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Tino's Pizza Express, The Gardens Shopping Mall

Recently, there's a lot of new food outlets opening in Mid Valley/The Gardens (I feel la ok). One of these new eateries in this giant mall is Tino's Pizza Express. It's located at the Lower Ground Floor of The Gardens, the floor where all the food outlets are located in the mall. This is their second outlet and their first one is in Nexus Bangsar South.

This Tino's Pizza Express is one of the food outlet located in the middle of the food street. You can spot their shop easily or follow the mouthwatering pizza aroma. Their menu is written on the giant board hanging to the ceiling and spotted "We Serve Breakfast from 8am - 11am" daily. Pizza for breakfast anyone? You can have it here at Tino's Pizza.

Their menu is quite cute/funny. We were playing/flapping each other with the menu. It looks like a ball racket/mosquito racket/fan/bat/etc to us. hahha. Okie. Their menu takes it shape from the serving tray use to serve focaccia, sides and sweet crustar.

Cute menu shape

Their menu consist of pizza with a variety of toppings that are quite different from those famous chain of pizza shops. Wish to have an egg in the middle of the pizza? Yes, it's there. Feeling ducky? Quack quack quack.., have a duck pizza! Baaak... Meekk... the lamb pizza is calling you. Check out their pizza and sides choices below.

Besides pizza, you can go for Focaccia too. I'm attracted to their Salmon and akso shrimp focaccia! Okie. Next time. I shall chop the pizza first and keep focaccia for the next round. When you flip the cute menu to the back, you'll be like huh? Oh yes, there's pizza as dessert too which they call "Sweet Crustar". Pizza in the shape of star filled with all the dessert must have ingredients list; chocolate, bananas, berries, fruits, peanut butter, etc..  Our pretty waitress recommend that if we take the medium size of Pizza, we'll still have tummy space for either a Focaccia or a Sweet Crustar. Yay.

This is the medium size Fiorentina; RM21.90. The one where there's an egg (runny egg) in the middle of pizza. Everything with egg especially a runny yolk is good for me. Besides the crown of the pizza, there's also bacon ( I opt for chicken), spinach and melted cheese. The complete nutrients you need in a meal! Fiber, cabs and protein all in one. Having spinach with melted cheese on the pizza crust really makes a different to the usual Hawaiian or those filled with all the meats and cheese. You'll have yummy bacon dancing together with still-a-bit crunchy spinach dancing together with melted cheese in your mouth. a great combination. 
As for the pizza base and crust, it's crunchy on the outside of the crust while inside the thick crust; it's chewy! It's quite unique where I was telling pig that I feel like I'm eating an Italian (okie, it suppose to be Napoletana) roti canai topped with super yummy ingredients. Well, it doesn't taste like roti canai ok, it's better than our roti. But the chewy-ness of our roti and this super pizza crust is almost the same feeling. How do their crust be chewy inside but crispy outside? It's because their pizza is baked under an extremely high temperature of 500 Degree Celsius! I don't think my little oven at home can go up to 500 degree. hehe. So, we'll hop to Tino's Pizza for a chewy and crunchy pizza.

Fiorentina (medium), RM21.90

We also tried their sides and went for Tino's Club House; RM19.90 where you'll get to taste all their specialty on a platter. It comes with Tino's Wings (chicken wings), Dory Fish Fries (fried Dory fish sticks) and the highlight: PEANUT BUTTER fries. I love the Peanut butter fries the most. Crunchy and hot fries topped with peanut butter and peanut brittle. Probably I'll bring along my own peanut butter when I'm ordering any fries when I dine!

Tino's Club House, RM19.90
Peanut Butter Fries.
Tino's Wings.

Dory Fish Fries. 

And I also love the way they serve our food. As their table is small, you won't have table space to place all your food if you order a lot. Thus, they put a wire serving rack on top of your first course and your other food can be placed on the wire rack. Brilliant idea to make space for more food to be serve on the small table. Love it.

Great idea to serve food.

A meal is not complete without the sweet endings. Say bye to tarts, cakes and puddings. We had sweet based pizza here at Tino's Pizza Express. After our savoury pizza and sides, our plates were cleared and replaced with new ones. And here's our dessert pizza: Fruity Honey Pearl; RM16.90. It comes in a star shape pizza crust and the middle is filled with peach, apples, kiwi, pearls (yes, the pearls from bubble tea) and a few mint leaves. If you look closely, the apple slices is being put on top of the pizza dough first and followed by other fruits. The result? It's Awesome! The pizza base is chewy with a sweet side, you have baked apples and other juicy fruits (still fresh and juicy. Probably they were put on top after the pizza was baked) and also chewy pearls. Eat them together with a mint leave and the flavours gel perfectly. I'll ask for more mint leaves next time.

Great fillings to be put in a sweet pizza base.

Fruity Honey Pearl, RM16.90

Food is awesome. Definitely will visit again for salmon or lamb ones. hehe. And they also serve complimentary warm or iced water. :)

Note: 6% government tax applies (no service charge).

Tino's Pizza Express
Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens Shopping Mall
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200, Kuala Lumpur.

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