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Ramadhan Buffet 2015: Eccucino, Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur

It's about a month's time till the Bazaar Ramadhan Month :) I've always been waiting for some food shopping at Bazaar Ramadhan as well as enjoying some Buka Puasa Buffet at some selected restaurants.
I still remembered there was one year where we went for Buka Puasa Buffet once a week for that month. How time flies...

This year, I'm happy to be able to sample some Ramadhan delicacies way before the month starts. I was at Prince Court's Eccucino Restaurant Ramadhan Buffet Review Night a week back and I'm gonna share with you what's on their Buffet Menu this year ;)

Eccucino's theme for this Ramadhan Buffet is "Balik Kampung Fiesta" which features authentic and flavorful Malay cuisine from various Malay states. Malay cuisine uses lots of herbs and spices in its cooking and the chefs here at Eccucino take extra measure to ensure that the dishes are as satisfying as the home-cooked dishes from their states of origin.

Eccucino's Balik Kampung Fiesta Ramadhan Buffet consists of 9 sections all-together starting from various Appetizer selection till Desserts counter.

- Rojak Buah
-Kerabu Daging Kacang Botol
- Kerabu Lautan
- Kerabu Ayam Panggang
- Kerabu Telur Goreng
- Acar Mentah
- Ulam-ulaman 

For starter, you have a various types of light Malay style salad to choose from. You can't miss the fresh and healthy Ulam-ulaman where you mix your preferred choice of raw vegetables and dip them in some spicy sauce and paired it with some salted egg too - eat them raw :P

Eccucino offers 4 types of healthy Kerabu dishes which are Kerabu Daging Kacang Botol, Kerabu Lautan, Kerabu Ayam Panggang and Kerabu Telur Goreng. I love the Kerabu Lautan and Telur Goreng versions as I'm a seafood and egg lover myself. 

Kerabu Lautan with lots of juicy squid, prawns, mussels, onions and my favorite - bunga kantan. 

                                                            Kerabu Daging Kacang Botol

Kerabu Telur Goreng with chopped fried eggs and mixed with onions, chili and  secret ingredients. :)

Kerabu Ayam Panggang for the meat lovers.

Acar Mentah for acar lovers. This acar has a mild flavor compare to others and has more raw vegetables - not the kind of acar where the vegetable is over-drown in sauce.

Healthy salad to start the meal. 

Sup Kambing mamak

This peppery mutton soup is delicious! Your tongue will be fired with a very strong pepper taste and chunks of soft mutton in the soup adds to the omph of it.

-Ikan Siakap Goreng Acar Jambu
- Rendang Tok
- Ayam Panggang Madu Berbijian
- Oxtail Asam Pedas
- Kambing Vindaloo
- Udang Masak Tempoyak Petai 

For mains, I love the Kambing Vindaloo the most! The most and tender mutton cooked in dry curry style and the taste is just so good! I had a few rounds of this and can't get enough of it.

My preferred choice for mains - Kambing Vindaloo and I had it with some Saffron rice ;)

Oxtail Asam Pedas or known as Oxtail cooked with dry chili and tamarind gravy. Try this Malay style oxtail dish - something different from your normal oxtail soup. 

Ikan Siakap Goreng Acar Jambu also known as Deep Fried Sea Bass with Red Guava Salad. The crispy sea bass is deep fried and this guava salad paired well with the fish. The red guava salad is spicy with a little sourish taste and it's a pretty good appetizer. 

If the fish is too spicy for your liking, go for this Ayam Panggang Madu Berbijian or known as Roasted chicken with honey and sesame. The roasted chicken has a crispy skin and on the inside, the meat is just right. Recommend to eat this with some rendang sauce. 

A Ramadhan Buffet is not complete without the signature Rendang Tok or known as Braised Beef with local spice. Didn't taste this though but it should be good too.

Every festive, there must be a prawn dishes. You gotta try this Udang Masak Tempoyak Petai if you're a tempoyak lover! So what's tempoyak? Tempoyak is a traditional paste made from fermented durian pulp. Prawns with durian? A unique combination!

Live Carving Station
Nasi Mandy Arab bersama Kambing Panggang 

Also known as Saffron Rice with Roasted Lamb, the long grain rice is superb. I paired this saffron rice with my Kambing Vindaloo :) 

Live Noodle Station
-Laksa Utara
-Laksa Johor

Make your own laksa station with condiments of your choice. Simply select the type of noodles you would like to have and pick the condiments available. I love mine which has many condiments and egg! And the noodle's gravy or soup is rich in flavor too.

Live Local Grilled Seafood
- Grilled Seafood with Air Asam, Sambal Kicap , Cili and Soya sauce

Pick your own seafood - from prawns, fish slices and squid and the handsome chef will grilled it to perfection for you :)

Satay Station
- Chicken Satay
- Beef Satay

A Ramadhan buffet is not complete without some satay too. Dip your satay in the peanut sauce and paired it with onions and cucumber. 

Lemang and Ketupat Station
- Lemang
- Lemang Pulut Hitam
- Ketupat
- Serunding
- Sambal Ikan Bilis

Among all the choices of Lemang available, Lemang Pulut Hitam is something special that you need to try - it's not a lemang which is commonly available at other places. 

- Aneka malay Kueh
-Bubur Pulut Hitam
-Bubur Kacang Hijau Durian
- ABC and Cendol
- Tapai Ubi 
- Tapai Pulut
- Tempeyek
-Assorted Dodol 

Can you feel the Raya celebration mood now? They even have the Raya cookies and snacks at the Dessert counter. Grab a plate of these and chat all night long with your dining partners. 

Make your own ABC Ice-Kacang Station. Top your shaved ice with the below condiments :)

End your meal with some healthy fruits which provides vitamins and fibre to your body. 

And the chefs demonstrated how to cook Tempoyak Ikan Patin too which is a famous dish in Pahang. Can you smell the combination of fermented durian paste with fresh patin fish meat? hehe

This Balik Kampung Fiesta Ramadhan buffet is available from 18 June to 15 July 2015 from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. Priced at RM137.60 per Adult and child from 6-12 years old get 50% off (it's RM68.80). Another good news to share is that child below 6 years old can eat for FREE with every paying Adult. All these prices are inclusive of 10% service charge and 6% GST.

While dining at Eccucino, you will also be entertained by a traditional "Ghazal" band from Seri Mewah. The band consists of an accordion, acoustic guitar and "Gendang" (Percussion) that will perform three sessions of music that varies from Ghazal, Asli and Modern Music. The band plays from 7.00pm to 10.00pm daily during this Ramadhan buffet month.

Do follow The Prince Hotel & Residence KL to know more about their latest dining promotions.

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