Thursday, March 26, 2015

Affordable Canadian Lobster at only RM39.90/each at #MFMmy

Lobster and Seafood fanatics, I have a good news to share with you! You can now pay less than RM40 to have a taste of that juicy lobster which you wanted to try badly but did not due to its expensive market price. You don't have to burn a giant hole in your pocket to eat lobster anymore.

All you need to do is go to your nearest The Manhattan Fish Market outlet in Malaysia simply because they are introducing the new Canadian Lobster dish at RM39.90/each starting from this week for a limited time only. The market price for this Canadian Lobster is at RM59.90/each and they are selling to you at a lower than market price.

 For only RM39.90, you will get a big and juicy lobster which is just right to fill up your stomach. There's 4 types of flaming sauce available for you to choose from which are Manhattan Flaming Sauce, Ebiko Flaming Sauce, Honey BBQ Flaming Sauce and Spicy Flaming Sauce. Why do we called it 'The Flaming Sauce'?

Here's the reason:
The sauce of your choice will be pour over the fresh lobster. Then, here comes the interesting part; the skillful staff will bring the sauce coated lobster and stand right beside your table. Then, you can watch the performance of having your lobster being cooked right in front of your eyes. The lobster will be torched gently and when you smell this rich and distinct aroma; it means your lobster dish is ready. The hot flame creates a magical chemistry between the rich sauce with the juicy meat.

     Here's what you will expect to see before and after the lobster is cooked.

Enjoy these interesting performance of your lobster being cooked right in front of your eyes. They might even inspire your curious kids to join the culinary world to be a great MasterChef.

This performance lasted for less than 5 minutes and your lobster is ready to be served. It comes with a wedge of lemon and some fresh vegetables to complete your nutrients intake. It is recommended to consume the lobster once it's cooked as it taste best when it's still hot. Thus, quickly snap all the selfies which you need and enjoy the lobster to the max.

Thanks to The Manhattan Fish Market Malaysia, I managed to have a taste of this succulent lobster meat last week. I absolutely love this Canadian Lobster dish because it taste so good that it erase all your worries in mind. You will give your full concentration towards the Mrs.Lobster right in front of you. The meat is full of  sweet juice and you will feel the meat bounce in between your teeth too. It has the so called 'taste of the sea' which means that it's fresh - unlike those frozen ones (frozen for ages) which you saw in the hypermarket once in a blue moon. A lobster which is not fresh does not have this crunchy feel when you bite it; instead the meat's texture looks mushy and easily turned into meat paste using a fork.

 We managed to try three types of sauces the other day and I love the Spicy Flaming Sauce the most. The mild spicy taste acts as great tool to open your appetite during the meal. If you look carefully at the flamed lobster below, you will see that each lobster is packed with yummylicious lobster roe ! Thanks Mrs.Lobster for the delicious delicacy.

Once you finished enjoying the lobster body, don't forget the big lobster claws connecting to the shell. There's juicy lobster meat hiding inside those hard to crack shells too. Just ask for one of those crab cracker tool from the staff to crack open the shell. You will be rewarded with more delicious lobster meat :)

I'm sure you rarely dine alone to enjoy this lobster feast but would want to enjoy the feast with your loved ones, family members or even friends. If you are dining in a group of 3 or 4 pax, I would recommend you to order the Canadian Lobster Platter instead of the ala-carte Lobster dish. The Canadian Lobster Platter is priced at only RM79.90 and will be enough to fill 3 to 4 hungry stomachs.

This Canadian Lobster Platter comes with a big Canadian Lobster, Fried Calamari, Fried Fish Fingers (you can satisfy your fish and chips cravings too), Mussels, Fries and Hot Veggies (broccoli and carrot) which lay on top of some herb rice.

You can enjoy the fantastic performance of the lobster being cooked right in front of your eyes too. This time - with your family and friends :)

Canadian Lobster Platter!

This is how the platter looks like before the lobster being flamed to perfection. 

Within 5 minutes, this is what your flamed lobster looks like! A perfect combination of the Ebiko Flaming Sauce with the lobster.

The sweet lobster meat goes well with the herb rice and perfect for a rice-tong like me! The hot veggies are there to balance back your meal. Your little ones will thank you for the Fried Calamari and Fish Fingers - and the fries too. With only RM79.90, you can bring a charming smile on your loved one's face.

What happens after GST? Can you still enjoy this Canadian Lobster?
Yes, I'm sure you do! After 1 April 2015, the ala-carte Canadian Lobster is priced at RM42.29/each while the Canadian Lobster Platter is priced at RM84.69. Even with GST implementation [which you can't avoid], the Canadian Lobster is still sold at lower than market price of RM59.90/each (based on before GST). Thus, the Canadian Lobster at The Manhattan Fish Market is the most amazing lobster deal which you can have.  p.s. I'm sure the Lobster market price will be increase too after GST.

Well, there's exactly 5 more days till GST implementation. Thus, do grab this golden opportunity to purchase the Canadian Lobster at only RM39.90/each or the Flaming Canadian Platter at RM79.90. Hurry up because it is a limited-time-offer promotion.

Well, this post is not a joke! If you don't believe it that Canadian Lobster is sold at RM39.90/each, head down to your nearest The Manhattan Fish Market outlet and witness it yourself! You will be greeted by these charming lobster displayed at the entrance. It's that big!

Oh wait, that is not the END! I've saved the best for the last :P

In conjunction with the Canadian Lobster promotion, The Manhattan Fish Market Malaysia is rewarding their loyal fans with a big gift. What's the big gift?

A Splendid Seafood Spread at The Manhattan Fish Market worth RM1,000

All you have to do is follow these easy steps below and be in the run to win this amazing prizes :
2. Guess the weight of the giant lobster in the poster. I've attached the poster below for your easy reference. You can get this poster in their Facebook page.

3. Type your answers in the comment box under the contest post.

Do remember to read the Terms & Conditions too!

Here's the poster:
Big Lobster Weight-Off Contest

This Big Lobster Weight-Off Contest ends 30 April 2015. Submit your entries today!

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What about that, some of your outlet serve the lobster with abdomen cut only. Is that fine to taste the lobster like that way. I mean they should flame stomach also.