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Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party 2015

Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party 2015; an awesome bloggers gathering event which was held yesterday evening at Opal Damansara Condo, Kota Damansara. Thanks Sidney Kan for organizing this fabulous event and I had a memorable time talking to all those famous bloggers!

 The event was held at the poolside of Opal Damansara Condo; bravo to Sidney Kan for securing this awesome place. If you look at the picture above, it does looks like a pool located inside a posh hotel in Klang Valley - which is why some people thought that the party is in a hotel itself :P The poolside looks posh, neat and everything just looks awesome - those trees, flowers and structure plays a big role in this. You'll never thought that this is a poolside inside a condo right? Yes, it is in Opal Damansara Condo.

I was there with my good friend; Jade and we arrived at about 3pm. We were quite worried because the sky was gloomy and once we entered the parking area, the sky had just fallen with strong wind and loud thunder.

Our brilliant Sidney Kan booked the common hall too and thus we were able to gather inside the hall till the rain stops. We were there early to help out with some party preparations - arranging all the tables and chairs and my favorite task of the day - pumping balloons with the machine. Finally, my practice of preparing balloons for events as part of my work is put to good use at this bloggers party. The balloons were sponsored by NY Steak Shack and I had a fun time preparing all these balloons with Miriam and fellow staffs from NY Steak Shack.

It's been a long time since I had a BBQ Party - the time was a year after we left high school? Oh my, I missed those times! Whenever we had a BBQ gathering with my high school friends back in the olden days; we are very excited on what prepare, where and FOOD! 

Yes, a BBQ party is not complete without some BBQ FOOD! I know it's tedious to prepare food for a BBQ meal. You gotta prep the ingredients and sauce, then marinate it for #%* hours before you can barbeque them. Now, you can have a BBQ gathering with your friends without the need to go through these tedious task. With Bakarlah BBQ & Rental, you can just invite your friends over and have a great time catching up with each other while your delicious barbeque food is being cooked by the experts.

Thanks to Bakarlah BBQ & Rental, we all had scrumptious barbecue food at the Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party 2015. Our food was marinated, barbecued and served by Bakarlah - we don't need to prepare them hours in advance :) There's awesome BBQ food such as lamb, beef, chicken, prawns, and fresh fish fillets. And the best thing? They even prepared the plates, cutlery, and sauce for you to dip your meat in it! This is what we call a full service!

Check out the chefs in action!

Say hi to these lambs!


Huge prawns on the grill. 

Food is served! It's makan time. 

And thanks GST Group Seafood Supply Rawang (Goh Siong Tee Seafood Supplies) for the fresh and delicious Norwegian mackerel to complete our BBQ experience. GST Group is a local based fresh seafood supply provider which is internationally recognized and has import and export trade globally. If you need some fresh and high quality seafood, you can contact their respective offices in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi. If you need some fresh seafood for festive dinner at home, events or even for business matter, their Klang Valley office is located in Rawang. For more info, click here.

Thanks GST Group for this beautiful mackerel and Bakarlah for cooking this mackerel to perfection. 

On another note, I love this small prawns from Bakarlah! I'm not sure what type of prawns are these but after they are grilled, their meat are bouncy and really tiny that I can't stop munching them. 

And also thanks NY Steak Shack Malaysia for bringing us these al dente Meatball Pasta - with lots of meatballs! Do visit their outlets in Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid and IOI city Mall! The serve delicious burgers, steaks, pasta, sizzling, and many more. And NY Steak Shack Malaysia even provide us with free flow of drinks too - PEPSI!

As for dessert, we had cheesecakes and mousse cakes courtesy of Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya. Thanks Eastin Hotel for giving us some sweet endings to our Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party 2015.

We love the CAKES!

This Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party 2015 is the most happening Poolside BBQ Party of the year because we had some awesome activities happening throughout the party. Most BBQ Party which we usually had only focuses on the food and some simple games or match but this Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party is entirely a different level of BBQ Party.

This is all because we had these awesome activities held at our Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party.

Oh yes! We had Zhung Heng and his team from Zung The Photoz to help us in capturing our precious moments at Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party! And we also had our individual special 'twilight' and 'black and white' portrait photoshoot courtesy of Zung The Photoz!!!

Zung is also known as the Ninja Photographer; is a globally well known photographer and had spend most of his time traveling around the world capturing beautiful and artistic moments in many people's life. Those in the high society and celebrities are familiar with his name; Zung as he had served many international clients. Among those in his international clients list are Dalai Lama, Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins and Andrea Bocelli. He is sought after for his artistic and creative approach to the art of photography. He had also did the 'Around The World' assignment where he had 6 assignments with 6 clients in 6 cities and 6 continents all in 6 weeks. That's so cool right. Read more about his feature in Malaysia Tatler too.

Checkout the awesome Zung The Photoz studio at our Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party 2015.

Here's Zung; the Ninja Photographer. (opps, sorry this picture is a bit blur :( with my tired face at the end of the party ;P )

Here's a preview on my 'twilight' moment. More pictures coming soon :)

We also have complimentary face painting service courtesy of Fannie Fan Art! She draws and paints beautiful motifs and flowers on your skin. If you need some face painting service, do contact Fannie Khiew yeah. She's very friendly and good with kids too.

Happy kid with Fannie!

We had many cheeky and cute children at our Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party 2015. There's a special activity just for these cute kids - Jewellery Making courtesy of Kelvin Gems and Elegant Jewellery Studio.The kids were given an opportunity to create their own handmade jewellery. Boxes of colourful beads in unique designs, colours and sizes were displayed on the table and they can choose their own gem stone for their jewellery. How I wish I'm still a kid as this activity looks interesting. 

Some of the beads - there's more!!!

It's time to pick your own gem stone, kid!

 A detailed mold from Kelvin Gems/Elegant Jewellery Studio on how to plan for your necklace design.

And we had some colourful balloons from Balloon Buzz USJ Taipan Branch too. We had fun taking pictures with these balloons!

Not only we we went home with joy, laughter and a bloated stomach, we also went home with a goodie bag on our hands. Thanks Shills, Hei Sushi and NY Steak Shack for the goodies in our goodie bag! 

This is an awesome Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party 2015. Thanks all the generous and supportive parties in making this party a success. 

And special thanks to Sidney Kan for organizing this gathering. 

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