Sunday, July 27, 2014

Oh Scooter Cafe, USJ 21

Have you seen videos of people pouring coffee on a cotton candy (which is sitting on a cup) on Instagram lately? If you are wondering that's the hype about, go try it for yourself at Oh Scooter Cafe situated in USJ 21, Subang Jaya.

If you are traveling to this cafe at night, don't be surprise that you'll see all the other shops near this cafe are closed and it's quite dark. But you'll notice the bright sign board of this Oh Scooter Cafe lighting up your journey while hunting this cafe down along the closed and dark shop lot.

Cute scooters are displayed at the entrance of the cafe.

You can enjoy your own me-time here while sipping a cup of good coffee accompanying by delicious homemade cakes. The environment is perfect for reading, friends gathering or simply enjoying a cup of good coffee in the evening.

What you have seen in the videos is this Signature Coffee by Oh Scooter Cafe. Priced at RM11.90, it comes with a stick of puffy cotton candy (it's white :P ), a tiny cup of thick coffee liqueur and a cup of hot milk sitting on a wooden tray; just like what you can see below:

Signature Coffee; RM11.90

 Wondering what to do with it when you are handed this tray by the staff? Kids party? A 3-course meal? Play masak-masak? Scissors-paper-stone? Well, the cotton candy acts as the sugar part in your coffee which will goes well with the hot milk. Here's how to transform this try into your perfect cup of coffee.

Firstly, choose your sugar level. If you prefer your coffee to be bitter, put some or half or less than half of the cotton candy on your cup of hot milk. Well, I just dump the whole cotton candy on top of the hot milk. Next, grab your coffee and pour on the cotton candy by going round-and-round the cotton candy like this:

Then, watch how your cotton candy melted into your delicious cup of coffee.

It's melting :)

When your coffee is almost finished, it looks like this:

See the small little brown bubbles formed through the marriage between coffee and sugar.

Stir your coffee and have a cuppa!

You'll feel proud as if you made this awesome cup of coffee. Or as if you have just finished perform a magic trick or performance. "Applause"!!!!

Let's not forget that this cafe serves some delicious homemade cakes too. There were about 8 choices of desserts to choose from when we were there.

Love crepe cake? Love colourful things? Fans of a rainbow? You'll love this! Rainbow crepe cake. It's soft,creamy and delicious and the look of the cake is enough to make you dream. The soft tone of pink on the white cream forms a dreamy pink cloud above the rainbow. 

Rainbow cake; RM13.90

You'll never go wrong with chocolate. And the infusion of chocolate with salted caramel has always been the perfect match.The extra piece of Hershey chocolate on top of the cake gives an extra credit point :)

Salted Caramel Chocolate cake; RM13.90

Love the cakes. Might not try the Signature Coffee next round though because main point for me to order this is the "fun" in playing with the cotton candy. Well, it's a good concept though!

Oh Scooter Cafe
49, Jalan USJ21/10
47630 Subang Jaya

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