Friday, October 03, 2014

Restaurant Busy Corner, Damansara Jaya

 It was Friday and unlike the usual Friday; I'm there in PJ that day. To spice up Friday night; went for dinner with my "boss" instead :P  Here we were at Restaurant Busy Corner in SS22, PJ  which is famous for their Claypot Chicken Rice! It's good to have a hot pipping pot of chicken rice on a cold and rainy night. It warms your day :) Along this street where this shop is located, it's full of cybercafes and quite quiet too; thus do be careful yeah if you are dining here.

There were not many people when we dine here around 8 something at night. But it takes a while for your meal to arrive because they only start to cook right after you ordered. Thus, no precooked or heated up claypot chicken rice!

There are a few types of claypot rice where you can go for the chicken, steak (beef) or prawns or even the traditional one with Chinese wax sausage. They are also famous for their double boiled soup which is rich in flavour. Here's the menu for your reference: 

Menu at Restaurant Busy Corner

The soup came first and I had this herbal chicken soup as my "drink". It's rich in flavour and the sweetness of the soup is good! It contains lots of red dates, wolfberry, yuk chuk, dried fig fruit (mou fah goh) and chicken feet. Good that they are very generous with their herbs but perhaps their chicken feet needs to be thoroughly selected because one of the chicken feet in my soup still have its "feet nail" not removed.  

Herbal Chicken Soup, RM5

My darling boss had her Groundnuts with chicken feet soup. It looks rich in flavour too and for chicken feet lovers, you'll get a pair of huge chicken feet with a few chunks of meat in the soup. 

Groundnut chicken soup, RM5

After a while, here's our claypot rice. This is the Thai Sauce Clayout Chicken Rice, RM7 for regular portion suitable for 1 pax. Once the rice is served, you can immediately smell the fragrant scent of marinated chicken still cooking in its hot pot. The thai sauce clayout chicken rice is good. Although it's called a thai sauce chicken; it's not spicy at all. Instead, there's a unique taste that will makes you eat few bowls of rice :P          I love the crunchiness of half cooked onions and spring onions which compliments the rice well.

Thai Sauce Claypot Chicken Rice, RM7

Next, we had this "Red Bean Sauce Claypot Chicken Rice" at RM7 per portion for regular size. When you read "red bean sauce" from the menu; you'll be like huh? You mean the red bean tong sui that red bean mixed with chicken? That was what I thought -,-''''   Okie. No! It's actually a sauce that contains fu yu; a type of Chinese fermented beancurd which is red in colour. Oh and do remember that "fu yu" is different from "nam yu" but both are also Chinese fermented beancurd but their taste are a bit different. The chicken in this claypot is marinated with a special sauce where it's a bit spicy ( can see some chilli in the sauce), salty and sour. Quite unique though but you can't taste the fu yu taste that much because you'll probably say it's spicy as the taste of chilli is quite overpowering. 

Red Sauce Claypot Chicken Rice, RM7

Overall, the chicken rice is good. Would like to come back next round to try the traditional claypot chicken rice with wax sausage. And more onions and spring onions! Oh and perhaps add an egg :) Price is affordable too where it's only RM12.30 per head for a claypot chicken rice, steamed soup and a packet of wet tissue. Oh, we didn't know about the RM0.30 wet tissue but it was put on our table when they brought us the cutlery. Perhaps you can inform them that you don't need the wet tissue when you dine in there?

They do have another branch in Sunway Mas Commercial Centre area according to the info behind the menu:

And if you would like to know about other places that serves good claypot chicken rice; Hungrygowhere had recently recommend some famous places to hunt it. Will find sometime to try them all!

Restaurant Busy Corner
83, Jalan SS22/11, 
Damansara Jaya, 
47400 Petaling Jaya, 

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