Sunday, April 26, 2015

Taiwan 2014: Day 6 - Carton King Creativity Park, Dakeng (紙箱王)

On our 6th day in Taiwan, we explored some photography destination in XinShe District,Taichung. Our driver brought us to Rainbow Village, Taichung as our first destination after we departed from Taichung HSR station. We only stopped for a while in Rainbow Village and continue to our next destination in our itinerary (first destination in my initial itinerary) - Carton King Creativity Park, Dakeng (紙箱王).

Carton King is a place where you can admire and take photographs with beautiful sculptures of animals, famous landmarks and buildings. It looks like an exhibition park with all these sculptures but one thing which make it different from a normal sculpture park is that all these sculptures in Carton King are made from PAPER; corrugated paper in precise. You might be asking this in your head: Most of these paper sculptures are displayed outdoor, so what happens when it rains? Don't worry, these PAPER sculptures will be be damage by rain because they have a water-proof layer to withstand the rain and even sun ;)

The admission fee into Carton King Creativity Park is NT200/adult and you will get a voucher which you can spend it in their souvenir shop or cafe.

Carton King has a few branches in Taiwan and we visited this one in Dakeng because it is the largest one among all their branches. The one which we saw in Cingjing (beside Small Swiss Garden) was a smaller one compared to this one in Dakeng.

There's no other better ways to express what we saw in Carton King Creativity Park, Daekang besides bombarding your screen with these pictures below. These pictures can give you an idea on what you can expect to see or selfie with at Carton King.

Welcome to Carton King!
You'll be greeted by some paper flowers which can turn when the wind blows.
Found a precious tree where its wood is famed for producing good quality incense.

You can pet some rabbits along the way.

Or feed some birds (or should I call them flamingos?)

Then, you'll come to this Carton King Zoo section where there are many different corrugated paper animal sculptures on display. You can finally touch these animals with your own hands - which you can't normally do in a zoo ;p

Hello deer.

My pig petted a lion there in Carton King Zoo.

A pig met another piglet.

Luckily this elephant is not spraying water at anyone.

Take as many selfies with these monkeys because they won't grab your sunglasses, handbags or anything in your pocket.

There's a post service inside the souvenir shop where you can send some postcard to your family and friends back home. We used our vouchers to buy some postcards and stamps. 

 You can purchase some paper sculptures from the shop and make your own display at home.

Then, you'll be heading towards the outdoor area which looks similar like Window of the World or a Miniature Park where famous landmarks displayed are minimize and you probably can hug the whole building and touch the building top due to its height.  


There's also a Bee Museum in this Carton King Creativity Park and you don't need to pay extra to enter this Bee Museum. You can see some bees buzzing in its nest and also purchase some honey products home.

Remember to purchase this signature Honey Ice-cream from the Bee Museum because it taste so good!

There's a lounge area for you to enjoy your ice-cream and you can see the whole Carton King sculpture park from there.

There's also a restaurant and coffee shop inside this creativity park too. The tables and chairs are all made of cardboard plus the food looks delicious too. But we didn't want to spend too long here as we have other destinations to go to.

One last look before we left Carton King Creativity Park, Dakeng :(

It was a great place for photography and you'll need more than 2 hours here if you would like to see everything in detail. I'm gonna be back next time to try the food in their restaurant. We hop into the car and proceed to our next destination.

Stay tune...

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