Friday, May 29, 2015

Nuffnang Premiere Screening: Tomorrowland

School holidays starts tomorrow! If you haven't decide on your holiday plan yet, you gotta plan your time to watch this exciting movie during school holidays.

Tomorrowland is a place which exists in Disneyland Parks around the world. I've been to Tomorrowland in Hong Kong Disneyand and this particular city in the park features futuristic and modern kind of theme with structures, buildings, designs and rides to come under the theme of outer space, planet, spaceship, orbit, rocket and so on. If you had ever thought that this place might be a reality one fine day, your dream come true now.

This place comes alive at Tomorrowland [2015]; a movie released last week in major cinemas worldwide.

Tomorrowland the movie is directed and co-written by Brad Bird who is a famous director who had also directed classic animation such as The Incredibles, Ratatouille as well as Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Brad Bird had won many awards which includes a two-time Oscar® winner.

This movie's hero and heroin are Frank Walker (by George Clooney; an Academy Award® winner) and Casey Newton (by Britt Robertson).

Thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia and Walt Disney Studio Malaysia for the movie pass to Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Tomorrowland. My partner (pig) and I was able to watch this movie 2 days before it released!

Here's a brief storyline to keep you excited:
Casey found a silver pin in her belongings when she was released from the police station. When touched, Casey was magically brought into a whole new world called Tomorrowland and only she can see this magical place. Casey is curious and eager to know more about this place which leads her to Frank; a science genius who was kicked out from Tomorrowland. Together with the help of Athena (a robot recruiter), they enter Tomorrowland to save the world. It because the genius had created something that they should not create at Tomorrowland.
You gotta watch this movie to see how they changed the world and them forever.

I would like to say that this movie needs to be included in your must-watch list. There's a good flow and continuation of exciting parts throughout the movie. You can feel the excitement and have a good 2 hours of adventure in Tomorrowland, a place which only exits in real life Disneyland Parks.

What's this Tomorrowland all about? Tomorrowland is a place created by a group of bright and genius scientists in the past. An enigmatic place somewhere in time and space where they can conduct research to benefit mankind. It is a place which is free from natural disaster, political issues, environment factors and other factors which can interrupt their research. This place is like a modern science city with invention robots, flying machine (cars), high-speed train, high and long elevated highways as well as a perfect surrounding (without pollution and crystal clear water). I'm actually quite amazed by the artist impression of Tomorrowland. Would love to visit too if it really exists :)

Once Casey touched the pin, this is what she saw.

This is the future, Tomorrowland

This is a great trailer on 'What is Tomorrowland'

Another interesting thing you gotta see is where the three just-meet-good-friends launched an ancient rocket to Tomorrowland through the middle of the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower just splits into two to launch the rocket and move back to its original position again and it's witnessed by the whole nation on Earth. Great imagination. Eiffel Tower splits into two huh?

The most important element in this movie is all about hope, future and never give up! I've seen this element throughout the whole movie. First it was Frank when he was young, he was seen sneaking into Tomorrowland and launched his little Jet Pack Ride through the help of Athena to impress David Nix, leader of Tomorrowland to gain a pass there.

Watch young Frank with his Jet Pack Ride into Tomorrowland

And Casey is a bright and cheerful girl who see a hope in everything - a hope for the better future and constantly searching for a solution when things happen. You'll see some scene where she asked her lecturers for solutions on the climate change and other issues explained in her lecture class. She is one-of-her-kind and can you imagine asking your lecturer "What's the solution" or "What can we do to save this from happening" if you land on a Global Warming issue or probably World's Ending issue. Instead of sitting on the issue, she stands up and ready to change it. That's the spirit that we need in today's society! I totally love her never give up spirit. And most important part of the movie, she sees a hope, a FUTURE in Tomorrowland that enable them to save and changes the entire world.

You'll also be inspired by this 'A Tale of Two Wolves' tale told by Casey to her dad. So here, it goes...
There's two wolves which was fighting inside you. One named Evil who is full of anger, greed, jealousy and all the negative feelings. Another one named Love who has all the positive thoughts and feelings in him; loving, caring, empathy, kindness, etc. So which wolf will win? The answer to this is 'The one which you feed"! You gotta think positive and good things will come to you. Always have good and positive thoughts and you will succeed in everything you do. This is such a good tale to be incorporate into this movie. Bravo.

I really enjoyed this movie and it has lots of great elements in it. You might be a little confused at the starting of the movie due to the twisting of the story's timeline. It was talking about the past and then the movie's main storyline continues in the future. But overall it's a great movie.

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