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Fierce Curry House, Bangsar

TGIF! And I  toured my way into the world of Indian cuisine with my colleagues. Our destination? It's Fierce Curry House which is located at Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar. Fierce Curry House won the Best Indian Restaurant in TimeOut KL Food Awards 2013. This year, they were voted as one of the finalist for the Best Indian Restaurant category too (Oh, and the voting ends 31 Oct 2014).

Fierce Curry House is famous for their Hyderabad Dum Biryani and they have some special Biryani that you need to make reservation at least one day in advance. And that's what we jumped in for.

The restaurant is located on the quieter side of Bangsar and you can park your car at the lane right beside the restaurant (if you're lucky to get a parking slot). It's a corner shop btw. The shop is simple and you can see mirrors with lady wearing different types of traditional Indian clothing hanging on its wall (hm, didn't really touch whether it's hand-painted). The shop was basic with rustic feel.

Inspiration for your Bollywood attire?

The place where I indulged my biryani.

Beautiful painting and ship display on the right.

We were served "Rasam"  with plates-after-plates of Papadam when we arrived. Interesting appetizer that makes us munch non-stop. I think I ate more than half plate of Papadam as the waiter refilled our plate twice. Rasam is a type of South Indian soup where it's sour and I kinda love it;  it 'opens' your appetite and prepare you for the heavy biryani :)

Rasam drink


Here comes the menu. Love the menu cover that reads "Weight Loss Can Wait" (Oh yes, agree!!). Menu consists a variety of drink, the what they know best - Biryani, Banana Leaf Rice, Kati Rolls (wraps) and desserts.
Menu cover

Fierce Curry House Menu.

When you're dining in an Indian Restaurant, a Lassi drink is on the must-drink list. Lassi is a yogurt drink and you can choose its flavor from the types of fruits available on the menu. I had a honeydew lassi while most of my colleagues had mango lassi (recommended by the waiter). The honeydew lassi was ok; can taste the yogurt side of the drink (not too strong) and the honeydew juice. I think I'll prefer one with a stronger yogurt taste :P  The price for a lassi drink is between RM4 to RM7 depending on the type of fruits base or flavor you want.

Honeydew lassi, RM7

Mango lassi, RM7

We had made our reservation for the food two days earlier and the meal was served right after our drinks arrived. For 8 pax, we per-ordered 1x Lobster Biryani (for 4 pax), 1xLamb Shank Biryani (for 2 pax), 1xKing Prawn Biryani (for 1 pax) and 1xSquid Biryani (for 1 pax). The waiter push a food trolley out heading towards our table and our eyes were all on him. It was filled with stainless steel pots containing our biryani which was sealed with cooked flour dough.  

Gently, he removed the dough which sealed the pot and our noise were drowned with the strong smell of herbs. Fierce Curry House is famous for their Lobster Biryani. 
See how the friendly waiter unveiling the Lobster Biryani:

The lobster was hiding inside the pot of yellow yummy-licious biryani rice. They will need to remove the lobster from the pot to scope and serve us the biryani rice. Then, the lobster will swim back to the kitchen to be chopped so that we can divide and indulge it easily.

Found the lobster!

Here comes the lobster after the mini treasure hunt.

Thanks lobster for adding your aroma into the biryani rice. A huge lobster!

He helped us to divide the rice into plates and our chopped lobster was served. Initially we wanted to order some side vegetables to go with our biryani rice and they gladly provide us with some side vegetables dishes instead. They are part of the vegetarian banana leaf rice side dishes. They served us 5 types of different vegetables side dishes with 1 small plate of curry. The side dishes consist of spinach dish, common fried cabbage (mamak style), potatoes side dish and 2 plates of chopped cucumbers, onions and carrots where one of them were in yogurt-a-like sauce and the other one was marinated like acar. Among all, I love the spinach side dishes the most. Both the acar-like dishes were normal and taste pretty similar.

How's the lobster biryani? Well, the rice was good; the taste was not too strong. The lobster was ok when you eat the body part of it. But it's a bit dry when you munch its flesh from its huge claws. I think I still prefer the Chinese style of cooking lobster. hehe. It's just personal preference.

Lobster Biryani (for 4 pax), RM240.

Lovely side dishes.

We also ordered the Lamb Shank Biryani which was meant for 2pax. But the portion was huge and I think it can feed 4 adults due to the huge amount of rice. The biryani rice for the lamb shank is different from the lobster biryani rice. The biryani rice for the lamb was a bit salty and the rice comes in orange and yellow colours. There's a huge amount of cooked coriander with some other herbs on top of the rice when the pot lid was open. The waiter helped us to remove the lamb meat from the bone too :)  Some parts of the lamb shank was juicy but some part of the meat were hard and dry. Probably because the lamb was cooked together with the biryani rice in the pot? (You know, like our homemade chicken and rice cooked in rice cooker?) Just munch on the juicy one and forget about the dry ones.

Lamb Biryani (for 2 pax), RM80

Lamb-oh-lamb. Some were juicy but some were dried. But it's good that the juicy ones were more than the dry ones.

The orange + yellow biryani rice which was cooked together with the lamb shank. 

King Prawns Biryani (for 1pax) was served in an individual size stainless steel pot. Don't judge the book by its cover. The stainless steel pot may look small but when you pour the fillings of the pot onto a plate, it fills the whole plate like a mountain of rice and your stomach will not have space for others.

The King Prawns Biryani was topped with some herbs too. One bite of the rice and you can immediately that the chef cooked it with prawns. There were four pcs of prawns (not so big and not small either) swimming together with the rice. The shell was removed from the prawns and you don't need to dirty your hands dealing with its shell. It will be good if the prawns were a little bit crunchier (personal preference) but it was ok :) It's Indian cuisine after all and the cooking method is different. 

King Prawns Biryani (1pax), RM80

Four prawns that helped to make your biryani rice taste good!

The Squid Biryani was served in an individual size stainless steel pot too. Portion was big too and we were already knocked down by the heavy biryani rice. Price is affordable for the Squid Biryani and big chucks of squid can be seen.

Squid Biryani (1pax), RM20

Although we ordered the food based on the recommended portion, there were many leftovers. if you have 5 or 6 pax dining, recommend to order only 1 portion of Lobster Biryani (which was meant to feed 4pax) and order some side dishes and keep some stomach space for dessert.

Their dessert menu consist of roti desserts and ice-creams. Save the roti desserts for next round and had one of my favorite artisan ice-cream; The Last Polka. Yes! You can purchase The Last Polka ice-cream from Fierce Curry House too. Spot their ice-cream counter once you entered the shop.

This time, I had Brown Butter and Almonds. Definitely love it!I love their Deep dark Chocolate too. And their best seller is the Salted Gula Malacca where it tasted like you're eating a bowl of cendul.
Brown Butter and Almonds ice-cream, RM9.80


Dinner was awesome and might come back to try their banana leaf rice (love the spinach side dish). You can made a reservation online by emailing them at . If you have any inquiry, do drop a message on their FB page and they do respond quite fast! And they do accept credit cards :) Don't need to bring huge stack of cash if you are ordering their special biryani!
They do have a sister restaurant in Publika; Fiercer and the environment is more classy.

16, Jalan Kemuja, 
Bangsar Utama, 
59000 Kuala Lumpur.

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