Friday, April 30, 2010

Nine West Spring/Summer Colection Launch, Pavillion. My first NIne West Handbag and Shoe!

It's the most exciting day ever.


I'm attending NINE WEST launching in Pavilion.

enjoy my journey of the day:



Had ADA lecture in the morning.. good that I had my nasi lemak to accompany me. haha.

After lecture, went for our first makan session with Sharon, Kar Mern, Veeiean, Kee Ang and Wei Han.

Ah Gong Bak Kut Teh which is located somewhere behind The One Academy in Sunway.

where's the soya sauce?

Mr.Wei Han pour tea for us.

Our Set (Rm70) for 6 ppl.

yumm..notice the giant bone? lots of bone marrow.

love this.

the guys in action.
JJ and Jay. ahhahaha

it was awesome.. ahaha... only RM13 per head. had a wonderful time there.
Then, went to Sunway Pyramid with Kar Mern while waiting for Joyce to reach.
Then, Joyce and I headed to Pavilion. It's been a long time since I stepped in to Bukit Bintang. Had lunch at Sakae Sushi. well, after my bad experience in Sakae Sushi last time; it turned good this time since it's located in Pavilion. Good service and the menu here are more extensive then usual. Next time, I'll only go for Sakae Sushi signature like the one in Pavilion!!!! I hate bad service restaurant..since I'm full, I had salad and some sushi while Joyce had her Unatama Don.

Here comes SUSHI.

yours truly.. Unagi with Mango.


Avocado Salad.

Mushroom with Unagi. I love this.

Had a wonderful meal. Don't know why I'm so obsessed with Avocado these days.

walked around and had window shopping.. hehe.. while waiting for the NINE WEST event to start. cool down ourselves at Snowflakes. I tried their month's special Green Tea Taro Balls. Yummm.. lovin it.. I'll be back for more.

Green Tea Taro Balls with Red Bean topping.

Joyce's Best Seller series.

At 4pm sharp, we registered ourselves at the event booth..
Thanks Female magazine for the invites.

the crowd.

MC of the day..
he looks super handsome right? ehehe

It's NINE WEST's SPRING/SUMMER collection Launch Party and their 15th anniversary too.
In conjunction to its anniversary, buy the first item at normal price and buy second pair of shoe for only RM15!!!!!!! a super deal right since normal pair of shoe in Nine West costs Rm200+ ..

There the fashion show begins.

I was considering about this bag too.

and this bag too.

this bag costs RM500+

I love this bag and it's featured in their front cover for the collection.

Refreshments from espressamente illy.


Beef Pepperoni.

there were games and 15 pairs of shoe were given away... easy. Just remember the price for each item in the show correctly. so, the winners are all fans of Nine West coz they askyou how much exactly those shoe costs.

After the event ended, it's shopping time for us.

I had a hard time choosing between those bags.

Finally, I managed to choose the PLUM RED bag for RM299.. Super cool. It's their main featured of this collection. It comes together with the pair of heels that resembled Christin Dior's collection. And I bought a pair of flats for freaking RM15!!!

Too busy with my handbag that I ignore those lovely refreshment served. lots of food wehhh!! Nvm, those refreshment are from expressamente illy cafe in Pavilion. I'll dine there next time.

Shall post them in another post. too happy liao.,

My FIRST NINE WEST handbag and shoe.

I'll be back for another handbag. hahaaaa.. love them too much.


I'm too happy that I skipped my dinner..hahaaaaaaa

it was raining heavily on the way home. traffic jam.


what a HAPPY DAY.

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