Sunday, June 01, 2014

BreadFruits Cafe, Desa Sri Hartamas

There's been lots of new places mushrooming around Klang Valley which served good brunch choices. Not far away from the busy street, BreadFruits Cafe is getting really popular lately. Be prepared to queue if you are not the first few customers when their shop is opened in the morning.

BreadFruits Cafe also serves as an organic fruits shop besides being a juice place/restaurant. They sells a wide range of organic fruits and do visit them from time to time to see what's in season. Guaranteed organic range. Besides that, they are specialized in various types of power juices. Each with a different functions and health benefits. For me, I would rather go for juices when dining in this cafe because "their juices taste better than the caffeinated beverages" :p

Their shop opens at 8.30am and their kitchen which served hot food close at 5pm. Do note that their shop is not close at 5pm. If you are going there 5pm,you can shop for some organic fruits, try their homemade cakes and have a cup of power fruit juice or coffee.In the morning, they have a variety of breakfast menu and come noon; they served the full menu choice.

Here's the glimpse of the Breakfast/brunch menu :
(sorry about the blur pic)

Basically, they have 1 and 1/2 pages of brunch menu choices.

Brunch menu page 2!

Some of the power juices that you can order.

Great juices to start the day!

     From left to right: complimentary tea, "Weight Loss" juice, RM8.90 and complimentary juice of the day. 

We ordered the "SatisFry Up"; RM22.80 which comes with a choice of coffee/tea and a glass of complimentary juice of the day. This SatisFry Up consist of all the carbs, protein and fiber you need to start your day. From pork sausage/bacon, scrambled egg, toasted bread, salad, roasted cherry tomato, saute mushroom and mashed potato.  Boyfie's must have for breakfast; the complete egg, sausage, bread, and side dishes for Western breakfast.:)

SatisFry Up, RM22.80

This is their infamous version of baked eggs; "The Wholesome Spanish Baked Egg"; RM16.80. Best part, their baked beans are homemade and you can taste the sourish tomato sauce while biting the fresh baked beans. Inside this hot plate covered with freshly baked beans, there's bacon and egg and served with salad and toasted ciabatta. Oh, I love their bread too. Wish I could buy their bread and munch them on the go. Fresh and soft bread :)

The Wholesome Spanish Baked Egg; RM16.80

Boyfie's grinding pepper in the background. :)

Guess what. I was at their door at 8.30am sharp during the weekend and there's whole bunch of hungry customers already waiting at the door. Luckily we were able to get a sit once their shop opened. Be early or be prepared to wait!

Great brunch choice and will be back for more.

BreadFruits Cafe
17, Jalan 26/70a,
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480, Kuala Lumpur.

Opens at 8.30am till 9pm.

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