Friday, April 18, 2014

Restoran Mei Loon Sing Kee, Sungai Way New Village

These days I'm craving for Chinese dishes rather than Western cuisine in shopping malls. Probably because my office is located in a mall and the daily lunch menu consist of shopping mall food. Pig is on leave these few days thus went to try quite a lot of shops these few days. 

I've heard that there are good Chinese restaurant in Sungai Way but I've never venture this area before. With the help of Waze, here I am in Sungai Way New Village. Was finding for a place to dine and stumbled across this Restoran Mei Loon Sing Kee where they are quite a number of people dining there at that time.

Parking was fuss free because they provide some parking area in front of the shop. There are no menu available and the waiter will read their dishes for you. Food came quite fast right after we ordered too which us good when your stomach is growling.

 It's dinner time.

Stirred fried "Cheng Long Choi", RM8
This is so - so only compared to the one I've try at those big restaurants. The dish came with green vegetables and garlic which is a bit not so appealing compared to the usual one I've eaten. This typical dish normally comes with tauge, thin sliced of salted fish and mixtures of many other vegetables in other places. Probably the owner put the same dish name but in actual fact; it's a different ingredient with the usual one?

Special Bean curd dish, RM12
Bean curd is a must have when dining at a Chinese restaurant :)  Overall, nothing special but they did claimed it's their special homemade bean curd. 

"Ham Dan Pai Kuat" or Salted Egg Pork Ribs, RM22
 I love this ! Fried boneless pork ribs coated with salted egg. However, the salted egg taste is not that strong. It would be better if they put more salted egg to the sauce or batter when frying the pork ribs. Perhaps anyone have a better place to recommend for this dish?

Dinner for 2 on pig's off day
It's my first time dining in Sungai Way New Village. For the price of RM44 for the 3 dishes above including 2 white rice, it's quite affordable. Do note that their drinks are order and paid separately from this tai chow stall.

Restoran Mei Loon Sing Kee
No.28, Jalan SS9A/16,
Sungai Way New Village
47300 Petaling Jaya,

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