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Mary Sharon Spa Sleeping Mask; your best sleeping companion

What is the secret to a healthy looking face? I’m sure everyone has their own secret remedy and list of products that you need to use in order to achieve it.

For me, it’s just very simple. I want to achieve a clean, hydrated and smooth face which enables me to look young and bright. I prefer something more natural rather than rely heavily on makeup cake.  Thus, I never put on makeup whenever I’m in the office or out in the mall. I do sweat a lot as I always walk to my destination and it’s not convenient to have makeup on plus, my nature of work requires me go to the warehouse sometimes – not ideal with heavy makeup on. 

This brings the question, how do I still look young and presentable even without makeup? It is important to have a good beauty product which hydrates, firm and nourish your skin. And this is my secret to a healthy looking skin; Mary Sharon Spa Sleeping Mask. You too, can nourish your skin while you’re sleeping and not necessarily depend on makeup alone during the day.

This super good spa sleeping mask is one of the star products from Mary Sharon. Mary Sharon is a beauty product brand resulting from a great combination of the best brains from both West and East.  With this aim to create ‘A Queen’s Pampering for Every One’ dream, the dream team worked the best they could so that everyone can have their own luxury pampering moment. The products by Mary Sharon are a result of Mary Sharon’s team in France who worked hard to do research and development in finding the best formulation of beauty products. This researched team is lead by a well known Chief in the beauty product industry who had also contributed in many other well known international brands. Who knows, the beauty products which you are using right now might be part of this super Chief’s hard work too.

If you are curious about the safety of these Mary Sharon products, you don’t have to worry because all their products had gone through over 120,000 rounds of clinical tests to guarantee its safety.

These products were then introduced into the world market by Mary Sharon’s Team in China via their Asia headquarters based in Guang Zhou. This diligent team successfully marketed the products through their effective advertising and promotion which resulted in crowning ‘The Most Potential Brand Award’ in year 2014 and achieved 1,000 million Renminbi sales figure in the second half of year 2014.

Mary Sharon Spa Sleeping Mask contains an exclusive seaweed moisturizing formula which is the Laminaria Ochroleuca Extract or also known as Golden Seaweed Extract which works well in creating a hydrated, smooth and firm looking skin. 

Here’s how you should use this Mary Sharon Spa Sleeping Mask...

After bath, just apply an adequate amount of mask cream on your face. This Mary Sharon Spa Sleeping Mask cream has a very delicate and creamy texture. I would say that it resemble the soft peak state of beaten egg whites with sugar.

It’s so easy to spread it on your face to make an even and nice looking mask due to the delicate texture. You will feel as if you’re spreading some soft peak beaten cream to bake a meringue.

When the mask is evenly spread on your face, you will feel a little cooling sensation on your face. Not those very ticklish cooling effect but it’s like a cold wind touches your face gently after being under the hot weather for a while. Therefore, it’s pretty relaxing to do this face mask under our hot and dry weather.

Now, I add some slices of cucumber to nourish my tired eyes too. Talking about killing two birds with one stone! Do lie down, relax and have some rest after a long day. Perhaps, you can listen to some good music at the same time.

After 15 to 20 minutes minutes, you can wash them off. It’s so easy. Do use your hand to scrub off the mask gently under the running water. You can do the mask on half of your face first to compare the difference.

And then, rediscover the new you with a smoother, firmer and healthier look. I feel that my skin tone turns a bit lighter too after a few usage of this Mary Sharon Spa Sleeping Mask. And when you touch the skin on your face, it definitely has a more delicate and smoother feel. 

Now, after trying out this short 15 to 20 minutes session; do apply a thin layer of mask on your face and leave it till tomorrow morning for your next session. And do wait for the mask to dry off a bit first before falling asleep as you might not want to wake up with these creams on your hair or pillow.

In the morning, you can opt to apply a thin layer of mask and wash it off after 5 minutes before putting on your makeup. This will make your makeup last longer. For me, I don’t put makeup on; thus I usually don’t do this step :P 
Why do you use your mask at night? Your skin cells are more relax while you’re sleeping – without distraction to fight against sunlight, stress from work and drowned in makeup. Thus, they are more ready to absorb the nutrients provided to them.  

 During the day, stress can cause your skin to lose its moisture too what more if you’re sweating around the clock. If you do the mask during the day, it may just last an hour or two and the skin cells are not fully moisturized yet at this stage. Continuing your daily activities will result in losing the water content which the skin cell has just absorbed. 

Therefore, a good sleeping mask will be able to hydrate your skin well and your skin cells will thank you for that. You can apply this Mary Sharon Spa Sleeping Mask 1 to 2 times a week, not too many times as you don’t want to over hydrate your skin which is not good for your skin cells too.


This August 2015, Mary Sharon will be officially launched in Malaysia market and you can engage yourself in this new journey to rediscover the new you. Mary Sharon will be bringing 4 star products into Malaysia are Mary Sharon Spa Sleeping Mask, Mary Sharon Queen Radiance Eye Essence, Mary Sharon Collagen Hydrating Mask and Mary Sharon Queen Charcoal Cleansing Mask.  

At the Mary Sharon Malaysia's official launch event, Hong Kong Superstar Julian Cheung Chi-Lam will make a special appearance as the brand’s ambassador. Do not miss this ultimate chance to meet ‘Captain Cool’ at Mary Sharon’s launch event. 

For more info on how to grab a pass to meet ‘Captain Cool’ in person, do visit Mary Sharon Malaysia Facebook page for more details. 

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