Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nuffnang Premiere Screening: Big Hero 6

 Last week, I went for the premiere screening of the "Big Hero 6" movie thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia. it's been a long time since I've attend any premiere screening due to timing and location of the screening. But it's good that this screening was held at Paradigm Mall as pig is working there and thus he is able to attend the screening :)

Big Hero 6
Source: Nuffnang Malaysia

Ticket collection starts at about 8.30pm and luckily that I am able to arrive on time :P 

 We were told to post any pictures of us with Baymax or the movie poster on Instagram and we will get a mystery gift. This sounds fun! And here's pic with Baymax ;)

Guess what I got? Tada..! I receive this Baymax figurine and it's huge compare to those small and tiny figurine. Not a fan of figurine but I can always add this to my collectibles :)

Baymax figurine.

How's the movie?

I think the movie is good! If you have kids, do bring your kids to watch this movie and they will appreciate their siblings more or realize how much their older or younger siblings love them.

The story...

Basically, this movie is about the Hiro Hamada; a young boy who loves robot fighting. He has a genius brother named Tadashi who is a student in an academy specialized in inventing robots for the future to bring a better life to human being. And it is not easy to enter that academy where students need to impress the school directors with their inventions on an exhibition day. And boom, Hiro's mission is changed from robot fighting to getting a pass to enter the best of the best academy.

Oh well, did he get his pass to enroll? Of course, but sadly his beloved brother passed away in a fire when the exhibition was held :(  Yeah, of course he was sad and demotivated. But wait, here's only the start of the story. You will be able to watch Hiro grows up from being a demotivated kid to someone that can save the world.

Okie., So who's Baymax? Baymax is a nurse robot invented by Tadashi and when Tadashi is gone, Baymax accompanies Hiro all the way throughout his journey to save the world.

Baymax in his amour designed by Hiro.

This movie also teaches us that although the one you loved is gone forever; he or she will still be with you in your heart. Physically he is gone but mentally; he's there. This is shown by Baymax where he says Tadashi is in his memory (as in alive) although Hiro told him that Tadashi is gone..

And I love the part where Hiro puts his spirit together to solve the mystery and even get Tadashi's close friends to work together to save the world. Didn't thought that a young boy can be so brilliant that he created unique amour for Tadashi's friends. I think Fred's fire blowing dino amour is kinda kiddy but it suits his personality in the movie.

School holidays is around the corner. Grab your chance and treat you child with a Big Hero 6 movie! 

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