Saturday, October 18, 2014

Taiwan 2014: Day 3 - Breakfast at Misty Villa

We woke up quite early on our day 3 in Taiwan. (View previous post here.) The night was extremely cold but thanks to the heated bed; I slept early and woke up early too. Breakfast (included in the room package) was served at the same area where we had our dinner.

The dining area was beautifully decorated with many soft toys, collectibles and also decorative display.  Just like what we have at our home; displays of photo frames filled with memorable photographs, collections of teddy bears, Doremon and other animal figures filled the entrance of the dining area.

Doremon and brown teddy spotted sitting comfortably on a shelf.

How I wish to have plenty of space to display my collectible treasure.
Some of the collectibles.

In Malaysia, we always see the "prosperous" porcelain cat on display. Here, the cats comes in various designs and sizes. And different facial expressions :0

Misty Villa has an open dining area surrounded by various plants and trees and fresh air!. It looks like your balcony but this is bigger in size and filled with tables and chairs. Having an afternoon tea here will be wonderful :)

The air was cold and the surrounding is misty that morning. Misty morning in Misty Villa!

Since it's spring, half of the balcony was surrounded by half-bloomed cherry blossoms. We came to Misty just at the right time. Unlike the cherry blossoms in Japan; those in Taiwan are smaller in size and they grew in smaller patches/groups on the trees. Thus, it doesn't look like a pink tree from far.

Cherry blossom plant

Happy pig with pink flowers.

This is how the flowers look like.

This is what it looks like from far. Looks more like a tree blown by strong wind with its leaves dropped and flowers halfway hanging. I did not know this is cherry blossom until I examined the flowers nearer. Do checkout the background of the tree, shows the thick mist that cover the surrounding that morning.

Back into the dining area, we had simple breakfast prepared by the owner. It might be a simple breakfast with limited choice compared to the common hotel breakfast; but it's enough to fill our stomach. It's a mini buffet style with food choices such as bread, cereals, porridge, eggs, hams, salads, juices, coffee & tea,  local vegetables, dips and pickles.

Porridge for breakfast anyone?

Bread on toast.

Food. More food.

Breakfast time.

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