Saturday, August 29, 2015

Yishensu Vegetarian Restaurant, Ipoh

Recently, I had the opportunity to sample dishes from another vegetarian restaurant in Ipoh. Having to stay in Klang Valley for more than 7 years, I'm quite familiar with the term 'Yishensu' as they had an outlet in 1Utama - you can order dishes from this 1Utama outlet through Foodpanda too.

In Ipoh, you can enjoy dishes from Yishensu as they have an outlet in Ipoh Garden; situated opposite Tesco Ipoh Garden and few doors away from Restaurant 1919.

 You can snap some lovely selfies with the peacock :)

As usual, you'll be served some chargeable tidbits while you wait for your guest to arrive or dishes to be served.  

During the dinner, I managed to sample a total of 5 types of vegetarian dishes. You might be wondering why there's only 5 types of dishes when it's for a group of people. Now, dishes are not ordered by yours truly yeah.

Dinner started with a giant plate of traditional chinese mixed platter which is also known as 'lang poon'. It consist of 5 different types of appetizer dishes from Japanese wakame, fried mock meat in the form of popiah shape, fried glass noodle with mock meat (taste like fried eggs with crab meat and glass noodle), vegetarian ham secured with satay stick and lastly the vegetarian squid in the middle. 
The highlighted ones from this visually beautiful plate of platter are the Japanese wakame and fried glass noodles with mock meat. They retained the delicious taste of wakame just like how you had it in the Japanese restaurant. Not sure whether it's the ready-to-eat type when they sourced the ingredients but I will be utterly disappointed if it is because a good platter should be made from a chef's specialty - not some readily made instant food. I do fancy the fried glass noodle with mock meat as it do smell and partially tasted like the original fried eggs with glass noodle except that it's vegetarian. Nice work on this one, something decent I looked forward to among the 5. Others could be better as I prefer to have some citrus sauce to give some kick to it especially the one which looked like fried popiah.

The second dish is the braised vegetarian noodle with sliced mock meat and some leafy greens.
Noodles are cooked to perfection and the sauce is rich in taste. Would love to have some sliced chinese mushroom to go with it too  ~ just a personal preference.

p.s. I find it a bit weird to serve noodles as the second dish because it's normally the dish to end the meal in a Chinese banquet dinner. 

 Up next is the Sweet and Sour Fried Fish where fried mock fish and mock sausage  (not sure which type of mock meat it is) are cooked in sweet and sour style.
 This dish is perfect to be served as an appetizer before going into other main dishes. The sourly taste of tomato sauce is balanced up by the green pepper bells, onions and chopped cucumbers. Goes perfectly with white rice :)

I think I love this dish the most among all the dishes served. Braised Homemade Beancurd :)
I'm a beancurd person and of course I love this dish. Flavourful, soft and silky homemade beancurd makes you going for more and more. Do order this dish when you're dining there. 

 Last but not least is the Braised mushroom with Beancurd Stick and served with broccoli.
Taste wise is normal and all the elements are cooked well. Great to eat with rice too. 

Overall, it's a great vegetarian restaurant and I would suggest that you order more dishes and add some white rice to your meal too if you have a table of 10. It's because you don't want to leave your guest with a partially full stomach :)

Yishensu Vegetarian Restaurant Ipoh
19-21, Jalan Medan Ipoh 6,
Metro Ipoh Baru, 31400,
Ipoh, Perak

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