Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Taiwan 2014: Day 6 - Rainbow Village, Taichung

How fast time flies! It was already our 5th day in Taiwan. On our 5th day, we went back to Taichung for a one day trip - to Xinshe District. Well, you might be wondering why we didn't went to Xinshe on our 2nd or 3rd day when we were in Cinjing. It was because the driver whom we wanted to engage with was fully booked the other day and thus; we only explored Xinshe on our 6th day. Another reason we booked our road trip to Xinshe with this driver was because he's a reliable and famous driver among tourists who went to Taichung.

Here's the driver's contact: 謝志明 ( You can e-mail him in English but he normally reply in Mandarin - do get someone who knows Mandarin to translate them to you or use Google translator!

We took the early High Speed Railway (HSR) from Taipei in the morning and it took about 57 minutes to reach HSR Taichung. There's a MOS Burger outlet in HSR Taichung where you can grab your breakfast there.

Our friendly driver fetched us from the HSR at 9am and our initial destinations for the day was to Carton King, Lavender Farm, Xin She Castle, Miyahara and buying famous suncakes. Thanks to the driver, he fetched us to more destinations that we initially agreed on :)

We went to Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村) which is situated about 10 minutes drive from the HSR station. Basically it's a small 'village' or row of small cottage house painted with colorful wall paintings and you can snap some picture there. There's a small souvenir booth selling postcards, keychains and etc. Your contribution in purchasing these products will help to generate funds to keep this village running. And there's no admission fee to enter the Rainbow Village.

And the residents of these little cottage still lives there in Rainbow Village. Thus, you might want to lower down your voices and only take your selfies with the exterior wall or paintings. Basically there's a history to these paintings and you can view more about it here.

Enjoy the view at Rainbow Village, Taichung...

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