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Simplyd Cafe, NuSentral KL

Every week; I'll be traveling back Ipoh for the weekend. And with the opening of Nu Sentral; my journey back to Ipoh is a comfort one. Because I can have a delicious meal while waiting to board the train or when I've just reach KL.

Today, I was quite hungry after a 2 hours plus journey in the train where I've been sleeping soundly with the rain that splash on the window. With a half awake look; I  know exactly where to dine. I had been following updates of certain shops that are going to open in NuSentral. And today; on 29 June; it's the opening of the new Simplyd Cafe at NuSentral. Remembered follow this shop earlier and they had posted some dishes which will be on the menu when their shop is open. Was attracted by the menu on their Instagram and finally, I can dine in this shop :P

This shop is a unique cafe in NuSentral. From outside, it looks like one of those chic coffee shops in Klang Valley but don't get it wrong. It's actually a cafe serving good food! You will need to order your food at the counter, pay for your food and you will be served with the food once it's ready.

Have a glance at the menu and the word "salted egg pumpkin" caught my attention before the two friendly staff introduced their menu. Well, it's actually a mix and match option/style of menu. Let me show you how:

Step 1: Choose your style

The "style" refers to the type of food/ingredients/meal that you would like to have.

Step 2: Choose your pasta/noodle
For instant, if you were to choose Sweet Basil & Cashew Nut Pesto; RM12 from the Step 1 earlier, now you can choose the noodles that you want to go with. There's options of linguine, angel hair, spaghetti, flat white noodles, fusilli, soba noodles and even the common yellow mee. From the list, it is recommended that the pesto will goes well with fusilli. However, it's up to your choice if you decided not to have pasta today and go for other noodles such as soba or flat noodles. You can play the mix and match game here which makes it even more interesting. I think it's a good concept because sometimes we would be craving for a pasta due to the ingredients/sauce but not the pasta noodles itself. Now, you can have a Carbonara/Pesto, etc with the noodles of your choice. 

Step 3: Choose your add on
 Complete your meal with some sides such as ikan bilis, egg, sausages, etcc.. 
For me, the ingredient in the meal is already quite a big portion thus would not be able to finish it if there's an add on. But I don't mind pairing my pasta with ikan bilis and chinese tea egg. ;p 

Besides the pasta/noodles; there's salads, beef burger and sandwiches on the menu too. And there's a variety of homemade dessert which will catch your attention from the outside :)

For drinks, it's also a mix and match style!

Step 1: Choose your style
Choose the type of drinks that you would like to have. There's a choice of iced tea, lemonade and iced blended. Available in 2 options; 12oz and 16oz.

Step 2: Choose your flavour
This is an interesting one. The flavour refers to the "flavour" you would like to match with your drink. Let say you choose Iced tea from Step 1; you can have it with probably a Thai Mango Lychee :)

Besides these cold drinks, they do serve caffeinated drinks too such as long black, mocha, latte, etc.

The interior design of the cafe is another interesting factor too. They have these stools where the stool have an interesting quote on it such as "Life is uncertain; eat dessert first" by Ernestine Ulmer. It's a a right place to chill while waiting for your transport at KL Sentral. If there's another possibility that your train got delayed; do chill yourself at Simplyd.

Beautifully designed wall.

Orange and yellow stools with quotes.

Waiting for food to be served :)

The dining utensils given is interesting too. You have the typical Chinese style chopstick with spoon and a fork!

 Okay, here's my experiment using the menu. "hehe".
This is called Lemonade + Green Apple; RM6. I choose lemonade and the staff recommended green apple as the flavour. But it does taste good. "thumbs up". It makes a unique lemonade. 

Here's my evil experiment on the meal. 
Salted egg pumpkin fusilli; RM12. Nope, I did not match it with other noodles because I wanted to try it in its original form. hahaah..

Overall, it's a good meal. The salted egg pumpkin pasta is like a new version of Olio aglio. I'm sure when we look at any other pasta menu in shops that served pasta, there's always this tomato based sauce, cream sauce or olio aglio; the olive oil one. I've always got bored of these tomato and cream based. But olio aglio is quite bored too.

The salted egg pumpkin fusilli comes with pumpkin coated with salted egg, fresh mushroom, asian curry leaves, local green vegetables and some spices. There's no thick tomato or cream based sauce on it. The salted egg and pumpkin gives the omph texture to the fusilli and the salty taste comes from the fresh mushroom which was carefully seasoned. Then, the curry leaves brings the smell and enhance the salted egg pumpkin taste. It comes with some green vegetables which usually comes with your wan tan mee! Often, there's no greens in the pasta and these green vegetables shows that the pasta is being adapted locally to suit our taste buds. Well, the crunchy green stalks of vegetables does cleans and refresh your taste bud before continuing the next scoop of pasta. It's just perfect. And although there's salted egg, it don't taste very salty like you're eating your usual salted egg. Thus, some might want it to be a little bit salty due to our usual salty level of typical Malaysian (such as boyfie) but it's just right for me.

Since it's their opening today, they are offering free ice-cream for this week when you dine in. You can redeem the free ice-cream on the spot or on your next visit.

Keeping my voucher for the next visit.

And they this all day set meal. There's a set meal on offer everyday!

Love their mix and match style and the food is good. It's not your normal next door western cafe but the food here is superb. Will come back to try others and of course dessert. The giant pink macaroon already caught my attention when I was paying for my meal at the counter.

Lot G9, Nu Sentral Mall;
Located beside the korea BBQ shop.

Follow them on Instagram: @simplydcafe

* From the starbucks in Nu Sentral, turn left and you can see Starbucks, O' briens and BBQ korea. Simplyd is the corner shop beside the korea shop.

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