Monday, March 31, 2014

Restaurant New Paris, SS2

Ever since I've moved to PJ, SS2 has been our weekly dinner place just like how Sunway Pyramid used to be our second home back when we were living in Subang Jaya. One of the famous tai chow restaurant in SS2 is this New Paris Restaurant. Was introduced by my ex-internship boss during one of the lunch together.

Despite the massive traffic jam at LDP highway, we still managed to reach this place at about 7 something. It was drizzling and luckily that we could park our car right outside the restaurant. As what I heard and read, this place is crowded but one thing for sure. I've noticed that every single table have at least a few dishes in common such as this --> Honey Chicken served in watermelon.

Have you wonder why? You will know about it when you order your meal. I've tried this "famous" dish when I dine there last time. Taste wise; it's some marinated chicken and they don't practically cook that watermelon with chicken. The watermelon served as a decoration and as a so-called "dessert". We asked the waitress about anything special on the menu and was told about all that few dishes which we had took a glance on other tables. I was like "------------" . Finally, we make our choice with these four dishes which we ordered in small portion size. Mind you that these dishes were served like 10 minutes right after we ordered. True indeed. This place is also famous for being like a "fast-food restaurant".

It's dinner time. chop chop..

Sweet and sour pork.

Minced pork tofu

Guinness pork ribs

Spinach soup

Overall, the dishes are ordinary. Nothing surprising. The only good  factor is that their price is considered cheap for a tai chow restaurant and food are served within 10 minutes - good for those who are in a rush. These four dishes with drinks and white rice only costs below RM60.

If you are dining here on Monday, there's a SS2 night market/pasar malam nearby this restaurant. It's only a 5 minutes drive to the night market.

Restaurant New Paris
62, 64 & 66, Jalan SS2/72,
Petaling Jaya, 47300

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