Sunday, April 06, 2014


Since we're in BU area, we had been going to this food court nearby where it's open till late night. We had usually bought food from the dim sum stall but tonight; we decided to try other stalls instead. 

Ding dong,

The food which was ordered 5 minutes ago had just been served on the table.

1. Paid for the bill.
2. Trying so hard to even have a taste of it.
3. Push and left the whole plate untouched.

 The End .

That was how I had my dinner/supper just now. If a food seller don't have the interest/motivation to serve customer delicious food; then it's best that they don't open a food stall. You might go out of business sooner or later. Yes, the food might be fully cooked and edible but the whole damn plate is horrible that I think my dog's food taste better. Imagine you are served with a plate of minced pork tofu rice where it was served on 2 paper plates stacking on top of each other (because one of the paper plate was immersed with gravy that it might tear off - that the seller put another paper plate underneath the 1st paper plate). To make things worst, the rice is cold and hard (it's leftover rice from the day before) where the gravy was barely hot with a few piece of pathetic tofu. It's not worth to pay 8 bucks for this rubbish. We can even cook a better version of this at home.

I'm more pissed off with the overall presentation and look of the meal. I even thought that it might be someone else's leftover food when the server was bringing it to our table. The gravy was obviously "dumped" on the cold rice as if the cook was forced to cook this dish.

Moral of the story: We will only visit one particular stall in this food court which we had been eating all these while. Will never eat any other stall in this food court anymore even it's FREE!

 The end.

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