Friday, July 17, 2015

Celebrate Hari Raya with Julie's Love Letters

Last month, I was at Julie's 'What's Your Love Letter'event thanks to Miriram :) Now, this explains why I received a Raya greeting postcard which I send to me - myself.

This Ramadhan, Julie's Biscuit launched their 'What's Your Love Letter' event with the aim to encourage you to recall the nostalgia of writing cards and mail them to your loved ones.

Due to the advancement of technology and social medias, I'm sure you received more e-greeting cards and festive greetings on social media rather than physical greeting cards. I still remember the olden days where I used to write letters to my friends and waited for weeks to get a reply. And in schools, our bookshop and koperasi do sell festive greeting cards and we all would check them out during recess time.

This Ramadhan, do send out some physical greeting cards to your loved ones and I'm sure they will be surprised and jumping happily with it.

Back to the launched event which was held at Sime Darby Convention Centre, guests were given a chance to write message on Julie's Raya postcard and Julie's will mail them for us :)

What's more excited than towers of Julie's Love Letter tins greeting you at the entrance hall?

We were even provided with small colourful cut-out shapes to decorate our postcards. 

I wrote some messages on the postcard and mail them to my colleagues too - and myself :P 

Then, just put them into this green mailbox and Julie's Biscuit will mail them out for us. 

Here's Julie, the mascot for Julie's Biscuit. 

There's a special meaning to this launch event too. Julie's wish to share their love with the orphans to make them feel loved and appreciated. 

This event is also attended by more than 60 orphans from Rumah Anak Yatim Shifa' and Asrama Darul Falah Perkim. The children managed to send postcards to their loved ones thanks to Julie's. 

I blurred out some part of the pic for privacy purposes. 

There's also a mini game held for these kids - just find the balloons with the red sign and they get to bring home some Julie's goodies. They were really happy searching for the right ones to redeem their prize.

                                                                         Blurred out some part for privacy purposes. 

Blurred out some part for privacy purposes. 

Lovely Julie's goodies for them :)

There's also a photobooth and they will print the pictures for you. We took a few rounds at this one. 

We were all treated to a Ramadhan buffet dinner too. Food were from Sime Darby Convention centre and they were absolutely delicious. 

"Today Julie's took the steps of encouraging all to foster family bonding and would like to invite all to share the love during this break fast event. Orphans whom are invited as priority guests will be celebrated together with the media and bloggers. This campaign also aim to encourage everyone to touch their hearts of their loved ones in reality by writing their feel of affections to families, friends and lovers during this Haru Raya" said Benny Chia, Marketing Manager of Perfect Food Manufacturing (M) Sdn. Bhd. 

The orphans were treated with Julie's goodie bags and delicious food all night long. The most popular one among the kids was the fried ice-cream booth. I love it too!

The kids also did some performance on stage and I'm amazed with their talent. Thus, if you're free do drop by the orphanage home nearby your place and surprise them with some goodies. They will be very happy with your visit and care. 

More love letters anyone?

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