Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Naughty Babe Dirty Duck, Desa Sri Hartamas

This shop's name sounds like a branch of the Dirty Duck restaurant in Bali. Well, they are not related at all! (How I wish Bali's Dirty Duck is here!) This restaurant is located very near the famous BreadFruits Cafe (a few rows behind) and it's a corner shop which you would not miss. From the name itself, they seems to be specialized in duck but don't get it wrong. They are specialized in pork instead. Well, of course they have some signature duck dishes on the menu.

The interior of the restaurant looks quite dark from the outside (and inside too) and when I were there; the sky's still shining bright. Thus, I don't feel the whatever romantic atmosphere you called it. I prefer dining at a place with with sufficient light to have a proper sight of my food. The atmosphere would come in place when the sky gets darker.

Wooden planks was used as the shop's wall interior and decorated with simple lighting on the ceiling.

This huge baby pig statue match the menu but not sure about the shop name which has the word "duck".

To start off, we had the Pineapple Juice; RM6.50 to cool off ourselves under this hot weather. Do note that filtered drinking water/ice water is cost at RM1 per glass.

Pineapple Juice, RM6.50
If you are looking for something to munch, go for the "Dirty Fries Basket". Sounds weird? It's basically mixture of potato fries and sweet potato fries. Love the sweet potato fries more.

Dirty Fries Basket; RM9.00

For our mains; we had a duck meal and a pasta meal. Since the shop's name is duck; duck must be one of their signature besides pork.

The Dirty Duck; RM32 comes with roasted duck leg, saute vegetables, fried yam cubes and finished off with gravy. The duck is juicy and it would be good if there's more sauce. Practically, the duck leg is quite small and the fried yam cubes will fill up your tummy.

Just a thought, what if those fried yam cubes turned into fried yam fries. It would be good :) 
Dirty Duck; RM32

Here's the Naughty Ball; RM19. Yes; the name might sounds obscene. It's the name of their signature pork ball pasta. Juicy pork meatballs with tomato based spaghetti. The pork balls is so good that I ended up munching all the pork meatballs and boyfie had to finish up the pasta. Haha!

Naughty Ball; RM19

Naughty Babe Dirty Duck
42, Jalan 25/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

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