coffee.

It's melting :)

When your coffee is almost finished, it looks like this:

See the small little brown bubbles formed through the marriage between coffee and sugar.

Stir your coffee and have a cuppa!

You'll feel proud as if you made this awesome cup of coffee. Or as if you have just finished perform a magic trick or performance. "Applause"!!!!

Let's not forget that this cafe serves some delicious homemade cakes too. There were about 8 choices of desserts to choose from when we were there.

Love crepe cake? Love colourful things? Fans of a rainbow? You'll love this! Rainbow crepe cake. It's soft,creamy and delicious and the look of the cake is enough to make you dream. The soft tone of pink on the white cream forms a dreamy pink cloud above the rainbow. 

Rainbow cake; RM13.90

You'll never go wrong with chocolate. And the infusion of chocolate with salted caramel has always been the perfect match.The extra piece of Hershey chocolate on top of the cake gives an extra credit point :)

Salted Caramel Chocolate cake; RM13.90

Love the cakes. Might not try the Signature Coffee next round though because main point for me to order this is the "fun" in playing with the cotton candy. Well, it's a good concept though!

Oh Scooter Cafe
49, Jalan USJ21/10
47630 Subang Jaya

Friday, July 04, 2014

Taiwan 2014 Day 1: Alishan Part 2 - Night view of Alishan

During winter and spring, sunsets at around 5 or 6pm in the evening. As Alishan is located high up on the mountain, there are not many activities that we can do after the sky turns dark. And people living there tend to sleep early and wakes up early. Quite a healthy lifestyle huh.

After our dinner at the restaurant in Alishan, we got nothing much to do since all the shops were closed and we walked back to our hotel then. Before we start our walking journey under the cold air; we managed to explore the night scene there in Alishan.

The winding road up in Alishan

Here's the car park where all the restaurants and shops are located. And this is the area where our driver will need to drop us and our hotel shuttle will fetch us. 

Spot the restaurant with the orange billboard (right beside the red billboard). That's where we had our dinner.

If you are afraid that you might need to grab a supper and there's no place to do so in Alishan; fret not as there's a 7-11 shop there. 7-11 in Taiwan sells a wide range of food that you can have your dinner there too. The 7-11 in Alishan is located at this parking lot area. You can spot the 7-11 shop easily.
You can also purchase bus tickets from this counter at 7-11 in Alishan. From the signboard, saw that you can get to Sun Moon Lake or to HSR or to Taipei. Do check their daily schedule once you're in Alishan as they have limited trips per day.

Spotted this fluffy doggie outside the 7-11. It's actually quite huge in terms of size with thick fur. Do their owners trim their fur in summer? With this thick fur; they will be having sauna in summer :P

Okies. It's spring time in Taiwan and of course there's cherry blossoms aka sakura. In Alishan; the citizens call them wild cherry blossoms. Spotted this mini batch of wild cherry blossom outside the 7-11.
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Pretty flowers.

Love this pinky cherry blossom!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Bazaar Ramadhan Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI)

It's time of the year again where Bazaar Ramadhan will be set up in various locations across the country. And this is also the season for us to have a bite on the infamous ayam percik, ayam tempayan, popiah basah, roti john and etc. These food bazaar will be set up from around 4.30pm or in some area at 5pm. The whole area will be closed by around 7.30 to 8pm depending on  locations.

The nearest bazaar ramadhan to my area now is located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI). The bazaar is located at Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2 or 3. If you are lost, look for McDonalds outlet in TTDI; the bazaar is around 2 minutes walking distance from the MCD. Or if you are familiar with the infamous Yong Len coffee shop in TTDI, it's very near this coffeeshop.

It was raining heavily when we reach the bazaar ramadhan. Despite the rain, the bazaar was packed with people busy selecting and buying their dinner. We were there at about 6 something in the evening and managed to park our car at the open air carpark located right next to the bazaar.

Without further delay, we began our exciting journey admiring the different types of food offered under our giant umbrella.  It's hard to walk with your umbrella when the area is pack with people because everyone's umbrella seems to be knocking against each other.

Among the food that we saw was the infamous ayam percik, ayam madu, ayam tempayan, popiah, murtabak, freshly made roti jala, the common Malay style mixed rice, keropok lekor, kuih-muih, cempedak goreng, kebab,roti john, etcccc. We were even surprised to see stalls selling  tau fu fah, yong tao fu, cooked steamboat ingredients, catering style curry with freshly made chapatti (probably this stall comes from a restaurant due to the way the food is display-using expensive display set and the dress code of the seller) and much more. If you are looking for Malay stall meat floss, there's a few stalls selling meat, seafood and chicken floss. There's a few stalls selling Raya stuff and cookies too.

It takes about 20 minutes to walk the entire bazaar if you would like to examine what each stall is selling. Basically, some of the stalls sells the same types of food. Advice to walk the whole bazaar before you start your food shopping. Do determine which stall you would like to purchase from after comparing as there maybe 5 or 6 stalls selling the same item.

Here's the result of our food shopping at Bazaar Ramadhan TTDI.

On the top of the list is this ayam percik. You can smell its fragrant from far ;)
Ayam Percik; RM6 each

My all time favourite nasi kerabu. However, this one lacks of the bunga kantan taste. Shall try another stall next time.
Nasi Kerabu with salted egg; RM3

Boyfie must have from bazaar ramadhan; nasi tomato.
Nasi Tomato with ayam masak merah and acar; RM6

One of the famous popiah stall. You can notice that the queue is very long. Very crunchy indeed.
Popiah goreng; RM5

Freshly made roti jala. It's soft and taste good. I've also noticed that there's another stall selling roti jala and it comes with chicken curry and durian gravy too!
Roti Jala with chicken curry; RM3.50 for 5pcs

We bought the food and had our dinner in the car. Due to the traffic jam, we can't go anywhere and the food will be cold by the time we reach home.

And went for a second round of food shopping.

Went and try another stall of ayam percik. However, we still prefer the one we had earlier.
Ayam percik (round 2); RM4

Here's our dessert of the day. Saw a stall selling various types of pudding. 

This caramel pudding is too sweet and the texture not that smooth. I'm missing the caramel pudding in Ipoh.
Caramel pudding; RM3

This is good. Just nice. Not too sweet either.
Grapes pudding; RM3

That sums up our first bazaar ramadhan of the year ;)
I still miss the usual bazaar ramdhan that I usually went in PJS10 and SS18.

Will be hunting for more bazaar ramadhan soon.!