Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dinner is served. from piggy

After having the sumptuous lunch at Retro Kitchen. We walked to Free Mori, a new bakery store which is the next hype among bread lovers. The original store is in SS2. The one which just opened in SS15 is only a branch. The one in SS2 offers more varieties of bread. The layout of store is super nice.

Have a feeling of walking along a row of shops in oversea.

Then, it started to rain and took a cab back home instead. Continue studying till around 4.30pm where we went down to Mid Valley for the launching of Forever 21 outlet there. Got this lucky draw. i got a 20% discount voucher while piggy got a towel which in the end is mine too. MUAhahhaha...

Forever 21 Mid Valley
Since there's too many people and don't feel like squeezing through for shopping. Went down to the Jusco supermarket to get some grocery to cook dinner. Now, can cook at piggy's place. He had moved to his new place since June with a larger room and house than the previous lousy hostel.

Piggy in action dealing with the belacan ubi kayu

The dinner is served. Belacan ubi kayu and braised soy-sauce chicken with mushroom, egg, brencurd and condiments.

That's not all. There's still dessert bought from Free Mori in the afternoon.

Panda Mousse

Comes with a cute little cup.
Have 3 layers with cake sponge at the bottom, some strawberry feeling in the middle and top with vanilla mousse.

Cute little panda
Chocolate creampuff.

Super bloated with the dinner. Gonna continue studying..


Jessica Lew said...

Hey there, this is just random and funny. I wanted to check out "free mori" and so I googled it and ur blogpost came up. When i clicked in, I scrolled down and saw myself in your picture! Lol... Was just working at forever 21 for a day for events :) that's me on the left. ANYWAY, such a small world and thanks for the post on free mori! It was good!

Jessica Lew said...

And I just realized I know you. Lol!

Pui San (1002W70195/ 110046791) said...

Jessica, hahaha... yup... what a small world..