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Taiwan 2014: Day 3 - Sato Castle Hotel

After our ferries wheel ride at Miramar Entertainment Park, it's time to check-in for our accommodation for the night. Guess what, we will be staying at Sato Castle Hotel. Sato Castle Hotel is famous for their theme room and just like its competitors nearby; they do have this drive-thru feature where for those who have a car, you can just drive straight to your room entrance.

This hotel is within walking distance from the Miramar Entertainment Park. This is the view of the hotel from the mall.

It looks like a real castle from outside.

Behind me is where you can drive your car straight to your room's entrance.

Basically, there are three categories of room to choose from: "King, Queen and Castle". The difference is on the size of the room as well as the theme. If you prefer to go for a Cinderella theme room complete with the horse carriage decoration; it's the King room you'll need to go for. But the downside is that you can't choose the room's theme when you made the booking. Instead, you'll be given the theme based on the room availability when you check-in. Thus, we went for the most affordable category where it costs NT3000+ plus and there's lots of interesting fairy tale theme to choose from. Do note that the check-in time is at 9pm as during the day; this hotel offers hourly usage rate and also those who would like to do their wedding photoshoot in their unique theme room (sounds convenient as the whole street nearby are the wedding boutiques).

Check-in was convenient and fast but as we were not driving, we took the lift from the reception to the floor which our room is located. And from there, we need to drag our luggage to the room. Oh, their room card is unique too. We were at No. 201 and the theme is "One Thousand and One Night".

Room key :P

This is how the room entrance looks like.

Even their lift is beautifully decorated.

Here's what you can expect for this "One Thousand and One Night" theme. It looks like the Aladdin theme to me due to the blue and yellow colours.

With the fake flying carpet on the ceiling

A very elegant bedside table.

Here's another fun facts about the hotel room. In every room, there's a secret button which you need to search for. Each theme has a different effect. For ours, there's a giant Aladdin magic lamp look-a-like lamp which suppose to blow out some special effect like mist or smoke or something. But too bad that the wire and switch was not functioning.

And if you're those who need to munch something before you go to bed. There's a free mini-bar full of drinks and local chips for you to munch on.

The room looks pretty cool huh? Wait till you see the bathroom. The bathroom is crazily huge! As it's a theme room hotel, your bathroom amenities are all kept in a mini castle box :P  You can have your own whatever sauna. spa, bubble bath, etc here without paying the extra fees.

Spa anyone?

Check out the lovely bathroom amenities.

Even the lighting is so elegant.

Blue tiles surrounding the entire bathroom.

Check out the decorated treasure in the bathroom as their decorations.

Your child may have their dream come true to stay in a Disney-look-a-like theme room. Do keep the remote control in a safe place as you know most hotels here have channels unappropriated for kids. Unlike the surrounding accommodation which focuses on being a motel for couples; Sato Castle is different as it's suitable for families with kids due to the fairy tale theme room. You'll be surprised to know that most of their guests are family with kids. Saw that during the breakfast the next day. There's even a large group came with tour group. 

Do check out other cool themes like Spiderman, Christmas Nutcrackers, Phantom of the Opera, Popeye the Sailorman, and others.

Sato Castle Hotel
No. 75, Jingye 2nd Rd,
Zhongshan District, Taipei City,
Taiwan 10466

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