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Nuffnang Raya Open House 2014 (#NNRAYA)

Exactly 168 hours ago, NNRaya Open House 2014 was held at Wanaka The Bungalow.
Attended the event with Jade and it's been a long long long--g-g-g time since I attended any Nuffnang event. It was because of unsuitable timing, dates and work schedules. And I'm glad to be able attend this Raya Open House event. Based on the overall visual, communications and environment of the venue, the concept of this event falls on a simple but fun community gathering in a traditional kampong style. It's great to see that all elements gels together to bring a memorable gathering ala traditional kampong feel.

Was quite excited when I saw the e-mail to RVSP for this event. To gain a chance to receive the invites, you need to post a picture of the event poster on Instagram with the reason why you would like to attend this event. Here's the event poster set in a traditional kampong house feel complete with the coconut trees ;)
And thanks to UMobile and Ambi Pur for being the official partners and Wow Photobooth for sponsoring this event.

The event started at 3pm and I could only make it at 4pm because I had some work to do in the office that morning. There were many guests there when we arrived! Hurried to the registration booth and got our welcome gift. Basically, it a P&G Hari Raya special sample pack completes with Joy dish washing liquid and Scoth-Brite green sponge. It's not a simple pack but it does tells a story:

Imagine this, you receive a welcome pack with a shape of a simple house celebrating Hari Raya, and then you open it by flipping the page to the left (it means open-house) and Ayam Masak Merah with Nasi Briyani welcomes you (oh well, the recipes is right on the page). You smell the freshness of Ambi Pur in the living room (Look to the left page and cute cartoon welcomes you to the "house" too). Oh, you spend the moment of togetherness and of course-the feast! "Open the house" even further after that and it's time for cleaning up the mess (No worries because you've got the tool for cleaning).

[Hmm, well; actually when you "open the house" someone would welcome you into the living room smell of Ambi Pur and then the host will offer you the delicious feast. But I see the recipes first rather than the living room. Ahah!]

It's the "Open House" pack!

Armed with a list of fun things to explore in the bungalow and at the garden; we went for station hopping to complete the list of joy. Oh and when you enters the bungalow, you can see it as entering the host's house!

 Started our hunting on the top side of the house. The site featured Ambi Pur and UMobile worlds. Oh and Ambi Pur products decorated the whole "living room" of the house. Okay, we saw this mini living room complete with sofa, carpet, piano and table decorated with Ambi Pur products and props. And we saw 2 cars parking outside this living room. Thus, it supposed to be the entrance of the house? You know, park your car in the house and enters the living room? Aha! We took our selfies with the Ambi Pur products, upload them on Instagram and got our gift! Brought home the Ambi Pur Blossom & Breeze with me :)

Ambi Pur world!

The other room situated upstairs was UMobile world! You can tweet and get to make a free call to anyone instantly. By doing this, you get to participate in a lucky draw too which was held later. Hmm, didn't try to make the free call though. BF was busy working at that hour; don't wanna make a free call with no one picking it up :P It's great that UMobile gels into the Raya concept where it helps you to connect you with your beloved ones. Well, it's the time for jumping into the feeling of togetherness during festive season! Best part, UMobile helps you to communicate your message to your beloved ones for FREE.

Back to downstairs, there was a cooking demo on sambal ikan bilis by Ceera and Filla.

Cooking yummy Sambal Ikan Bilis!

And there's a Wow Photobooth and Wowgram! Since there's no people queuing up for the photo-booth at that time, we went crazy over the selfies at the booth.We also uploaded pictures of our selfies to Instagram with the selected hashtags and our photo will be automatically printed out at Wowgram booth. Oh, together with special event frame too! The frame is in orange (It's the colour of UMobile!!).

Selfies printed thanks to Wow Photobooth!!!!!

There were some lucky draws and games where you can win UMobile and Ambi Pur products. Ambi Pur showdown was interesting where teams with three members in a group need to do sketches using Ambi Pur product as props. And it was a great opportunity to have CMO of UMobile Malaysia to give a short speech. And guests had a chance to win products from UMobile during the question and answer session. [What's the colour of UMobile? Orange!  What's the hashtag representing UMobile during this event? #The BestFree]. Okie. I remembered the answer of those questions but not so much on the question. ;P

CMO of UMobile (left) and emcee of the day!

There's a green theme going on with the props too to match the Raya theme! There's many UMobile logo hidden in the house. Guess the number of UMobile logos and you might win a prize! There's another interesting game with UMobile during the event. Make a call to anyone and ask them certain required question (oh well, it's the same question during the question-and-answer session), if the recipient got it correct, both caller and receiver will get a prize!! 

Greenn-ny props in and out of the house!

An open house is not complete without the food! There's a whole roast lamb and common and simple open house food such as chicken noodle soup, sambal, curry chicken, kuihs, fruits and Raya biscuits. Just like a feast when you attend a Raya open house. The food was served on a table at the garden making it looks like how we are in a traditional kampong environment. I think more covers are needed to cover the food; well you know, it's outdoor. Oh, there's samplings from Humble Beginnings too but not much left when I arrived :( 

Feast of the open house.

And guess what! We managed to meet Fighter in person there!!! He's so-so cute and cheerful. Glad that he's enjoying his moment at the open house and he might wondering who all these people are. Aahaha...

Thanks my dear Jade for attending the open house with me!  Had a fun moment there! We left about 6pm as the sky looks like it was going to cry. Bravo to Nuffnang to bring the great open house concept.
Though need some improvements here and there but overall, it's okay!.

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