Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Taiwan 2014: Day 3 - Ferries Wheel at Miramar Entertainment Park

Continue from my previous Taiwan trip post, we went to Miramar Entertainment Park after dinner as we will be staying in Sato Castle hotel that night. This hotel is very near (within walking distance) from this Miramar Mall. Since the hotel check in time in at 9pm, we spend our remaining time exploring this mall.

To go to Miramar Entertainment Park/Mall, you should alight at Jianan Road Station. It's about 3 minutes walking distance from the MRT station. The reason I'm here at Miramar Entertainment Park is because of its infamous ferries wheels. I've ride many ferries wheels before but why is this particular one so special?
I've grown up watching Taiwanese drama and this mall with its iconic ferries wheel had been the shooting location of a lot of Taiwanese drama I've watched. Thus, I'm a bit excited that I'm finally marking my steps here after watching it on dramas for years.

One of the Taiwanese drama which uses this mall as part of the main location in the story is "Why Why Love" drama. I still remembered watching it about 6 or 7 years ago when I was in secondary school. Time passes... tremendously fast.

Here's a snapshot of the scene in Why Why love which shows the iconic Miramar Entertainment Park.

The iconic ferries wheel is located at the 5th floor of the mall and it's the highest floor there. At this floor, you'll find some restaurants, a arcade centre, merry go round and the ferries wheel. It costs N150 per pax (Adult) for a ride on weekdays. 

Got our tickets!

It was raining that night and the weather is cold. But we still dragged our feet here to ride the ferries wheel! It feels like I'm dreaming when I was there as I can't believe I'm finally there!

No, it's not a dream. I'm right here at the iconic ferries wheel.

So tall and lovely.

Can't wait to get to the top.

Pig is here on the iconic ferries wheel.

Here's some view from the top. You can see the surrounding buildings where there's lots of wedding couture outlets surrounding the area.
Our hotel of the night from the ferries wheel.

Oh, saw some motel too.

When you're at the top of the ferries wheel, smile and take pics!

Pig's hand is shaking and hence the snap twice pic :)

The ticket for the ferries wheel ride includes a free ride to the merry-go-round beside the ferries wheel. Since we still have time to spend, to the merry-go-round we hop.

There were not many people there and guess what, we were the only human being on the merry-go-round when the ride started turning round and round. haha.

Pig ridding a horse. :0

A special horse to hold my handbag :0

When we left, there were a couple taking wedding photograph at the ferries wheel and merry-go-round. Such as interesting scene to see :P

Bye ferries wheel. Til we meet again in future.

Bye ferries wheel and we checked in at Sato Castle Hotel for the night.

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