Saturday, September 27, 2014

1919 Restaurant , Jalan Medan Ipoh (Opposite Tesco Ipoh Garden)

There's tons of Chinese restaurant in Ipoh and was looking for something different for the family dinner. Went for Nyonya food this time at 1919 Restaurant. We seldom go out for family dinner because my aunt's house serves wonderful home cooked food everyday! That's the reason I'm back every weekend :)

 This 1919 Restaurant is located at the row of shops opposite Tesco Ipoh Garden. It's the corner shop and it's the same row as Fu Tien Vegetarian Restaurant. We made a reservation at 7.30pm and we had a little disappointment when we arrived. The table which was supposed to be reserved for us (8pax) was still occupied by the previous customers who dined in earlier. And the restaurant was full at that time thus we had no tables to sit! Well, we made a reservation and even booked the all the dishes too but we had to stand there staring at other customers while waiting for the previous (or any other tables) customers to complete their dining. This is not a good thing to start our dinner with because we only managed to get our seat at about 8pm (which we supposed to be home by 9pm). Well, it looks like "reservations" is not taken care well by them :(

We got a pot of tea served to us right after we got our table. Not bad this tea huh. 

 Then, all our dishes which we had ordered the day before arrived. Presentation of the food was ok and the taste is good too.

Fillet was removed from the fish and cooked with Thai styled sauce? Was too hungry to figured it out but it's a little bit spicy and sour. Sauce is good and it complements the rice well. The fish bone was deep fried to crispy and served as a decoration for the dish. 
Thai styled fish?

Oh, I love this! It's Salted Egg Chicken. Cubes of chicken was coated with strong salted egg batter and deep fried. Very well executed because you can taste the salted egg on the chicken. Most shops outside only contains a little salted egg taste. Bravo to this dish. 

Salted Egg Chicken

 Beancurd is a must have dish when dining in. Sorry for the blur pic because too excited to chop it down. This beancurd is unique (oh well, the name is unique beancurd) where the tofu is made in a shape of a pot and there's a little hole in the middle that contains cubes of prawns, asparagus, etcc.. Love this.

Antique beancurd.

 This is deep fried soft shell crab with thin and crispy shreds of egg. Love the crispy egg and there's curry leaves too. Double thumbs up.

Deep fried soft shell crab

Next is the deep fried yam ring stuffed with kerabu ( cucumbers, peanuts and young mango). The combination is fantastic. The heavy feel of yam paste is lighten by the sour and crunchy taste of cucumbers and young mango.

Deep fried yam ring with kerabu stuffing

 You must not missed this. Thin shreds of brinjal is coated with batter and deep fried to crunchy. Then, special spicy sauce is drizzled on top of the crunchy brinjal. A great appetizer!

Deep fried brinjal

Overall, food was good but it will be good if our reservation was appropriately taken care of. The bill was about RM280 for 8 of us with extra bowl of rice. Do note that all our food was in big portion. We had to chop these food down in less than an hour to be home at 9pm as we had some errands to run. These are their specialty and most are fried food :) If you prefer some dish with gravy or non-fried food; there's plenty of choice to choose from the menu. But it's good to indulge in these "fried" food once in a while. 

1919 Restaurant & Galley 
1, Jalan Medan Ipoh 6, 
Taman Ipoh Timur, 
31400 Ipoh, Perak

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