Saturday, November 15, 2014

Taiwan 2014: Day 3 - Pandas World Tour - Taipei City Hall

From our minsu (Misty Villa), we took the shuttle (booked in advance through minsu at NT450 per pax) to Taichung HSR. This shuttle will pick up guests from other minsu too before going downhill from Cingjing. If you're staying in Cingjing; do inquire for shuttle service back to town.

Throughout the whole journey, we slept soundly; tired from the walking and chasing sheep in the morning :)
Yeah, we were charging battery as our next destination was to head to Taipei!
From Taichung HSR, we took the high speed railway to Taipei. We spent about an hour in the train and there we were; landed in Taipei city. The HSR terminates at Taipei HSR station and this station serves as a connecting station or transportation hub just like our KL Sentral back in Malaysia. I find Taipei station quite confusing and we nearly got lost :(  with all the exits, underground mall, etcc. Stored our luggage in the locker (they have plenty of lockers and you can store your luggage overnight there too) and without wasting our precious time; we went for the "Pandas World Tour" exhibition.

Yes, we were so lucky that the exhibition was held in Taipei when we fly to Taiwan! This golden opportunity must not be wasted and we headed to Taipei City Hall for the exhibition. The exhibition was just outside the building from the Taipei City Hall MRT station.

The entrance to the Pandas World Tour - Taipei Exhibition was free of charge. It was drizzling when we reached there. Despite the rain, we continue walking towards the exhibition. These panda replica is made of paper and they were all covered with transparent plastic that time due to the rain. These little and cute pandas had traveled across 20 countries and Taiwan is one of their stop.

We managed to spend a couple of minutes there before the rain gets heavier but it was all worth it :)

We were there at Pandas World Tour in Taipei.

Giant panda!

Yay, we were there.. under the rain.

I think we were the only one without an umbrella :(

These cute pandas have shade but not us :P

Pandas World Exhibition at Taipei City Hall.

A visit to Taiwan is not complete without a snapshot with the infamous Taipei 101 tower. However, we did not went up the tower as it was very misty during the days we stayed in Taipei. Till next time then.

 with the infamous tower.

A great view!

This exhibition was held to create awareness in protecting the endangered species and the cute little pandas is designed by French artist Paulo Grangeon. I've seen the real panda in the zoo but seeing thousands of small panda replicas is a different experience. These little pandas had different pose reflecting our daily gesture or action. I've noticed one panda had a wooden hat on its head which makes as if the panda is on a sampan catching fishes :P

Little pandas!


"5 brothers/sisters"?

Sitting under the rain comfortably.

After the exhibition, we stopped by the food court at Eslite Spectrum for dinner. This food court is connected to the underground walkway of Taipei City Hall MRT exit. In fact, coming out from Taipei City Hall MRT, there's a lot of eateries and cafes along the walkway connecting to other malls nearby.

Since we were in Taiwan, of course we had Taiwanese food. The food is affordable and it taste good! Noticed that they gave us lots of vegetables no matter which set meal you order which is great!

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