Friday, July 04, 2014

Taiwan 2014 Day 1: Alishan Part 2 - Night view of Alishan

During winter and spring, sunsets at around 5 or 6pm in the evening. As Alishan is located high up on the mountain, there are not many activities that we can do after the sky turns dark. And people living there tend to sleep early and wakes up early. Quite a healthy lifestyle huh.

After our dinner at the restaurant in Alishan, we got nothing much to do since all the shops were closed and we walked back to our hotel then. Before we start our walking journey under the cold air; we managed to explore the night scene there in Alishan.

The winding road up in Alishan

Here's the car park where all the restaurants and shops are located. And this is the area where our driver will need to drop us and our hotel shuttle will fetch us. 

Spot the restaurant with the orange billboard (right beside the red billboard). That's where we had our dinner.

If you are afraid that you might need to grab a supper and there's no place to do so in Alishan; fret not as there's a 7-11 shop there. 7-11 in Taiwan sells a wide range of food that you can have your dinner there too. The 7-11 in Alishan is located at this parking lot area. You can spot the 7-11 shop easily.
You can also purchase bus tickets from this counter at 7-11 in Alishan. From the signboard, saw that you can get to Sun Moon Lake or to HSR or to Taipei. Do check their daily schedule once you're in Alishan as they have limited trips per day.

Spotted this fluffy doggie outside the 7-11. It's actually quite huge in terms of size with thick fur. Do their owners trim their fur in summer? With this thick fur; they will be having sauna in summer :P

Okies. It's spring time in Taiwan and of course there's cherry blossoms aka sakura. In Alishan; the citizens call them wild cherry blossoms. Spotted this mini batch of wild cherry blossom outside the 7-11.
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Pretty flowers.

Love this pinky cherry blossom!!

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