Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yahoo's YOUREKA PArty, KL Life Centre.

It's accounts paper today..
well, crap.. I screw it!!!..
very much..
But there's something worth to be happy..
Yahoo's YOUREKA Party.
Goodies I've got..

There's 2 bag of goodies..
this is the usual one where we got from the booth..

This bag of goodies is for those who got 3 coloured tags (red, blue and green) to redeem it..
thanks to my *new friend* who borrowed his red tag to me to redeem it..

Went with Evonne and her friend..
At first, we went to Capsquare but the venue had changed to KL Life Centre (KLPAC)
so, we went there..
it's actually in the Beach Club.

tattoo anyone?

D.I.Y your shirt.. (the red one is actually mine)

D.I.Y your accessories
necklace? bracelet?

D.I.Y your caps, shoes, etc?

This is fun.. spraying some graffiti words...
and got a ADIDAS water tumbler and socks in exchange after your hard work..

So, let's the party begin...

Then lucky contestant who got the purple tag ...


Outside KL Life Centre..
U-Tze and Cindy was there too..wahaha...

Then, we went for dinner..

and cam-choring..

Evonne and me...

I'm lovin it..

having a blast time there...
exams tomorrow.. wheee

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