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New Menu at The Manhattan Fish Market Malaysia

 Have you dine at The Manhattan Fish Market recently? Or when was the last time you had a meal there?
 If you have not been to The Manhattan Fish Market in the last few months, it's time to plan a date with your family or friends there.

I've been to The Manhattan Fish Market outlet in Nu Sentral recently and was surprised to find out that they had revamped their menu. Their new menu features more food choices to choose from compared to the old menu. I still remembered that I used to dine at The Manhattan Fish Market in Sunway Pyramid after class with my pig - rekindling the old days when we were still staying at Sunway area.

Let me bring you on a short tour to visit some of the new dishes in their new menu ...

Walking into The Manhattan Fish Market outlet, you'll be welcomed by the friendly staff who will then bring you to your table. Now, you'll be given this huge and glossy dictionary where you can find every single information that you need to plan your meal. This interesting dictionary have a wise title on it which spelled as 'THE GODFATHER OF ALL SEAFOOD'; yes, it's the cover page of The Manhattan Fish Market's new menu!

When I dine in at a restaurant/cafe/etc, the first thing I'll explore on their menu is the mains, then comes the sides and finally the drinks. Probably I have this weird habit of thinking what to eat first and then only decide on the drinks if the staff who took my order even bother asking whether do I need a drink ;p

But now, the new menu at The Manhattan Fish Market indeed caught my attention (p.s. their drinks menu is new too) and I flipped through their drinks menu - explored it with great details. The drinks menu cover below features this fresh Strawberry Juice which give me an impression that there's some healthy drink choices available ;) The reason I seldom order drinks when I dine in was because I rarely drink soft drinks and that fruit juices were not affordable - I can make them at home.

Their drinks menu offers a wide variety of refreshing drinks from Fruit juices, Mocktails, Smoothies, Teas, Chocolate/Coffee Drinks and many more. You can view their full drinks menu here.

After exploring their drinks menu, I've decided to have this new Melon Breeze, RM10.07 (GST included) where there's a mixture of strawberry, watermelon and lemon taste to give you a refreshing kick after spending a long day at work. It injects you with positive energy to keeps you awake and stress-free. Do mix well with the straw before you enjoy this drink!

Now, we've come to the start of the 'makan' session. You gotta try this new soup on their menu which is called Cream of Beetroot Soup! Don't be afraid after reading this 'Beetroot Soup' text. In fact, if you saw the picture of the delicious bowl of soup below without reading the soup name; it may looked like a combination of carrot+tomato soup to you. Trust me, this soup is delicious and healthy!!! It has a light pink shade which made me thought that it's a strawberry soup :) The soup is rich and creamy, with some soft chunks of vegetables (carrot/celery) in it. I would call it the Western style of beetroot soup and you can't taste any funny/weird beetroot taste which you would experience it if you ever had the Chinese style of home-cooked beetroot soup. Selling at only RM5.83 (GST included) for a Light size, this Beetroot Soup contains all the vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy.

Let's proceed to the Starters section and I'm very excited to introduce this Oyster Roulette, RM15.79 (GST included) to you. Why Roulette? Because you can challenge your meal partner to a mini dare game with this dish. This Oyster Roulette comes with 4 shots of fresh oyster filled with some signature spicy sauce. Out of the 4 shots, one of the shots contains an extra spicy sauce in it where you can still feel the burning sensation in your tongue even after you washed it with your drinks. So, who's up for this challenge?

We've climbing up to the Main Meals section now. For mains, you can choose the type of cooking style that you would like to have - be it Fried, Poached, Baked, Grilled or Flamed. 

Let's jump to the Fried section first. In this section, you'll meet the signature Manhattan Fish & Chips dish here. But I would love to recommend this new Fishy Chicky Bang Bang dish where you'll get to taste their signature Fish & Chips as well as satisfying your craving for poultry - delicious chicken breast meat. Priced at RM22.15 (GST included), it comes with a fried treasure box of dory fillet being happily married to the chicken breast meat with one thing in common between them - slightly melted cheddar cheese. Do feel their happiness by enjoying their offspring - an egg nestled on a bed of fried spaghetti with some crispy fries as the little one's companion. I truly enjoyed this matched pair who brought happiness in my mouth :p

Now, for some healthy options; do visit the Poached section where you'll be greeted by interesting personality such as Pepper Mayo Salmon Burger and so on. As for tonight, I'll skip this section and come back to this in future. Do click here for more details on this section. 

Baked Cheese Rice anyone? You are now entering the Baked section and be amazed to meet the almighty Mediterranean Baked Fish, Spicy Baked Fish and so on. I think it's quite hot in the oven now and shall return soon - with protective amours and possibly high-melting point sword. Meanwhile, do study the game guide here before entering the hot oven okays. Don't get burned!

Let's move on to the Grilled section now! I think you'll meet more unique options in this place. Let me enlighten you with this Salmon N' Mash, RM26.39 (GST included). A pretty block of grilled salmon with crispy texture on the outside and still juicy on the inside is patiently waiting for you on some perfectly mashed potatoes. You must not miss the black pepper gravy lying there on the plate. He will hate you for ignoring him because without him, the salmon and mash might not be interacting so well. There's some grilled vegetables too and this plate of grilled salmon just feel so HEALTHY! Rich in Omega 3 and you'll get your carbs, protein and greens all on one plate.

Did you smell the fragrant of some good food? Ah ha, the temperature is quite hot here and I saw some flames! It's the Flamed section and you'll see some handsome gentlemen torching the food before being served. Gotta enjoy this performance first and get your camera ready for the show. 

I think this is where I belong because I've found the one I love! I spend my hours longer here all because I've met this flaming Cheesy Baked Rice who is priced at only RM22.15 (GST included). This handsome dory fillet lay on a bed of coriander + rosemary herb rice and covered himself with some hot and melted cheese. You see, I love coriander and he's got a secret weapon to attract you; the signature spicy sauce which keeps you wanting for more. This spicy sauce goes well with the herb rice and the fillet that I would love to bring some home. In fact, this signature spicy sauce at The Manhattan Fish Market goes well with everything.

A meal is not complete without some sweet endings - that's always the case for me. Flipping through their menu, you can find some mouth-watering dessert such as Sizzling Brownie with Ice-Cream, Strawberry Flamin-Go, Super Fruit Crumble and others. To balance back the meal, I had some light dessert to end it. This new Icy Hot Fish Bananas, RM13.67 (GST included) brought me into a Zen mode of Yin and Yang. The hot and crispy banana fritters represents the Yang mode while the cold Vanilla Ice-cream gives you the Yin mode. When you have both of them in your mouth, you're in a perfect moment than ever.

Now, you've come to the end of the new menu tour. The next thing you need to do is walk to your nearest The Manhattan Fish Market outlet and witness these new dishes with your five senses. Do have a look at this map if you are having trouble locating your nearest outlet.

Do visit The Manhattan Fish Market Facebook page to know more about their latest news and promotions.

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